35 Author's Note
              @@WITH THIS SEASON ONE HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO AN END MY CHILDREN!!!! Are u sad? welp This whole season was just so much fun to write lol especially during the times when Regan desired to kill lol I don't know why but I just found those moments so entertaining to write\\_()_/. Spiderweb is like one of those spur of the moment thoughts that get built up and form a whole plot. I was reading a story that had a villians as a main character and I was like I wanna do that too so boom, Regan was born, (fun fact, I had a big writer's block and used a generator to come up with her name XD) I wanted someone who I could make thoroughly suffer in order to blossom into the queen she is. Originally, she was supposed to kill both Gradis and Layla but that was kinda a too calm and not interesting ending, worse of all, I won't have spent a lot of time with y'all. So I decided to leave it at a point where a season two can built on it, BUT that would half depend on u and how I feel XD so do you want a season two? do you???? XD lemme know in the comments!

               The meaning behind the title Spiderweb hasn't been fully explained upon yet so tell me in the comments what you think the tittle refers to()  I AWAIT YOUR FLOOD OF COMMENTS (please say u want a season two! I don't wanna stop writing XD) Also who was your fav character? Regan, Bella, Ella, Damien, Mrs. Layla, or Officer Gradis?

                But, now for the hard news, I'll be taking a break that's about a working week break to look at your comments! I'll be watching for your answers so don't let me down! Also, during the time I'll be gone, I plan to release a new book that's already completed but since it's already been a while since I wrote it so have mercy on my grammer. It is a story based on the Egyptian myth of Isis and her hubby Osiris. And is called Wings of Pain! please keep yourself entertained with it. FOR NOW I will see y'all later after a few days XD LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR COMMENTS!!!!