512 Chapter 512: Accompany Him

    She could not settle down to listen to what he said.

    He had to do something to see her as soon as possible.

    He had to stop her from dating that guy!

    He couldn't see her being snatched away by another man!

    During one day, Katrina and Liam visited many places in Abbe city.

    Although Liam thinks it is nice to stay with her, time passes quickly, Liam doesn't want her to work too hard after all.

    This afternoon ends early.

    After taking her to dinner, Liam takes Katrina back to the Simon family.

    Liam looks at Katrina as she gets out of the car. "Miss Simon, thank you very much for accompanying me to so many places today. It's a great feeling to be with you, and I hope we can go out together again next time."

    Katrina doesn't recognize the extra meaning in Liam's words but thinks today she has done well for the task Joseph asked her to do, and Liam is pleased.

    Katrina smiles, "You're welcome. Next time if there's anything else I can do for you, just call me any time!"

    After saying goodbye to Liam, Katrina returns home.

    Eric, who is drinking a cup of tea and reading a newspaper when Katrina comes back, immediately holds the reading glasses on his nose and asks, "Well, today youˇ­ go out with Liam, right, how is it? Are you tired?"

    Eric almost uses the word date.

    Fortunately, he withdraws it in time.

    Katrina doesn't think much. She shakes her head slightly and says, "It's Okay,"

    Then she says, "Grandpa, I first go to the room to see the baby!"

    She misses her baby all day.

    The first thing after she goes back home is to wash her hands and face, change a clean nightgown, and immediately embrace her baby.


    The next day.

    Katrina goes to the bathroom, and when she comes back from the bathroom

    From a distance, her colleague shouts at her, "Katrina, here is a call for you!"

    Upon hearing that, Katrina hurries along with a few steps, "Oh! I'm coming!"

    She has not come to him, the colleague enthusiastically picks up her phone and gives to her, "It has been ringing quite a long time."

    "Thank you!

    Katrina picks up the phone and is ready to answer

    The phone hangs up.

    At that moment, the colleague glances at the screen of the phone.

    Unexpectedly, he sees the name "Liam" flash by.

    At that moment, the colleague looks at Katrina with a look of disbelief, "Liam? Is he the young deputy mayor of our city, Liam Wright, who just took office recently?"

    It is known that a young deputy mayor has just taken office in Abbe city.

    But many people have not even seen what the deputy mayor looks like.

    Now the deputy mayor gives a call to Katrina

    It comes as a shock, as a surprise.

    What is their relationship?

    How did they know each other?

    Katrina doesn't hide it when she sees the shocked look on her colleague's face, but answers frankly, "Yes, he is. He was a college classmate of my cousin, and I just met him."

    Hearing Katrina's reply, the colleagues can't help but feel envious.

    Indeed, Katrina is a member of the Simon family, the largest family in Abbe city.

    So she can meet influential people easily.

    Mayor Wright just came to Abbe city for a few days. Katrina can able to contact him by phone.

    And as an ordinary police officer, he can't even meet Mayor Wright in daily life.

    Indeed there is no comparison between different people.

    He seriously suspects that Katrina comes to work in the police station under the identity of Eric's granddaughter.

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