1188 Origin Source Energy

    The two of them were clear. Firstly, it had been because of the opportunity granted to them by Luo City Lord. Secondly, both of them had acquired a supreme secret impartation from the Realm Heart Great Land. Only with these two supporting factors did they rise faster than what Old Monster Stone expected. Furthermore, Xue Ying had in reality, not reached the final realm yet! It was only for the sake of intimidating 'Emperor Jun' and 'Sacred Master' did both Xue Ying and Swordmaster agreed on it.

    To let this misconception of Xue Ying 'reaching the final realm' continue on!

    Reaching the final realm in the Dao of Void would allow the cultivator to have a powerful domain!

    It prevented Emperor Jun and Sacred Master from having any thoughts of struggling back!

    If they were to know that Xue Ying relied on all his avatars to barely cover most of the regions in the Primal Chaos Void, Sacred Master and Emperor Jun would most likely continue to revolt!

    'I have to reach the final realm as soon as possible.' Xue Ying thought.

    No matter whether it was to save his loved ones and close friends before the Great Apocalypse and seek another alternative to life, or whether it was to become stronger so as to intimidate both 'Sacred Master and 'Emperor Jun', Xue Ying had to rise up quickly.


    The current Great Void Heaven Temple had an extremely high status since it was a religion with two final realm cultivators!

    But for the sake of not harming the Origin Source Energy in the Primal Chaos Void, they did not create another sacred world. Instead, they maintained the balance to allow this Origin World, 'Primal Chaos Void', to sustain for a longer period.


    An incense was lit.

    Its fragrance pervade within the meditation room. Xue Ying sat by himself cross-legged in it. His consciousness was gradually brushing across the Supreme Law.

    Finally, Xue Ying felt a mysterious space existing within the Supreme Law. It seemed limitless and small, so small that Xue Ying could not see it even with his void techniques. At the same time, it seemed so incredibly big that every single part of the Origin World was filled with 'it'.


    Xue Ying moved his heart.

    He easily extended his consciousness into that mysterious spatial pocket.

    This was the core of the Primal Chaos Void Origin World, the 'Origin Source Region'. It was quite similar to the World Heart in the Xia Clan World, albeit more mysterious. Only the soul consciousness could enter this place. Material matters could not enter here! One could not deduce its size using the ordinary three-dimensional perception of objects. Xue Ying only felt that this mysterious Origin Source Region was filled with many colorful intersections of Origin Source. It might seem messy, yet it weaved together a perfect operating entity. Every lump of Origin Source represented a Dao!

    In the past when the Primitive Ancient Sacred World collapsed, much of the Origin Source Energy in the Origin World became scattered, condensing into smaller Origin Worlds. At that time, the Origin Source had been 'gravely leaked', which led to the emergence of the Lost World Corridor. That was also the place where 'Destruction Devils' emerged, accelerating the destruction of the Origin World.

    The natural laws of an Origin World led to the birth of a powerful and perfect world.

    Even though much of its energy was dispersed into the void.

    The law remained supreme.


    Xue Ying's consciousness 'examined' the colorful Origin Source lumps. They intersected with one another in no noticeable order. It was difficult to determine how many lumps of Origin Source there were.

    After all, some Origin Source lumps intersected with one another very tightly.

    For instance, 'Light' and 'Illumination' were both tightly-intertwined.

    Or 'Phaseless' and 'Boundless' had many areas of intersection as well.

    And amongst the lumps of Origin Source were two that Xue Ying felt very familiar and close to.

    One Origin Source was tremendously vast. It pervaded the entire Origin Source Region. It was the Origin Source for the 'Dao of Void'.

    And the other lump of Origin Source seemed illusory and unpredictable. It also pervaded across enormous parts of the region, and was much more mysterious. It seemed to permeate deep within some parts of the Origin Source. It was none other than the Origin Source for the 'Mirage and Illusory Realm'.


