44 I Love You...?

    "I can only have a short attention span on something I once found interesting, so for you, I'm just treating you with the amount of relevance you have to me, which would just be called ignoring," Vixen smiled.

    "I don't understand what's going on and why someone completely irrelevant to me is showing hostility while butting their fat heads into my issues, but," Damien paused glancing at the phone number on his screen, "who do you think you are to interrupt our relationship? I'm not sure what she said earlier but knowing her stubbornness she would have asked for you to let her deal with it herself. So I'm not sure why you think you can talk right now, because I don't remember inviting a vixen to be part of this conversation."

    "Who am I?" Vixen repeated asking the question to himself. That's right, who was he? Who was he to invade in her privacy? Just because she was somebody who he found interesting, or entertaining, it didn't give him the right to defend her in this situation, nevertheless even talking to someone she had relations with but had no relations with him. Who was he? Who was he to Regan? The son of the hell that held her? He didn't like that. The fact that he couldn't find an answer annoyed him.