8 Conflicts
              "You know, with all of this talking, it's starting to seem like you found new best friends," Regan laughed desperately

    "I mean, yea, I can't have you around me 24/7 even if I want to so I have to make new friends, new memories," Ella replied.

    "Does that include burying the memories of your original best friends?" Regan argued.

    "Pleaseˇ­ lets us not argue over this," Ella begged.

    "You can't even remember some of the memories we shared from before you left for your other school!" Regan yelled, her hand vibrated with anger.

    "So what?! Isn't the point of life to make new memories? If I can't remember the old ones then it's probably a signal to tell you that it's time to make new ones," Ella argued.

    "Make new ones? You're the only one here who doesn't remember Ella, me and Damien have been reliving our old memories in order to keep going and look forward to new ones but what are we supposed to do when you can't even remember the old ones? Everything we treasure before you left just slipped past your fingers and now you can't remember them? Am I supposed to be ok with that?" Regan burst.

    "You said you were fine, you were fine with me leaving you so I don't know why you're frustrated now," Ella shrugged.

    "Just because I said I'm fine doesn't actually mean I'm fine, I was so hurt when you left me. I cried for so long it was ridiculous. I only tried to be brave to make you feel better about your decisions and no matter how close I am to you, I don't want to become selfish and hold you back so I tried to let you go butˇ­ the fact that you gave up so easily bothers me," Regan sobbed.

    "Why didn't you tell me this? It's a bit late now don't you think?" Ella retorted.

    "Why can't you just stay?" Regan begged as she pulled Ella closer into a tight hug, "stay with me and Damien. Forever." Her voice wavered with desperation.

    "Do you hear yourself right now?" Ella asked as she shoved Regan aside, "you didn't try at all to not be selfish because right now that's the only feature I see in you."

    "What?" Regan asked, she grabbed Ella and shook her by the shoulder, "I didn't try? Was I clingy? We used to be best buddies and now we're not. We don't talk anymore because of distance and I don't get to see you that much. Why can't you just stay with me? You don't have to leave."

    "This is something we can grow from Regan," Ella replied calmly pushing Regan off her, "we can prove that we can still be friends even from afar, and even make new friends."

    "I don't want to," Regan argued.

    "Well you're going to have to because I'm not coming back," Ella said looking away from Regan and chewing on the remains of her fish.

    "If I can't have you here no one can," Regan mumbled.

    "What do you mean by ˇ­ AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,"