1189 Death Walker

    This was the most optimal 'food' that Devouring Realm Great Emperor used in nurturing his insects. By letting his insects consume the liquid, they were able to advance and power up to a Cosmos God. But ever since Devouring Realm Great Emperor fell, this Devouring Realm Spiritual Liquid had become a legend! Even though Devouring Realm Great Emperor had been jointly killed in the past, he still kept all his most important treasure prior to his death.

    And now, it seemed that this great general under the Devouring Realm Great Emperor, 'Insect Ancestor', had got it! Insect Ancestor only dared to reveal these things after reaching the final realm!

    "The three final realm Resentment Spirits nurtured by Eternal Night. The Origin Blood from Extreme Night. The 'Sacred Fire Stone' sent over by Sacred Fire City Master. In addition, the 'Devouring Realm Spiritual Liquid' that Devouring Realm Great Emperor once acquired in the past and a complete Chaotic Origin Corpse which I have gotten a long time ago." Undying Underworld Emperor's eyes brightened. He was absolutely excited, "Now, I am lacking the final bit of sacrificial offerings to provide sufficient energy for me to refine a 'Death Walker'."

    "In the past, I have painstakingly refined a Death Walker. What a pity that the last gamble ended up in a defeat. It was only after I relied on that Death Walker to resist the great enemy of mine did I succeed in returning." Undying Underworld Emperor recalled back to his past. He felt his blood boiling at the thought of it.

    He once stepped on the path to charge upwards into becoming a Chaotic Origin Lifeform.

    This path.

    It was not just he who took it. Many experts from other Origin Worlds were also being guided along this path towards becoming a Chaotic Origin Lifeform. Initially, he was still supported. But after failing thrice, nobody chose to help him anymore. And now, he was like many other experts who similarly failed¨Cstruggling amidst despair.

    It was very fortunate for him to return to the Realm Heart Great Land after sacrificing his 'Death Walker'.

    "Fortunately, I still have another Chaotic Origin corpse. Once I succeed in refining it, I would own a 'half-Chaotic Origin Lifeform Body'. That is my strongest technique. Only by relying on this would I be confident in venturing deep into the Broken Teeth Mountain Range." Undying Underworld Emperor grinned, "It is still possible for me to force my way to the next life level by relying on some opportunities found in the Broken Teeth Mountain Range."

    This path was extremely arduous. He had racked his brains just to find more ways of aiding in his journey.

    "Eternal Night Primogenitor, Extreme Night Primogenitor, and others feel that I am currently stronger than in the past. But in their mind, I am merely slightly stronger. Nonetheless, they do not know that my greatest accomplishment after experiencing all sorts of dangerous situations and is discovering the way to refine a 'Death Walker'." Undying Underworld Emperor thought.

    Of those who took the same path as he did in the past, some fell while others were outstanding enough to create their own unique path. Even though it was wrong, they still advanced their body to the 'half-Chaotic Origin Lifeform' level.

    Undying Underworld Emperor did not choose to do that.

    Because he knew his Dao path to becoming a 'Chaotic Origin Lifeform' would be broken once he took that step. Hence, he thought of ways to perfect the refinement of a 'Death Walker', collecting techniques from other peers of his. He even chose to experiment on some materials before eventually pushing his 'Death Walker' to a higher step.Find authorized novels in Webnovel£¬faster updates, better experience£¬Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Only by using the Chaotic Origin Lifeform corpse as the foundation would the refined 'Death Walker' be strong!

    Only after Undying Underworld Emperor experienced everything did he understand that there had been huge gaps between 'Chaotic Origin Lifeforms'. For instance, those who walked down the Dao path step by step, cultivating from weak, understanding how to utilize the Dao and even grasp an Origin World as foundation were called strong! There were some innate Chaotic Origin Lifeforms who applied 'Dao' crudely. They purely relied on their nature. It was entirely possible for some weaker cultivators who owned supreme-graded secret treasures to fight with them!

    "The Realm Heart Great Land is created by Yuan."

    "Yuan is one of the most ancient Chaotic Origin Lifeforms. He is also practically standing at the peak, and is not any weaker than those who broke through using determination and force like Luo City Lord."

    Undying Underworld Emperor finally understood the statuses of Yuan and Luo City Lord after experiencing so many things.

    "Hearsay that the terrifying great serpent who was killed by Yuan after gravely injured him had its body thrown into a particular world within the Broken Teeth Mountain Range." The eyes of Undying Underworld Emperor were filled with desire. The Broken Teeth Mountain Range was most famous for having part of the great serpent corpse. What 'Broken Teeth Serpent Bead' and others were really just ordinary parts of that great serpent.


    Broken Teeth Mountain Range.

    The more important the location, the more danger it had! Even though Undying Underworld Emperor ventured into the place many times, he dared not barge into some of the forbidden places. Only by having a 'Death Walker' would he regain his confidence and foundation.

    It was deep in the night.

    By the side of the Realm Heart Great Land, in a nameless desolate mountain, a handsome young male wearing a golden robe and a crown descended here.

    "It is time for the crucial moment."

    Undying Underworld Emperor waved his hand.

    "Hong hong hong!"

    Many bronze pillars appeared in the air. A total of 16 pillars were thrusted into the land. They were becoming bigger and thicker. In the blink of an eye, they were like 16 sky pillars shattered in all directions around this desolate mountain.

    "Hong long." Undying Underworld Emperor waved his hand again. An incredibly huge four-hooved mutated beast corpse was thrown onto the mountain. Its body contained many mysterious inscriptions. Its four hooves were even shackled. Currently, those shackles were being connected to the 16 'bronze pillars' that stretched into the heavens. Those shackles contained inscriptions that were moving, reflecting and synchronizing with the inscriptions on the surface of the corpse. The outcome was a huge seal that covered the corpse.

    "Even though Extreme Night Primogenitor is merely an ordinary unparalleled existence, its Origin Blood is still hard to get. It contains so much more life force than those in the veins of body cultivators." Undying Underworld Emperor praised.

    After all, the true body of Extreme Night Primogenitor was a blood sea.

    A huge cauldron appeared before Undying Underworld Emperor. The cauldron contained nine precious Sacred Fire Stones within. After slightly activating the cauldrons, pale white flames began burning.

    Following that, Undying Underworld Emperor carefully controlled the cauldron. One could see a lump of 'blood sphere' the size of a human head floating above this cauldron. It was gradually burned by the pale white flame. "Chi chi chi," there were inscriptions revolving and flashing on the surface of the blood sphere, though its insides were being evaporated into nothingness. Gradually, a unique green light appeared within the fluid.

    After burning to the end, it formed a nail-sized green crystal.

    Undying Underworld Emperor held his breath.


    Pointing out to the distance.

    That green crystal flew into the body of that humongous Chaotic Origin Lifeform corpse.