31 31. Parents problems
     The golden leaves of the immortal tree shook suddenly. The man opened his eyes and slowly the dust that fell over his body crumbled down as he tried to stand up.

    ''Its been so long since you became happy last time. Uhhh my old bones. This time I hope it survives. I don't think I can wait much longer. Is it possible to bear a couple of fruits? It seems they are in the same place. When the time comes the last pair of immortal fruit will be given to them. It is time that two of us leave. Isn't it?''

    He gently stroke the golden bark and smiled. ''Let's hope this child survives. If not the whole planet will be doomed with extinction. This planet is truly hard to live on.Sigh.''

    He turned his head as he looked down from the tallest hill at the walls of clouds in front of him.

    He hopes the child really lives until full age. Then he can gift it the fruit of wisdom and eternal life.


    Rene¨¦ sat on the floor of a cave very far away from Thierry. She spoke a couple of days ago with Teatind about his laziness to expand his powers, as he was concentrating only on her. She chooses to cause this argument with no reason for his own good.

    She misses them all, but she also knows that they will visit her sooner or later.

    ''Stop thinking!''snapped at her the voice from close proximity.''Seriously stop thinking and just concentrate only on one energy if you want to train. If you do it like last time, you might cause your own body to get hurt.Concentrate.''

    ''I understand. I will do what you said. But you have to tell me which energy I should train first.'' she answered as she looked at the sea of energy that had so many colors inside.

    ''Lets first start with air. Air will make your body lighter. If you train it well you will be able to float. After you are able to fly change to water. I will go now and get some food. Continue without me. I will be back by sundown.'' but those words were not heard as she already went into her sea and tried to connect the air energy with her own body.

    He looked at the tiny human that had millions of small treads around her. He was seriously confused. How is it even possible to gather energy the way she did it. Dragons just accept energy and compress it, but her body is different. She doesn't compress energy. She gathers it and let it float inside her body.

    And one more amazing thing. She can eat more than him. How is that possible. That child is so tiny but can eat almost twice as a big dragon like him. Where does that food disappear?

    He was amazed and he wondered why. He never heard that anyone with her powers in the past had such appetite. Luckily this world is big enough and has enough food. And she ate vegetables as well, so it was no problem feeding her. For now But in the future?


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