80 Lemons
     "I need to go since other people are waiting for me, I would like to leave early so I can go to them quickly so I can eat early," Vixen sighed, he looked up to her with hopeful eyes, "that's ok right? I'll be back tomorrow anyways¡­. I'll spend more time with you then."

    Media debated the issue in her head for a second before giving a nod of approval, "I'll hold you to that promise!"

    "Of course!" Vixen grinned, reaching over to pay Media on the head for a second before standing up from his seat in the ground, "I'll be going now¡­ bye."

    "Bye-bye, see you tomorrow," Media smiled.

    "Make sure you eat well! Sorry, I can't be here again," Vixen sighed.

    "It's okie, now GO! or else I'll regret telling you to leave," Media chuckled, smoothly brushing her fingers along her hair, in the same spot Vixen touched.

    "Got it." Vixen grabbed the handle of his cart and trudged towards the door, trying his best to keep him steps light.

    'I thought I had imagined it at first but¡­It's there¡­ that scent of lemon,' Voice xen thought to himself, as he opened the door of Media's room and plastered a fake smile on his face as he waved his final bye to her.

    'Finally done with that act¡­ my cheeks were starting to hurt,' Vixen groaned.

    He shut the door and looked across the hallway, his scowl appearing at twice the harshness than before. There, across the hall was Adam, flirting with another girl in his drunken state. His hand on her waist and other hand caressing her hair. The sight that wasn't unusual to see him in, but only became more appalling to Vixen the more times he had to strain his eyes by even glancing at the scene.

    Vixen stared at the moment playing before his eyes in disbelief, anger rushing over his body. He pushed aside the cart and ran his fingers through his hair, his gaze fixed on Adam. 'That fu*ker.' Calmly, he walked over to Adam and the girl, giving the girl a strained smile when she noticed his presence before turning to Adam.

    "I will give you 2 minutes to explain," Vixen announced.

    "Eh? What you want now bro?" Adam groaned, he side glanced at the girl and nodded in her direction with a smirk, "as you can see, I'm kinda busy."

    "Room 213. Explain," Vixen spat, his patience slowly dwindling.

    "Oh, that girl?" Adam muttered, giving a light shrug after, "you mad or something? I didn't touch her if you were trying to go after her. I told you I don't go after girls you serve."

    "So who's room 215 then?" Vixen retorted, trying his best to keep his tone monotone in front of the girl, "the more you tell lies out of that repulsive mouth of yours, the more time you waste."

    "Did I do something wrong?" Adam sighed, taking his hand off the girl's waist, "you can't expect me to remember when I'm like this."

    "Down to one minute," Vixen reported, resisting the urge to tap his foot impatiently.

    "WTF MAN WHAT IS YOUR ISSUE?!" Adam snapped, grabbing Vixen by the collar, "LET ME FU*KING BE AND TAKE THAT ATTITUDE SOMEWHERE ELSE."

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