174 chapter 49: Aerial battle part 2

    Jim and his flying column who had been airborne saw that Alex's Pokemon has held back most of the Pokemon while pidgeot and pidgeotto were keeping Beedrill busy. It made them more confident in their victory since they have a strong captain leading them.

    Jim tried to use it to increase the morale of his flying column and said," Men, look forward. Captain Alex's six Pokemon can hold back so many of flying Pokemons and so few could by pass the defense.  

    They are tired and worked hard to buy us time to arrive and protect the base from aerial attack.  

    Let's pay the debt and eradicate the Invaders. he ended with a shout full of confidence.

    The words did the work and the few hundred troops in the flying column who rode on different flying types were ready to earn their glory.  

    This case was especially for the flying pokemons since the six pokemons could take down hundred of Pokemons within few minutes so if they couldn't do something similar to them with their increased number then they are waste.

    They cawed in enthusiasm and were ready for battle.

    Their roar in the sky attracted the attention of the flying wild pokemons and they headed towards them to clash and the next round begun.

    Seeing the arrival of the reinforcement, the six Pokemon changed their tactics along with the opponents.

    Pidgeotto left the Beedrill and went off to deal with small fries. Butterfree joined pidgeotto in joint siege of pokemons. Her quiver dance made sure she dodge the moves while it's psychic made them collide with each other and pidgeotto ended them with air slash.

    Vespiqueen and claydol left their fronts and joined pidgeot in encircling Beedrill. Vespiqueen harassed Beedrill and support the attack. Claydol stopped it's gravity and used psychic to stop him momentarily and smash woth rock and ground moves.

    Pidgeot slammed onto it with wing attack and it's talons. He didn't dare to try using wind elemental power as it took toll on the body and he has to outlast the opponent. He would only do do when it's opponent has used it.

    Same was the case with other Pokemons. Alex has already warned them that they weren't strong enough to use elemental power for a long time. It will expend their physical strength and they won't be able to fight the incoming tide.

    Golbat was facing an elite golbat and hence couldn't do anything to help his other companions. But he still used it's attack such as confuse ray, air slash as well as air cutter to take care of the pokemons.

    The battle continued for a few hours and then the rest of the flying Pokemons flew back and the flying column along with Alex's Pokemon has retreated.

    Continuous battle for hours can take toll on anyone let alone when one is facing a pseudo king. If Vespiqueen wasn't around to heal the Pokemon and claydol used gravity to hold back and slow the speed of Pokemon, the trio wouldn't have lasted so long.  

    Alex who got the news that they managed to push back the invading tide of flying Pokemon he sighed.  

    There were about three hundred casualties in flying column while they took down thousands of flying pokemons in return.  

    But, the strength that his Pokemons showed during this battle will make sure that more powerful pokemons will join the battle and there might be another psuedo king on this group.

    Alex was sure that the next round will be even more bloody than last time. And at that time, even electabuzz may have to join the battle.

    " Slowking call back all the pokemons out there. Soon an even bigger battle await us. We need them at their absolute best so that they aren't hindered at that time." Alex said.

    Slowking's eyes glowed and then the message was transmitted. His Pokemon have started to head back.

    Alex looked at electabuzz by his side and said," You may join the next battle. Are you excited?"  

    Electabuzz rose from the ground and his body bathed in thunder current.  

    One round ended and the next round is about to begin. Stay tuned

    To be continuedˇ­.