1187 Joy of the Souls


    At the Ancient Sacred World.

    The three avatars of Xue Ying were located at different regions casting an illusory realm on all sentient beings living within the Ancient Sacred World. Everyone fell into a daze. Nobody could retaliate at all, and these beings were under the complete control of Xue Ying.

    If any one of them had the slightest intention of resisting, then isolating the brand mark would end up in failure!

    "Sou sou sou sou¡­"

    Many figures appeared above the Ancient Sacred World.

    The thin Old Monster Stone, white-haired Swordmaster, Forefather Tian Yu, Void Primogenitor, Blade Emperor, World Ancestor, Ancestor Sorcerer, Devil Mountain Primogenitor, Great Emperor Cloud Serpent, Ancestor Pure One, Jade Light Master, Bone Ancestor, and other Cosmos Gods appeared. They looked at the distant white-robed young men currently standing in midair with their eyes closed, before turning downwards at the sentient beings who had all fallen down onto the ground.

    Not only humans, even the beasts and beings of various races were deep asleep.

    This was an unprecedented silence in the Ancient Sacred World.

    "He could even save those believers of Sacred Master from their soul brands?" Blade Emperor exclaimed, "Truly amazing!"

    "After the death of Ancestor Mother, all believers she controlled have regained their freedom. But Sacred Master hasn't die, which means we have to handle those believers one by one." Swordmaster chuckled, "It is fortunate that Xue Ying has great attainments in the Mirage, granting him the ability to save them! Even though the Ancient Sacred Religion and Ancestor Mother Religion are the two greatest religions in our Origin World, the number of believers in the Ancient Sacred Religion far exceed that of the Ancestor Mother Religion."


    Everyone present nodded.

    "This is a huge achievement!" Forefather Tian Yu sighed.

    "Let's hope everything goes smoothly." Ancestor Sorcerer was carefully observing the people instead. They were clear how troublesome things were when they were pertaining to souls! In the past, it was practically impossible for others to save a cultivator once his soul was branded with a mark. Asking Ancestor Mother or Sacred Master to release them? Or how about killing Sacred Master and Ancestor Mother so as to return back the freedom of the believers? Or to rely on an expert like Xue Ying in isolating the brand marks?

    In the past, all three methods were not practical.

    But now, Ancestor Mother died!

    And Sacred Master could only hide in the Lost World Corridor to survive.


    Many ripples could be felt spreading in the world.

    Swordmaster, Old Monster Stone, Forefather Tian Yu, and others held their breaths as they watched. They could feel that mysterious fluctuation brushing across them.

    "Dissipate." The three great avatars of Xue Ying were doing their best to whittle away those brand marks.


    At this moment.

    The innumerable sentient beings living in Ancient Sacred World¨Cthe Ancient Sacred World which was approximately one-hundredth the size of the 'Primitive Ancient Sacred World'¨Chad their shackles removed at this moment. Those brand marks on their souls were dispelled, and everyone finally regained their freedom! It was a great release for them!


    The numerous sentient beings living in the Ancient Sacred World felt their souls fluctuating. That was a fluctuation originating from incomparable joy! The feeling of freedom, and the feeling of release!

    Cultivators were born free!

    All of them sought to remain free and unfettered!

    Having been enslaved by the Sacred Master for an innumerable period, various generations of the cultivators were even made to unhesitantly kill their own loved ones and to suicide! They were no longer cultivators. Even though they lived, it was similar to walking corpses! Only at this moment when the shackles on their souls were released did they feel the freedom originating deep in their hearts! And a brightly-lit heart was something all of them were entitled to have.

    As a result, the souls were letting out cries of joy instinctively! Those cries of joy startled Old Monster Stone, Swordmaster, Forefather Tian Yu, and others who were currently watching this scene happening at the Ancient Sacred World.

    The soul was innately mysterious.

    When the souls regained their freedom, the instinctive cries of joy generated a fluctuation that engulfed the Ancient Sacred World and these Cosmos Gods. They felt themselves influenced by it¨Ctheir souls were trembling excitedly!



    It was happening in not only the Ancient Sacred World. Instead, the innumerable humans and beasts of different races that had been saved in other places like the Nine Cloud Great Land were currently regaining their consciousness.

    Tears began streaming down their faces. They were so excited and happy that they cried!

    Even though their souls had been branded in the past, they remained completely awake. It happened generation after generation. The strangest thing was that despite living like puppets, they still held a loyalty and reverence towards Sacred Master stemming from deep inside their hearts. Only at this moment did that strange feeling disappear. Only then did they truly regain their freedom and happiness.

    "From this moment, I am truly myself!" The only lightning Cosmos God also looked upwards. He saw that distant white-robed male after bypassing through various spatial obstacles.

    Even though many cultivators did not know who saved them, they still had a heartfelt gratitude towards the one who released them from their shackles.

    Thankful for saving them out of the dark abyss.


    At this moment, the three figures of Xue Ying still had their eyes closed. After saving those sentient beings, an innate cry of joy from their souls were currently being emitted.

    It was something that startled even Old Monster Stone, Swordmaster, and others watching. As for Xue Ying, he was more deeply affected.

    The waves of joy charged up against him.


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    Unknowingly, Xue Ying began crying.

    He felt so moved that he teared.

    He felt so moved over the desire towards freedom the souls had.

    At this moment, Xue Ying found his direction of fusing the final 'Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm' branch, 'soul' with the other four branches. Previously, he did not understand where he should head towards! But now, he saw the light.

    "The souls of the sentient beings are the true foundation of this Origin World."

    "The will of the populace could influence the will of the Origin World! And this path of enslaving the population is wrong!" Xue Ying had a feeling that even though it was possible to grasp the Supreme Law through spreading religion and gaining the belief energy from the population, he had a vague feeling that it was wrong! Even though gaining the belief of the population wasn't wrong, enslaving the souls was on the contrary, a form of taboo in a deeper level!

    Xue Ying had a feeling that this path was destined to not control the Supreme Law!

    Like Yuan and Luo City Lord, they did not understand much in the Dao of Soul. Currently, Xue Ying was standing at the highest level across many spaces in the Dao of Soul. Nonetheless, only at this juncture did he generate this feeling.

    "I should be able to understand more after fusing all five branches together." Xue Ying thought.


    He was not certain of fusing all five branches of the 'Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm' together. But now, he saw the light and gained back his confidence.

    "Give me sufficient time and I am hopeful of walking to the end of this path." Xue Ying opened his eyes. He saw as many in the Ancient Sacred World were filled with happiness, and could not help but smile.

    By saving the people, the people also pointed out the direction for him in his cultivation path.

    Give and take. This was also a kind of natural law.

    "Xue Ying."

    "Haha, this is absolutely awesome!"

    "This is the happiest day in my entire life! Sacred Master who has been threatening us all this while, is frightened into hiding! Haha!"

    The voices coming over from the distance from Old Monster Stone, Swordmaster, Forefather Tian Yu, and other Cosmos Gods were filled with happiness and joy! On this day, they saw the death of the vicious Ancestor Mother and how Sacred Master who had brought chaos to the entire Origin World being forced to escape like a stray dog! On this day, they saw themselves facing an impending Great Apocalypse only to be freed from it! On this day, they saw Swordmaster and Xue Ying reaching the final realm. On this day, they saw close to 10% of the entire population in the Primal Chaos Void regaining their freedom, and they heard the cries of joy coming from their souls¡­

    They were all incredibly joyful! They felt delighted! This was a happiness which they never had experienced before.

    Xue Ying smiled and went to welcome them!