95 Baby Boy
     "Hmm?" Antonin cocked his head, unable to understand what she meant. 'He doesn't care? About her body shape or something?'

    "He doesn't care about my presence around him. Whether I'm half-naked, dressed in full garments or staring at him, he wouldn't look back because he doesn't care," Rega muttered, a light chuckle leaving her lips, "even though I'm a murderer who is also his idol, he doesn't care. '"Do I look like I like to make jokes?"' he had said, "put it on now. You can't seriously be worried about changing in front of me, are you? Like I'd do something to you."'

    Regan gave a weak smile, "that was one of the things I was thankful about. I didn't have to worry about my image because he didn't care, didn't have to worry about how I looked, how I talked, ate, or stepped on eggshells around him like I did before. I didn't have to do anything to be noticed either because he didn't want to notice me and I didn't have to make useless conversation just to keep the mood going because he didn't want to talk. We would just sit there, not caring about each other's presence but still being present in the room."

    Antonin's curious expression settled into a blank face.

    Regan gave a long sigh and looked up at Antonin with a smirk, "I didn't know how much I'd appreciated that silence until I met you."

    "Hm¡­" Antonin muttered, he looked up at Regan, eying her up and down before asking, "you sure you didn't like him? It sounds like you did."

    "I swear to-" Regan picked up a pillow from her couch and threw it at Antonin. He caught it. "Seriously! I don't. There's a fine difference between appreciating someone and liking them. His personality and overall demeaning presence and attitude is the line."

    "Aish," Antonin grinned, peeking from behind the pillow he held in front of his face, "if you make the restrictions that then you're not even given him a chance."

    Regan shrugged, "I don't need someone right now."

    Antoin's face scrunched up with confusion, "heh? Then what's that ring on your finger? Who gave it to you?"

    Regan looked down at the golden ring on her finger and moved her hand slightly so light could bounce off its surface. "It's a replacement. Who gave it is none of your business."

    "Replacement?" Antonin's curious gaze switches to her finger, "what was the original? A diamond ring? Haha."

    "No¡­" Regan muttered as her eyes caught sight of a little bit of the plain skin under her finger, "it was a ruby ring. Thank god it wasn't diamond."

    Antonin leaned away from the table but still kept his eyes locked on the ring as he rocked back and forth. 'A ring she didn't need and a replacement¡­' "Why replace it? Did you lose it?" he asked.

    "Hmm, yea let's call it that," Regan nodded. She held her hand up for a moment before setting it aside and locking eyes with Antonin. He was staring back at her, leaning close to the table and not saying anything. He was watching, observing. "Must you stare at me with those curious eyes every time you look at me?"

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