16 Second To Last Milestone

                 "Almost done," Regan grinned, as she laid in the river, staring at her artwork laying lifeless in the grass.

    Carefully, Regan stood up and dried herself above Bella, wetting Bella and the sand beneath her and then reached down to grab Bella's phone.

    "It's a shame such a pretty thing like you really relied on things like recordings," Regan sighed, as she put off Bella's recording and sent the recording to her phone before deleting it, "but I've got to thank you, your crying and begging will make a fine song to listen to."

    Regan dropped Bella's phone on the ground and smacked a rock into it, cracking it to the point of destruction, then placed the rock beneath the phone.

    "You know IPhones these days are very fragile," Regan laughed, as she talked to Bella's dead body, "no one will ever suspect anything more from your beaten up phone, afterall, it only takes one slip up to get it messed up in normal circumstances."

    Regan sat on the ground beside Bella and then picked up her phone and scrolled down her contact list, "where is my prince charming," she hummed and smiled when she found the number.

    Without hesitation, she clicked the call and waited for the person to answer.

    "Regan?" Damien asked, from the other side of the phone, "you done?"

    "Hmm," Regan smiled.

    "Good because I'm waiting for you outside of the forest," Damien chuckled.

    "Really?!" Regan grinned in glee, she grabbed her bat and stood up from the grass, "be right there."

    She hung up cheerfully and began to skip out when she turned back to look at Bella.

    "Ah! Almost forgot!" Regan laughed, as she skipped over to Bella's side.

    "I have to go, my rides here," Regan sighed, as she stared down at Bella.

    "Ahh, seeing you like this, just makes me wish I had waited a bit before killing you," Regan smiled, as she ran her hand up Bella's thighs, up her hips and waist to her chest and then her face, "maybe we could have spent more time together."

    Bella's body laid silently, her face remained still, stuck in the contorted and twisted moment of fear, her blue eyes wide open but showed no sign of life.

    "For now, this is where we end, maybe in our next life we would be something more" Regan gave a pained smile, "doubt I'm ever going to get the chance to reincarnate though."

    Regan played with Bella's red hair before setting it down on the red ground.

    "Goodnight Bella," Regan whispered, as she bent down and kissed Bella on the forehead, "I love you."