Chapter 30 每 The Star
     Book 7: Chapter 30 每 The Star

    Snowrock Castle.

    A stream of light shot down from the sky. With a flash, a figure appeared in front of the castle.

    ※It*s Eldest Young Master.§

    ※Eldest Young Master is back.§ The castle guards all cheered. Even though Dong Bo Lie had become the Marquis and recovered ownership of the Snow Eagle territory, Xue Ying still remained the Eldest Young Master within the Snowrock Castle.

    The city gate opened.

    Entering the city, Xue Ying stared at Jing Qiu, who was garbed in white. He thought she looked like a Deity, standing there as she waited for him. Amongst all of the Transcendents of the Xia Clan, she was recognized as the number one beauty. This implied that she was the most beautiful woman in the entre Xia Clan, Transcendent or not! Because the Snowrock Castle guards and servants, both male and female, were affected by her overwhelmingly beautiful appearance, she employed a small magic that blurred her image.

    ※Disciple Brother Xue Ying!§ Jing Qiu said, elated to see him.

    ※Jing Qiu,§ replied Xue Ying as he walked to her. She wrapped her hands around his arms in a natural manner.

    The two had long become intimate.

    ※Why are you just now finally returning home? I arrived half a month ago.§ Jing Qiu laughed. ※Are you that focused on searching for traces of the demons? From what I heard, many Transcendents haven*t even found one. The demons have apparently hidden themselves completely.§

    ※I began to ponder my spear techniques and carelessly forgot about time,§ Xue Ying replied. ※Regardless, I did kill a rank four demon during my hunt.§


    ※Ah, you killed one?§ Jing Qiu was startled. ※And it was a rank four demon?§

    A Transcendent who killed a rank four demon would be rewarded with 10,000 contribution points. That incentive was enough to cause many Transcendents to put in their best effort. Killing a rank four demon was immensely difficult. Such a demon possessed combat power that could match Saint Transcendents in the top thirty to ten in the rankings.

    ※Please keep it a secret,§ Xue Ying said.

    ※Mn, mn.§ Jing Qiu nodded. Her heart swelled with pride and happiness for him. How long had he cultivated? Yet, he was already able to kill a Saint realm ranked demon. In the future, he would most likely become a Demigod.

    ※Brother!§ A group of people walked out to welcome him. This group included the handsome Qing Shi, his girlfriend Dai Ya, Dong Bo Lie, his wife, Uncle Zong, and Uncle Tong. As for Dai Ya*s older sister, Dai Lu, and her boyfriend, Kong Yuan Feng, they had returned to the Eternal Wind Academy a long time ago.

    Upon seeing this group of people welcoming him, Xue Ying could not help but smile even more brightly.

    He was home with his loved ones.


    Transcendents were required to spend half a year searching for demons; the other half could be spent resting.

    Almost every single Transcendent scheduled their time in this manner. As for Xue Ying, regardless of whether he was at Snowrock Castle or searching for demons, he would always be deeply pondering his spear techniques.

    The demons were securely hidden. Only those low level rank one and two demons, who could not control their desire to devour human souls, were not well hidden. Those were the few isolated cases. After those demons with poor self-control were found and eliminated over a couple years, the Transcendents of the Xia Clan realised# that the ones they had found and eliminated were just rank one and two demons.

    The entire Xia Clan understood.

    This was the calm before the storm! Demons were vicious fighters. They were extremely violent and would never uncharacteristically hide from the world. This current state where demons remained in hiding would not continue for long.

    Xue Ying used this period of peace to further refine his spear techniques.

    Hu hu hu~

    The cold wind whistled by as snow fell from the sky.

    A new year, year 9665, began. The beginning of a new year was also the coldest period of a year. Within the vast peak of Snowrock Mountain, Jing Qiu walked toward the distant Xue Ying and watched as he practised his spear techniques.

    Extreme Piercing was a purely offensive type of True Meaning.

    Currently, Xue Ying sought to add another Profound Mystery to perfect his spear techniques.

