11 Cruise the surface of remberance
              Bella looked around the lake, then sat down in the grass and stared at her reflection in the river.

        "How did you get home that day?" Bella asked.

        "By car, Damien drove us back," Regan replied.

        "I bet it was very late when you got back huh,"

        "Yup, it looked like it was around 12 am,"

        "Damn, I would have been hella scared if my daughter was coming home this late,"

    "She was,"

    Bella sat still and looked into the water at Regan, her blue eyes staring bullets into her reflection in the river. "Regan, this has been bothering me for a while now."

    "What is it?" Regan replied, as she locked stares with Bella in the river.

    Bella shifted in her spot in the grass and turned to look at Regan, "I thought you said you didn't recall anything? How can you remember these details very clearly as if it was yesterday?"

    Regan froze in her spot. How did I remember all of this? A slight zing went off in her head and she staggered from the impact.

    "Are you ok?!" Bella asked immediately standing up to help her friend.

    "I I'm ok," Regan replied, "I just need to take a walk real quick."

    Bella looked at Regan up and down wondering if it was safe to leave her best friend to wander alone in this condition, " F Fine, be back soon though, I don't really want to leave you alone here."

    Regan reassured Bella with a smile, "I'll be quick."

    She turned and walked away into the depths of the forest disappearing behind the trees.

    "Sigh," Bella sat back down in front of the river, "It's ok Bella, you did the right thing letting her go, you can tell her when she comes back."

    Krrrrrsttt A scratching sound erupts from the forest Regan disappeared behind. Krrrrrsst

    The sound drew closer and Regan walked out of the forest.

    Bella turned to Regan with a smile, "I'm glad you're back. I have something to tell you, for a while now I developed these feelings for you. And honestly I know this isn't the right time to tell you about all of this but I really-"