40 First Encounter

    "Sounds useful to me, an occupational habit?" Regan asked, walking to the desk in the middle of the room and sitting down on one side as Vixen set the table as he always did near the end of every day.

    "Hmm," Vixen absentmindedly replied.

    Regan found him intriguing, the only coffee stain of the blanket of grey that kept her caged in what she liked to call, 'heavenly hell.' This was the first time she had ever sat down and actually talked to him. Vixen Cloud, son of the founder and owner of the asylum that housed the mentally damaged and even had a special function to have them serve their time while in confinement. Mentally damaged, it had a nice ring to it, reminding her of herself.

    "Who were those people on the tv?" Vixen asked, watching as Regan began to dig into her food, "you looked really hurt from whatever was on the tv, did you know them?"

    Regan looked up and smirked, "if I didn't know them why would I be getting emotional? But anyway," She shoved a fork full of spaghetti into her mouth, "why do you care? The son of the hell trapping me is pretending to care about how I got here? How comical."

    "Don't laugh, there's nothing wrong with feeling pity for the ones you hurt," Vixen smiled, his grin sending a chill down Regan's spine. He placed his head on the table and looked up at Regan with his cold violet eyes, "especially when that captured bird of mine seems to have an interesting past."

    "Ha," Regan sighed, looking at the red ring on her finger, "don't be so sure it's a bird and not its prey."

    Vixen stared at Regan. Now he was really curious, what was up with that girl? Why was she here? Why was she "dead?" So many questions he wanted to pry out of her. His curiosity was peaking.

    "You're not going to tell me?" Vixen asked again.

    Regan turned her fork in her spaghetti avoiding eye contact with the piercing eyes of the man across the table from her, "whatcha think? I know it doesn't matter if I say no can simply just search it up."

    "If you know that then spare me the time and just tell me now," Vixen pressed.

    Regan slammed her fork into her plate and stared at Vixen.

    "Can you stop? You're just so pushy! I don't know how bored you must be to be reaching out to me but you need to stop cuz' I will not entertain your bullshit," Regan growled, "look at where I am for goodness fuvking sake. This is an asylum where they hold deranged people just like me and I'm not sure if you know about how many people I've killed but I have to live with their deaths because it was a foolish decision on my part from me being blind to bastards who wrap blindfolds called love around people's eyes. Let me live with their deaths in peace. I don't need a curious George on my tail examining me in order to keep his life interesting. JUST LET ME BE! I don't know how much interest I might give you but it needs to stop. This is fuvking ridiculous."