10 Ghost ???Z
     Part 4.

    Chapter 1.

    The black egg cracked as Hana and Sahara stared in anticipation. Then suddenly an explosion rocked the catacomb. The dim place was now shining brightly as the sun beamed inside. There was a massive hole above the two imprisoned comrades. Standing next to the hole was a familiar teenaged boy in a gi. Kiba jumped into the hole landing inside the catacombs. "Kiba!" Hana and Sahara shouted in unison.

    The black robes witches surrounded the Kiba who chuckled and said, "Inferno!"

    Flames shot up in a vortex around Kiba igniting the black-clad subordinates. They screeched in pain as they burned into ash.

    Kiba smirked and looked over to his friends, "Sorry, I overcooked them, guys!"

    Hana couldn't help but laugh with relief. "Careful Kiba there is a named demon by the name of Impaler somewhere!"

    Just as he said this a metal rod struck Kiba's face. Kiba stood strong as a cut appeared on his face.

    "Purify!" Kiba held his hand up and a gold light shot out dissolved the fiend's arm. Impaler screamed, "you fucking bastard! Die!!!"

    He swung a rod his good arm at Kiba who parried it with his tang handle blade.

    The Demon was repeatedly swinging the rod without thinking, it reminded Kiba of the demon that killed his mother when suddenly he remembered. Kiba pulled out the skull pendant that was flashing in a mysterious way. Impaler was acting even more erratic as the flashing light caused it to scream and back away.

    "You are annoying," Kiba said coldly.


    The same spell Kiba used earlier to take out the demon's arm now evaporated the demons head. This caused the entire body to split into tiny shadows and disappear.

    Sensing no other threats Kiba ran over and freed Hana and Sahara from their Vis draining chains.

    Hana hugged Kiba then kissed him on the cheek.

    "Thank you for saving us!"

    Sahara patted Hana, "Run as far away as you can!"

    Hana looked at him with concern. Sahara's face showed no joy, but intense dread as he saw the egg shell start to break apart.

    Hana nodded.

    "Summon undead knights," she said as two zombified knights cracked through the ground. Once they were out one carried Hana like a child out of the Catacomb as the other acted as a bodyguard.

    "Ready?" Sahara smiled at his student.

    "Ready!" Kiba said with a fire in his eyes.

    Chapter 2

    The egg split open as shadows shot out and darkened the sunlit catacomb. There was a heavy pressure and the passage began to quake.

    Sahara activated the Gurodesu demon transformation. The pressure Kiba's Sensei gave off was intense but not to be outdone Kiba activated the skill "Holy Warrior."His body was wrapped in a shroud of light that was a light blue and white surged around him. On his chest, a golden sun was displayed boldly. His hair turned a light gold color and grew so long it reached his thighs. His enchanted sword transformed into a naginata. Kiba's body became more muscular and rigid. From his back, a set of golden wings made of light spread about three meters. On his head, an enchanted white helmet with a visor protected his cranium. However, it was probably more for aesthetic purposes rather than actual physical protection.

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