30 Betrayal
              Regan raised her eyebrows in surprise, "wow¡­ I'm amazed. Maybe I should have kept you around, we would have made great friends."

    "Y-y-ou d-dont n-need to w-worry about that," Officer Gradis smiled.

    "What?" Regan asked.

    "Shush," Officer Gradis immediately turned around, pressed her gun into Regan's ribs, and pulled the trigger.

    Regan fell to the floor with a thud, landing on her knees, her mind blank as she touched the spot she was shot and warm blood tingled her skin, "w-wh-at is this?"

    "Ain't so fun being the victim huh?" Officer Gradis smiled getting up from her seat and wiping the gun of her fingerprints, "but I must say, everything that you said was right."

    Regan panted her lungs tightening and vision getting hazy.

    "The pleasure of being in charge while aiming at your target and the pure glee of watching them slip away is fun isn't it?" Gradis giggled, she kneeled in front of Regan and caressed her face, "You look pretty when you directed me to kill Layla, nonetheless, your whispering was¡­. Stimulating. But I think you look better here, beneath me, confused, frustrated, in pain. Defeated."

    "Y-ou how did you do this?" Regan smiled, despite the pangs of pain in her side and the heaviness of her words, desire to know just how the mastermind before her had planned this. The agony of not being the one to end the kill scratched at her and her broken pride from asking that question clawed at her mind, but she needed to know, "h-h-ow was this so perfectly planned?"

    Thump Thump Thump

    "Honey? You finished in there?" A voice called out.

    Damien! He needs to get out of here!

    "N-NO D-AM-MIEN DO NOT COME IN HERE," Regan yelled as the handle of the door pushed down and it opened with a click.

    "Come in darling," Gradis grinned.

    Damien walked in and analyzed the room, blood splattered on the ground and walls, clothing's dripping in red and the stench of coffee and blood mixed, "it's messy in here."

    "Yea, yea, sure," Gradis smiled, "antidote?"

    "Hmm~ here you go love," Damien smiled, handing Gradis a bottle.

    "D-Damien? What is this?" Regan asked her voice barely above a whisper as she tried to comprehend the situation, "how do you know her? Why do you know her? WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOT HELPING ME? Did you¡­ set me up?"