10 Eighth Phase
     This phase is only for hypocrites, these people are here because they did something that they tell other people not to do, or discontinue it. the people are devided in to groups, wich are:

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     1. Light Hypocrites: people who are being a hypocrite    to save other peoples live, but they do it

    2. Grey Hypocrites: people who do the things they tell people not to do, that doesn't effect the other person.

    3. Dark Hypocrites: people who do things that they tell people not to do, but they do it in an aggressive way and they do it their selves.

    some of these people doesn't deserve this, but they really push God's buttons, so they go to hell anyways, no matter what happens. The punishments are a bit cruel depending on wich group you are in, but they all share the same punisment they all have something to do with snakes biting their soft spots. This phase is actually quite boring so let's just move on.

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