1 Is it wrong to be a Hero in a dungeon?
     A crossover if Fate/stay night and is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon

    Chapter 1: A brand new world

    "This is it uh? my end¡­. I have to say, I have no regrets, I avoided the path that made Archer" Shirou Emiya thought as he breathed heavily.

    His body was heavily injured and losing blood.

    He was content with this ending, he had managed to protect the world.

    Yet¡­ as bittersweet as it was he would never be considered a hero¡­ he had left no legend to speak of and thus he would never be a heroic spirit.

    "It's my win¡­ ARCHER" Shirou thought with a smirk.

    He then fell to his back and closed his eyes for the last time.

    He let himself go¡­ it was a shame really, but he would finally be reunited with her.

    However his death was to be postponed, either by chance or miracle or what have you his body vanished as it dissolved into blue particles.



    My name is Hestia¡­ goddesses of the hearth, I came to Orario to establish a Familia¡­ and to be honest I have lucked out! I managed to find a cute adventurer who accept

    Even if I was just starting and our HQ was in a secret room of an old abandoned church he choose me. His name is Bell and he is my first child of my Familia.

    We were in our way to register our small Familia when something in the sky just¡­ cracked. This has never happened before and thus both Bell and I were shocked¡­ it only

    doubled when we saw a person fall from said Crack.

    "Goddess watch out!" Bell yelled as he tackled Hestia.

    From the sky a young man fell into the ground forming a crater on the ground.

    "Oh my goodness¡­ we need to help him¡­ he is badly wounded!" Hestia said.

    "Is he a god?" Bell asked.

    "No¡­ he is a human like you" Hestia said.

    Bell and Hestia both carried Shirou to their HQ.

    After contacting her old friend Micah they managed to get a healing potion to help the young man healing.

    Shirou dreamt that night.

    He was in a hill, the place was sunny and green grass covered the hill¡­ he walked up to find her¡­



    "I am back"

    "No¡­. Not yet, as much as it sadness me it is still not our time to meet, you have to do it¡­ remember what you said to him? That promise?"

    "I see¡­ yes, that's true, I already caught up to him¡­ now¡­ I have to surpass him"

    "Because that is the Emiya Shirou I feel in love with"

    She walked closer to me and I embraced her, she out her arms around my waist.

    "Go back¡­ and carve your legend, don't worry I will always be waiting"

    "Yes, and I will always be searching for you"

    Back to the real world

    Shirou felt tired and in pain, after the ordeal he went trough it was little surprise he was like this¡­ wait¡­ no¡­ something is wrong, he couldn't remember what had happen

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