Chapter 387 ?C Paying Respects to the Father-in-law Two
     Chapter 387 ¨C Paying Respects to the Father-in-law (Two)

    Li Qingshan passed by the two white tigers with a clash.

    The white tigers did not slow down, now targeting Han Qiongzhi. There were not living creatures, so they had no concept of enemies. Once they were activated, they would rip apart everything in front of them.

    Han Qiongzhi prepared a technique. She did not even look at the incoming tigers. Just as the fierce gale had ruffled her hair and the claws had arrived before her, they came to a screeching halt.

    Li Qingshan extended both hands, grabbing the two tigers by the tail. The white tigers growled and swung their claws around, but they were unable to advance another inch forward. They turned around and lunged at Li Qingshan instead.

    With an explosive bellow, Li Qingshan began to spin like a spinning top, pulling the tails until they were taut. He actually tossed the two white jade tigers that weighed as much as a thousand tonnes into the air, over a hundred meters away. With a rumble, they formed two deep craters.

    ¡°What strength!¡± ¡°No wonder he¡¯s bold enough to propose marriage to the Han family!¡±

    This move of his startled all the members of the Han family above the archway. They all took action in a hurry, unleashing a flurry of arrows.

    Thrum! Thrum! Thrum! Thrum! Thrum! The sound of released bows were enough to pierce rock.

    Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! The arrows formed a dark cloud.

    ¡°Bird of Flames!¡± Han Qiongzhi called out.

    Li Qingshan¡¯s vision dimmed before lighting up again. A bird of fire took off into the air, unfurling its thirty-meter-long wings of flames and smashing through the dark cloud. It rushed up the archway and erupted with fire with a great boom, forcing back the archers and throwing the army into disarray.

    ¡°That¡¯s your home, for heaven¡¯s sake.¡± Li Qingshan glanced back.

    ¡°Hmph, I¡¯d rather go without a home like this!¡±

    Under the gloomy archway, almost a hundred armoured soldiers stood in formation with dagger-axes, radiating with murderousness.

    ¡°They¡¯re here! On guard!¡±

    An eighth layer Qi Practitioner, an old man with a downwards slanting mustache, bellowed out thunderously. The dagger-axes drooped down, pointing straight ahead.

    Two figures, Li Qingshan and Han Qiongzhi, walked in slowly, just like lovers on a stroll. They even muttered among themselves.

    ¡°Is he really just the gatekeeper?¡± Li Qingshan gazed at the battle formation in slight amazement. By gatekeeper, it referred to the person who watched the entrance of the estate. He had never seen such a mighty gatekeeper before with such a high cultivation.

    ¡°We normally call it the gatekeeping army. There are a total of eight divisions, guarding the eight gates. The commander is the hundred-man commander of the gate.¡± Han Qiongzhi explained with a smile.

    ¡°Young miss, this has nothing to do with you, so please back away, just in case you become injured. Kid, if you have the balls, come at us alone. What kind of man are you supposed to be, relying on a woman? I¡¯ll teach you what delusional dreaming means!¡±

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