83 Hidden Space
     Vixen flinched, a shiver running down his spine.

    Slowly he turned around, his pupils shaking as a figure he remembered showed before him again. Her figure was just as he remembered, long hair flowing down past her shoulders and her smile remained the same way it was when she left. Vixen's body froze when he locked eyes with her and his feet refused to move.

    "Sunny?" Vixen muttered.

    "Master Vixen?" the voice replied.

    Vixen flinched as the figure of the girl flickered and fizzed into a taller woman.

    "Master Vixen¡­ are you ok?" The woman asked, reaching to tap his shoulder.

    Vixen tightly closed his eyes and slapped away the woman's hand. "Please don't touch me," Vixen pleaded, his teeth grinding against each other, "get me hand sanitizer and another napkin."

    The woman clutched her slapped hand and brushed off the sting on her hand before reaching for the hand sanitizer on her cart. She hid her face from Vixen as she bent over and pumped the hand sanitizer 3 times before returning it to the cart and coming back with napkins.

    "Thank you Ace," Vixen sighed, his body relaxing as the strong scent of hand sanitizer wafted up his nose.

    "Ah¡­ you're welcome," the woman chuckled, saluting Vixen, "I thought you forgot my name for a second there."

    "Ha¡­" Vixen chuckled half-heartedly, his social smile refusing to return to his face, "I can't forget your faces or names no matter how hard I try."

    Ace cocked her head, accessing Vixen's expression to decide what was the best course of action on her emotions. In the end she just smiled nervously, "hehe~ I guess we're special to Master Vixen."

    "Yea¡­" Vixen muttered, turning back to Ace and locking eyes with her, "special."

    Ace gave him a thumbs up and looked at him up and down, "did you grow taller again? You've been sprouting inches since you passed 14."

    "I'm 22, Ace¡­ that was years ago," Vixen rolled his eyes and folded his napkins into a small square, placing them in his other back pocket when he finished.

    "I know that," Ace threw her arms around Vixen's shoulder and waved her hand in front of him in a wide bow, "you've been with me since we were small, been with me when I discovered the rainbow, and was still here when I got completely rejected by my crush. I also spent every birthday with you up to now."

    "If you hadn't been giving me hand sanitizer for the longest time, I would have pushed you off and fired you on the spot," Vixen slowly shimmied out of Ace's hold.

    "Still as antisocial as ever," Ace dusted off her hand, "and clean freak."

    "It's called being reserved, something you might never understand," Vixen huffed, "also, watch your mouth. I'm still in charge of your pay."

    "Yes master~" Ace chuckled, making an exaggerated shrug before heading back to her cart.

    "I'll be going now," she announced as she held onto the handle of her cart.

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