97 Two In One
     "Ryder?" Regan muttered, eying Antonin up and down.

    "Hmm," Ryder nodded, pointing at himself, "the better version of this idiot."

    "Hmm, I felt like something was wrong," Regan chuckled, "turns out it was a whole 'nother person."

    "Full of surprises aren't I?" Ryder chuckled, he leaned in closer to Regan, his eye glowing with amusement, "so tell me, love, what gave me away?"

    Regan looked at him up and down. "Your eyes."

    Ryder flinched, "my eyes?"

    Regan thought for a moment before giving a confident nod, "there were many other things, but your eyes were a big factor of it."

    Ryder grinned, his hand running through his hair again. "Oh really? Mind telling why?"

    "You sound excited," Regan giggled.

    "Of course I am! Somebody noticed me, why wouldn't I be?" Ryder grinned.

    "Hmm¡­ well for one, Antonin had light brown eyes but yours are dazed making them appear duller. The mood around you changed as soon as I saw those eyes, your gaze changed. More intruding than observing and your smile more mischievous than innocent," Regan explained, pointing at Ryder's eyes.

    "Well hello~ there Sherlock," Ryder chuckled, "never expected a big brain from Miss. Delicate."

    "Miss- what?" Regan cocked her head, "have you seen me? Do I look delicate?"

    Ryder gave it thought and smirked, "Hm You didn't seem that delicate when you stripped but you feel delicate."

    "Wow¡­" Regan sighed, "how long have you been watching?"

    "I don't know really," Ryder shrugged, "When Antonin started this shift, I thought we were going to see another boring human. Can you believe that this place is filled with psychopaths but I have yet to meet one that is actually interesting? Not even the ones that tried to overpower him were interesting. They looked desperate."

    "And I'm supposed to be interesting?" Regan scoffed.

    "Of course. Five seconds after we walked into the room, you looked like you were going to attack us with whatever thing you have under that couch," Ryder chortled, his expression switching to concern quickly, "by the way¡­ are you still holding it? You're not going to use that fork on me right?"

    Regan looked down at the metal fork in her hand. She was a bit taken aback to realize that she was eating with it in front of someone that openly. Vixen hadn't let her go near anywhere metal and had sharp sides for weeks or even glance at it while he was in her presence. The metal fork fit weirdly in her hand, it's cold surface unusual in her hand and her grip on it was a bit awkward due to the different shape of the fork.

    "Hmm¡­ Nah. Not today," Regan replied.

    "Not today? Then you're going to do it another day?" Ryder leaned toward Regan despite her threat.

    Regan looked up at him, locking eyes with the brown murkiness in his eyes, "depends on my mood."

    Ryder burst into a fit of laughter. "Yes, ma'am~ I'll make sure to stay on your good side."

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