76 If

    "VixenĦ­ is something wrong?" Brianna asked, this time pure concern showing on her face.

    She grabbed his hand and intertwined her fingers in them, then using her other hand to lift Vixen's face to look up at her. She looked up into his eyes, flinching at the blankness in them but still maintaining her confidence and compassion and channeling them through her eyes. "I want to help."

    "Want to help?" Vixen sighed, waving their hands back and forth before removing her hand, "Help with what?"

    "Hmph, how would I know?" Brianna sulked, "you never tell me anything."

    "Exactly. Personal space is something that I value, I don't go around spreading things about me like I'm giving out food," Vixen sighed, patting her head gently, "if I didn't tell you anything 10 years ago, why would I start telling you now?"

    Brianna opened her mouth to speak again before closing it and forming a frown on her face, "sometimes I hate the way you speak. Especially since what you say is right most of the time."

    Vixen shrugged and took a bite out of a biscuit on Brianna's plate.

    "STOP EATING MY FOOD!" Brianna slapped his hand away, and pulled her food away from him protectively, "you get paid enough to buy a freaking restaurant, you don't need to steal food from me."

    "I drag carts of food for people all day and don't even get to eat from them? And then have to eat food two hours after the normal schedule. Don't be selfish," Vixen growled, eating the biscuit slowly in Brianna's face. He reached for her food, but instead ran his finger around the plates edge, "I could always hold back delivering food to you."

    Brianna looked down at her food and bowed her head before Vixen in submission, "three biscuits," she wagered.

    "Six," Vixen growled.



    "Four and a half and that's final,"

    "Fine," Vixen growled.

    "Hehe," Brianna giggled, "it's today only deal though."

    "Sure sure," Vixen smirked, "we'll see about that."

    Brianna looked at her spaghetti and then back to Vixen. She planned to keep her question in her mouth but it ended out slipping out. "Is she bothering you?"

    Vixen looked at Brianna and turned away, ignoring her question.

    "I don't get itĦ­ why are you spending more time with a new admit than me?" Brianna asked, staring at Vixen desperately, "you aren't obligated to stay with a new person for longer than you need to! So why?"

    Brianna stared into Vixen's eyes, pleading him for answers she wanted to hear as she asked the last question, "do you like her?"

    Vixen turned to Brianna, a scowl slowly forming on his face. "And if I do?"

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