Chapter 424: Awakening From the Pipe Dream
     "Ah Chu, you have to trust me. I will always be by your side and I will do my best to wipe away your name as the evil dao witch! Please give me some information about your sect so I can help youI" Lu Wenshu asked Bai Luochu patiently.

    Bai Luochu had long been protected from the outside world by her senior brothers and sisters. She would spend all her time cultivating or comprehending the dao. How would she be able to defend herself against Lu Wenshu¡¯s assault with her innocent mind?

    Bai Luochu eventually spilled all the secrets of the Thousand Brilliance Temple. After all, she was the Holy Maiden and other than some secrets kept by the temple master, she knew the temple like the back of her hand.

    During the time they spent together, Lu Wenshu slowly developed feelings for Bai Luochu. Other than comprehending the dao with her, he would bring back some interesting and novel items for her whenever he was sent out on missions. It was the happiest part of his life and thoughts of spending the rest of his life with her started to form in his mind.

    It was a pity that good things didn't last long. Soon enough, Lu Wenshu caught wind of the plan to wipe out the Thousand Brilliance Temple.

    "According to Lu Wenshu's information, we should make our move on the 15th of this month. We will be able to catch them all off guard and wipe their evil sect off the face of the earth.¡±

    "She doesn¡¯t know that her feelings were placed in the wrong place. But then again, she has overestimated herself. How dare she think she can be worthy of Lu Wenshu with the strength she gained through her unorthodox methods?¡±

    One of the elders commented before everyone roared with laughter.

    How is she not worthy?!

    When Lu Wenshu heard the comment, he tightened his grip and ripped out a part of the tree he was hiding behind. ¡°SNAP!¡±

    "Who's there?!" One of the elders yelled out and sent out a hasty attack. Lu Wenshu was no weakling and he quickly dodged it. When he revealed himself, he realized that all the elders in the courtyard were looking at him. For a moment, his mind blanked out.

    A moment later, Lu Wenshu¡¯s master took the initiative to break the awkward silence.

    "Wenshu, you must have heard everything earlier. You should be able to make the right decision.¡±

    "Yes, this disciple understands." Lu Wenshu nodded. Despite his ¡®obedient¡¯ response, he wasn¡¯t able to hide his emotions completely and a look of rage flashed through his eyes.

    No one there was an ignorant fool. All the elders had tons of experience and they wouldn¡¯t allow the slightest detail to escape their eye. They could see that the feelings between Lu Wenshu and Bai Luochu were no longer as simple as they thought and they prepared to knock some sense into him.

    "We cannot forsake our reputation as one of the Three Great Immortal Sects. Our duty is to vanquish evil and eradicate demons. You cannot ruin our sect¡¯s reputation because of mere feelings. If we fail to destroy the Thousand Brilliance Temple because of you, the world will be in danger.¡±

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