    And today#

    He had finally fully fused the Profound Mystery of Earth with Water, Fire, and Wind to form a single entity! This feeling of the vast and boundless Earth merged together with his other Profound Mysteries as a single body#

    Hong long long~

    As he worked toward a perfected union of the Profound Mysteries, Xue Ying would adjust his technique, time after time. His spear techniques changed as he adjusted his use of the laws of Profound Mysteries in his search for perfection.

    Disciple Brother Xue Ying will usually take a break after practising for three hours. Why is he still continuing without stop today? Jing Qiu thought, puzzled by his behaviour. She had come over to remind him that it was time for lunch.

    ※Sister Jing Qiu, why did my brother not stop for lunch? The dishes are going to get cold,§ Qing Shi asked. Sou sou. In a flash, his figure rushed over, stopping beside her with a curious expression.

    ※Don*t be in a rush; otherwise, you will disturb your big brother*s training,§ Jing Qiu answered. ※Since your brother is practising without a break, he must have his reasons. You should go ahead and start eating with the rest. Don*t wait for us.§

    ※Okay.§ Qing Shi watched his brother momentarily, before murmuring, ※I really don*t understand why he practices so diligently.§

    Sou sou. He left the mountain.

    Qing Shi*s comprehension of the realms was too low when compared with Xue Ying*s current comprehension. Even though Xue Ying provided his little brother with the nourishing treasures given out by the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World, his little brother still remained as a Silver Moon Mage. Making it to the Legend rank# was clearly not an easy task. As for Xue Ying, ever since he had become a Saint, those external resources could not be of much help to him. Only the truly rare and precious resources could aid him in his cultivation, but they were too precious. Even with 50,000 kilograms of Origin Stones, he would not be able to buy many resources of such value. Likewise, the benefits these rare and expensive resources would provide to his cultivation would not be too great. Since that was the case, he would rather spend time focusing on cultivating in a bid to improve at an even greater pace.

    The snow fell more and more heavily as time passed.

    Jing Qiu felt the intangible power wrought by Xue Ying*s spear techniques becoming greater.

    Hong hong hong ~

    Xue Ying*s spear technique suddenly became extremely heavy. Every single move was capable of creating terror in the hearts of anyone watching his practice. The space surrounding him froze, and a gigantic sphere was formed within a hundred meters of him. The inside of this sphere was distorted, obstructing the view of its interior.

    What happened? Jing Qiu thought as she watched nervously. She discovered that the terrifying might emitting from that sphere of a hundred meters in diameter could crush her to death with just a single touch.

    As for what was happening within the sphere#

    The cliff Xue Ying had been standing on had already turned to dust. His entire person floated in mid-air.

    At the point when the Profound Mysteries of Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind merged together as a single entity, and the union reached his desired idea of perfection, everything changed qualitatively. The surrounding space froze, and the gravitational force changed in a barely detectable manner# Xue Ying felt as though he was able to see that vast snowy plains to the north, or the boundless desert, a land of oasis, or even just a simple, plain field#

    The snowy plains, desert, oasis, field and mountainous road# they all had weeds growing, dead trees lying on the ground, rivers flowing, wild beasts flying and running, people surrounding a campfire and dancing, villagers cooking with smoke rising from the chimneys, armies galloping on their horses and causing the earth to tremble#

    The wind blew, causing seeds from flowers to germinate and grow# The water flowed, allowing soil to improve and organisms to grow# The fire sparkled, allowing man to depend on it for warmth#

    And all of these existences merged in an extremely fast manner, becoming smaller and smaller.

    Or maybe it was his horizons expanding further and further

    Xue Ying saw it all.

    The vast and boundless great Earth merging back to its origin〞becoming a single, spherical body!

    And that was a piece of a star!

    The star would slowly revolve, and the Myriad Existences would begin growing on its surface. Man and Beast would co-exist together within.

    Star? Xue Ying thought he vaguely understood.

    The great Earth was willing to sustain the Myriad Existences, and finally, it would become a single piece of a Star! And it was the most perfect star of all.

    That was right.

    To truly become accepting of all existences, it would require reaching Grand Completion, without any boundaries or edges. As for the Star, it represented a perfect sphere. Every single piece of Earth was equal. A star# would be the shape representing the most perfect condition that conformed to all laws of nature and of the world.