43 Call to Damien

    "I HATE THIS TOO!! Do you think I want to do this to you?" Damien growled.

    "Apparently yes, seeing as I am here," Regan laughed.

    "Reganˇ­ if I didn't feel bad or want any more connection with you, don't you think I would have gotten rid of this phone too?" Damien asked, "I still love you."

    "Alright don't lie, this is not the time to be wrapping another one of your blindfolds around my eyes right now, Damien," Regan sighed. Despite her shutdown to his words, a part of her wanted to believe himˇ­ to wait for him again for him to come back. Maybe he was saying the truth, maybe he didn't mean to do it and still misses herbut that was a long stretch. Making her kill others? Almost killing her with a gun by another person's hand, not looking for her and labeling her as dead to the publicˇ­ those were things that couldn't be done, they were incomprehensible acts for someone who claims they love the person after doing it.

    "Regan, seriously I still love you. I know I may sound unbelievable"

    "So you know,"

    "And maybe even like a liar,"

    "Looks like you know that you were wrong, what are you trying to prove again?"

    "But, I honestly still love you," Damien pressed, "all of my actions were for a reason, they were going to protect you in the long run, so maybe I took the wrong turn but I really meant to do good. I can't tell you why I did them, or what is going on right now, but just hearing your voice really makes me feel happy. Knowing that you are somewhere safe right now is the highlight of my week."

    "No stop lying," Regan refuted her voice wavering as her heart thumped harder and tears started to fall again. Could she believe him, was he right? Did he really miss her? And what if he was right, when could she leave? Could she go to him now? Slowly the walls around Regan were breaking as she began to believe his words, to accept that he may in fact still love herˇ­ to believe that maybe all he took was the wrong turn when trying to do something for her. "You made me like this, you put me in this hell, you frowned my voice out and locked me away. Youˇ­ ruined my life, and used me to take the life's of my best friends."

    "I'm not lying right now, I could never lie about my feelings for you Regan, I really miss you," Damien continued his voice barely above a whisper as he spoke.




    Author: Who here likes Damien? Who else here can understand Vixen?