320 What Took You So Long?

    Putting a hand on her shoulder, Huo Beichen anxiously called out to Ning Meng, "Meng Meng, are you alright?"

    Widening her eyes, Ning Meng looked at the man before him.

    It felt as though Huo Beichen had morphed into a floating log, saving her from being drowned by the black ocean of hateful mob.

    Grabbing onto his collar, Ning Meng sobbed, "What took you so long?"

    She was used to being alone¡­ used to not relying on others.

    Yet, Ning Meng was still a person. An ordinary person. There was a limit to how much abuse she could take, and she was already at her limit.

    Seeing her like this, Huo Beichen's face turned cold and vicious as he raised his head to glare at the people around them. Hugging the girl in his embrace, Huo Beichen whispered to her softly, "Sorry."

    'I should not have left you alone.'

    After that, Huo Beichen stood up and swept a cold glare at the mob around them. "So, you don't want to be in the same mall as her? Fine."

    He then shot a look at the security guards that were coming their way. "I want to have a word with your manager."

    Straightening his collar, Huo Beichen continued coldly, "I'm buying your mall."

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