Chapter 424: Watch How I Cut You Apar
     Xiang Shaoyun was beaten down by just a few attacks from the devil apeman. The crowd wore a look of regret. They had thought Xiang Shaoyun would be able to at least put up some fight, but his one-sided defeat wasn't what they had expected to see. After all, he had already given them the impression that he was a creator of miracles.

    "What a pity. If this Xiang Shaoyun was already a fourth-stage King, he would probably be able to put up a fight against this devil apeman. Too bad he is acting reckless due to his young age. He's going to lose his life now."

    "Yeah. This is the consequence of being too rash. How powerful are the devils? A human of the same cultivation level needs to be a Super King to be a devil's match. Although Xiang Shaoyun is a King of Kings, the gap between him and this devil is still too big."

    "This devil apeman is only one of the more common devil slaves. If it's one of those rare devils, no human of the same cultivation level would be its match."

    "We are lucky we have the surface experts guarding the Bloodsin City. If the devils are let loose on the surface, many lives will be lost."


    "A puny third-stage Skysoar Realm kid dares to steal my woman? You think too highly of yourself," said Su Jun gleefully.

    Su Jun had barely spoken these words when Xiang Shaoyun suddenly stood up. He quickly pulled a distance from the devil apeman. He wiped the blood dripping out of his lips and smiled in excitement. As he beckoned and provoked the devil apeman, he said, "Very good. The devils are indeed strong. Let's do this again!"

    Everyone was dumbstruck. They had personally witnessed Xiang Shaoyun being beaten up so badly his defensive barrier had crumbled apart. But why was he still looking so lively and energetic?

    Xiang Shaoyun had indeed sustained some injuries, but it wasn't as bad as the crowd had thought. After all, his body had gone through the baptism of lightning. His flesh was no weaker than a Demon King's, granting him an astonishing endurance.

    If I hadn't ceaselessly tempered my body for half a year, that series of attacks would have killed me, thought Xiang Shaoyun, rejoicing that he had not slacked in his training.

    On his way to the Bloodsin City, he had constantly summoned lightning bolts to cultivate his Six Goldplate Manual. Initially, the Six Goldplate Manual was unable to withstand the lightning bombardment and constantly broke. Thus, in a roundabout manner, Xiang Shaoyun had tempered his physical body while cultivating the Six Goldplate Manual.

    As for why he had survived all those lightning strikes, it was all thanks to his lightning bone, which had absorbed all the lightning that had struck him. That was how he came to possess such a durable body.

    The devil apeman had not expected that Xiang Shaoyun would survive. A sinister glint shone in his eyes as he attacked again. This time, he spat out a bone weapon wrapped with a thick devilish energy. He swung the weapon, sending a corrosive attack toward Xiang Shaoyun.

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