    Xue Ying first tried sending his consciousness into the Dao of Void Origin Source.


    An ocean of information deluged onto his consciousness. It was boundless, great, and filled with impartiality. As long as one reached the level-two Cosmos God Realm in the Dao of Void, he would succeed in leaving behind his soul mark and henceforth control this strand of Origin Source Energy. Xue Ying was just a step away from reaching the final realm. Hence, he had an easier time¨Che succeeded in branding the Origin Source within a few breaths of time!

    After which, Xue Ying spent the time taken to brew a cup of tea to leave behind his soul brand on the Origin Source for the Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm.

    Deducing from this perspective, even though he was just one branch away from fusing all five branches together, his accumulation in the Dao of Void was still much more profound and vast than in the 'Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm'.

    "As long as I succeed in controlling more than half the Origin Source here, I could rely on it to grasp the Supreme Law, allowing me to progress into becoming a Chaotic Origin Lifeform." Xue Ying sighed inwardly.

    To reach the level-two Cosmos God Realm in all the different Daos?

    That was difficult.

    Many cultivators like Swordmaster, Ancestor Fan, World Extermination God-Emperor, Eternal Night Primogenitor, and others had reached the final realm. Many of them even sought to reach the Cosmos God Realm in the Dao of Void so that they could cultivate several avatars for themselves! But forcing was counter-productive. After all, cultivators had different experiences as they grew. They had different personalities, different Dao Hearts, different opportunities¡­ their understanding of the world were also different. These myriad of factors determined how good they were in some Daos! As for other Daos? They would not be very good in them!

    It was hard to advance a Dao to the Cosmos God Realm. It was even harder to reach the 'level-two Cosmos God Realm'.

    More than half the Origin Source here?

    Let's not talk about competition. Just trying to reach the level-two Cosmos God Realm in more than half the 'Daos' would be sufficient to bring despair to any final realm cultivator.

    "After grasping the two strands of Origin Source, I would be able to control some of the Origin Source Energy for my use." Xue Ying shook his head inwardly. To a level-two Cosmos God, a strand of Origin Source Energy could significantly boost their strength. But to him who had a final realm combat power, this slight Origin Source Energy could not contribute much at all.

    "What a pity that I can't comprehend them thoroughly."

    The intersections and integrations of the Origin Source made them one entity¨Cthe perfect Supreme Law.

    Xue Ying could not dissect and comprehend just a strand of Origin Source. He could barely observe the grand Supreme Law from his viewpoint, and it was too complex!

    "I believe it'll be much easier to force a breakthrough to the Chaotic Origin Lifeform before trying to grasp the Supreme Law." Xue Ying thought. No cultivators were ever confident in declaring that they could comprehend the Supreme Law. It was just too complicated.

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    The hometown Origin World finally regained its peace¨CSacred Master and Emperor Jun were no longer making a mess. It appeared as if both of them had resigned their fates to wait for the next era.

    In the next era, the Origin World would be reborn with a new land. That was when the Origin Source was at its most powerful! This land was vast, and the suppression from the Supreme Law would be at its strongest! Even a final realm cultivator would be dreaming if he planned on expanding his domain across the entire Origin World Land. During that time, the two of them were still confident of fighting against Xue Ying and Swordmaster.

    As for the situation over at the Realm Heart Great Land, it was similarly quiet.

    Xue Ying left an avatar cultivating under the Burning Heart God Tree still. Now that he had a vision of where to head towards in fusing the five branches, Xue Ying was naturally pouring all his concentration on the 'Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm'! As the effects of cultivating under the Burning Heart God Tree were good, one avatar would suffice.

    And other avatars of his continued to research in the Dao of Void. His accumulations in the Dao of Void were thick; Xue Ying was even researching on the sixth killing move.

    And he had no choice in this factor¨Che already finished consuming all World Flowers! What he could do now is to continue accumulating his experience and more experience until the tipping point.