50 Lucky day

    "Ufff!! Is that all about?? Here, I am sitting and daydreaming about having a son-in-law",Ziyi's mom responded sadly

    "It will be a forever dream only!!  By the way mom, please don't let dad know about it "

    "Don't worry I wont tell him Just let me know if there is any update about this so called obsessed fan"

    "Mommmmm ",Ziyi shouted and cut the call. She thought,  her mom never changes

    As Ziyi was so close to her home,  she noticed that the two people still followed her. She sighed and thought,  these two idiots!!!. She simply crossed her street and went inside a convenient store to collect her weekly wages.  

    She started talking to her friend who was working on that day, while waiting for her manager to come. She didn't expect that she would bump into him at that particular time  

    "Hiiiii Ziyi ",his voice was filled with warmth

    Ziyi turned back hearing her name and got shocked seeing Jiang Chen's face.  

    She replied coldly saying  " woahhh!!!  How lucky I am met you thrice since afternoon that too on the same day It must be definitely my lucky day I should buy a Euro-million lottery ticket Isn't it?? "