1145 Level-Two Mirage

    'In reality, I have even better cultivation techniques, but I'm not in a rush to exchange them away.' Xue Ying thought.

    That's right.

    He cultivated for 400 million years under the Burning Heart God Tree with a soul that had been strengthened using the droplet of core blood from the 'Universal Dragon Mother' in the Realm Heart God Palace. This period of training exemplified how frightening Xue Ying's talent in the Mirage was! He once tried fusing the 'Mirage and Illusory Realm' Dao, yet he met many obstacles#

    Xue Ying did not immerse himself to force his way through. Instead, he turned towards cultivating the Dao of Void in the past, while gradually allowing the final two branches in the 'five branches of the Dao of Mirage' to improve to the Cosmos God Realm. This took him 200 million or so years.

    Once he broke through.

    All five branches had reached the pinnacle! The five branches of the Mirage and Illusory Realm represented five different directions. Furthermore, under mutual corroboration, Xue Ying had an easier time fusing them together.

    He attempted fusing the two branches he had greatest experience and confidence of每the 'World and Bewilderment'. Just 100 million years or so later, Xue Ying succeeded in fusing them, and it was then he finally stepped into the level-two Cosmos God Realm in the Dao of 'Mirage and Illusory Realm'!

    If this was made known publicly#

    It would frighten the entire Realm Heart Great Land.

    Because the Dao of Soul was well-known for being difficult to cultivate in. Like the Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm, there were only three in the entire Realm Heart Great Land that had reached the level-two Cosmos God realm. They were respectively Ancestor Fan, Towering Sky King, and a Paragon Master expert in the Myriad Realms Ancient Nation, 'Heart Devil King'. These three desired to see other level-two Mirage scriptures! Especially those that they had not comprehended.

    Ancestor Fan had fused three branches together每World, Desire, and Soul! He kept failing to fuse them with 'Slaughter' and 'Bewilderment'.

    Towering Sky King had fused the World and Soul together.

    And Myriad Realms Ancient Nation's 'Heart Devil King' had fused Bewilderment and Sou together.

    In the past每

    Ancestor Fan did not care about Towering Sky King. Instead, he sought to acquire the self-created scripture of 'Heart Devil King' since it would aid him.

    In the vast Realm Heart Great Land, a consensus gradually appeared between peak Cosmos Gods每one of how to jump out of this cage and reach the higher realm! It was likely that they had to reach the peak Cosmos God in the Dao of Soul. It's a pity that many unparalleled existences existed across the entire Realm Heart Great Land, and many had reached the peak Cosmos God. Yet none had reached the final realm in the Dao of Soul.

    "Currently, I have fused the World and Bewilderment branches together. As long as I recorded some of my cultivating comprehensions and guidance, this scripture would be sufficient to be sold at a sky-high price." Xue Ying was clear of this.

    Selling treasures depended on who he sold them to.

    Selling to a Primal Chaos expert? He could sell it at a limited price!

    Selling to an unparalleled existence? The price he could sell it at would be extremely frightening, especially when it was related to taking that final step!

    Ancestor Fan and Towering Sky King were willing to pay a great price since they desired to enter the final realm of Cosmos God in the Mirage Lineage. By then, their soul would transcend all other Cosmos Gods. With a powerful soul, in addition to reaching the final realm in two Daos, they might possibly step out of the cage!

    "I am not in a rush to sell this scripture." Xue Ying understood one point.

    With the Mirage Scripture he created, 'Heart Devil King' had instantly acquired the favor of one of the five ancestors in Myriad Realms Ancient Nation, the 'World Extermination God-Emperor'. He had been bestowed with a top-graded secret treasure, and a special 'Heart Devil Palace' was even constructed for him. With the protection from World Extermination God-Emperor and even the help from 'Limitless City Master', 'Realm Beast King', and other unparalleled existences from the Myriad Realms Ancient Nation, none dared to kidnap Heart Devil King away.

    Want to learn a Mirage Scripture? The Myriad Realms Ancient Nation had publicized a sky-high price! Ancestor Fan wasn't willing to pay this price to learn it.

    It might be possible for level-one Cosmos Gods to learn a soul-related scripture after paying a huge price (Like Xue Ying, he forked out 80,000 contribution points)! As for unparalleled existences (and some final realm Cosmos Gods), they would definitely be charged a tremendous price!


    Even the Realm Heart God Palace did not own any Dao of Soul scripture that guided the cultivator to the final realm.

    The most profound scripture only guided the cultivator to the level-two Cosmos God Realm.

    And Xue Ying had reached this realm. Only Ancestor Fan and Towering Sky King desired greatly to learn this scripture! And they would pay a significant price for it! After all, any scripture would be sufficient to change the fate of a creator, turning him into a VIP of several unparalleled existences.

    'Without sufficient strength, I would most likely be imprisoned by the Summer Wind Ancient Nation after taking it out.' Xue Ying understood this point. That Heart Devil King stayed in the Heart Devil Palace. His true body dared not leave the palace at all! Wasn't that another form of imprisonment?


    Southern Cloud Nation, Flying Snow City.

    In the blink of an eye, it had been over 300 billion years since the Realm Heart God Palace opened. To the numerous cultivators who had reached the apex, closed-door cultivation lasting 10 billion to a hundred billion years was normal. This period of 300 billion years was quite short to Cosmos Gods of this caliber! Xue Ying even spent a trillion years just chasing after the Destruction Devils!

    Within the Monarch Residence beside the lake, there was a white-robed Xue Ying fishing.

    Whenever Cosmos Gods mentioned 'Monarch Flying Snow' from the Southern Cloud Nation, they would sigh and lament about his fate. They felt Monarch Flying Snow was very pitiful. But in the 'Flying Snow City', in the eyes of many clansmen from the Ying Shan Clan, 'Monarch Flying Snow' was their greatest pride!

    And now, the Flying Snow City was a grade two city in the Southern Cloud Nation. The majority of the Ying Shan clansmen had moved over, turning this city into the core nucleus of the Ying Shan Clan. Even 'Old Mother Ying Shan' stayed here.


    Xue Ying lightly picked up his fishing rod, pulling a huge fish up. That fish was tenaciously nibbling on the fish bait.

    "What a greedy fish." Xue Ying lightly hurled the rod back, causing the fish to be thrown into the lake. Xue Ying waved his hand and kept the rod, "It's a pity. I've used a World Flower yet I wasn't able to step into the final realm of Cosmos God. It seems taking that last step to breakthrough isn't that easy. Mn, now is the time for me to act."


    Xue Ying casually walked out of the Flying Snow City. Having lived in seclusion for so long, it was time for him to rise again!


    And in his hometown Primal Chaos Void.

    Xue Ying was similarly cultivating bitterly over the years. At this moment, an avatar began moving.


    With a step, Xue Ying penetrated through numerous spatial obstacles before arriving above the Nine Cloud Great Land.

    "In the treasure cove of Monarch Nine Cloud, there is something每the Three Fire Prison Realms Cauldron每which Sacred Master desired greatly. What exactly is it?" Xue Ying felt curious. Even though the Monarch Nine Cloud hid his treasure cove securely, Xue Ying was an expert that had comprehended the Dao of Void beyond what Monarch Nine Cloud grasped. He had cultivated to just one step away from the final realm of Dao of Void. Furthermore, Xue Ying had the supreme secret impartation technique  with him. Hence, the current method Monarch Nine Cloud used to hide his treasure cove wasn't worth mentioning before Xue Ying any longer.