1114 That God Palace

    As an expert who wasn't any weaker than a tier two king, one could imagine his current status. As a result, the Ying Shan Clan had risen along with the currents.

    Soon, Xue Ying arrived at his teacher's meditation ground.

    By the abyss.

    On top of a black-colored grass field, Southern Cloud King sat here cross-legged in his luxurious black gown.

    "Teacher." Xue Ying greeted.

    "You felt it?" Southern Cloud King chuckled.

    "Mn." Xue Ying nodded, "Is it that legendary God Palace?"

    Southern Cloud King nodded: "Right, it is the Realm Heart God Palace."

    Xue Ying's eyes dilated.

    The Realm Heart God Palace was well-known in this great land. One could see how special it was.

    It was located deep within the middle of the ocean that encircled Realm Heart Great Land, the 'Black Prison Yin Sea'. According to rumors, it was located right at the centermost of the entire Realm Heart Great Land! It was also the origin for all 'chaos' and 'mysterious items' that could be seen happening in the Realm Heart Great Land.

    "Ever since the emergence of the Realm Heart Great Land, many great disputes, including the first and second War of the Ancient Nations happened because of it." Southern Cloud King sighed, "It had even made me obsessed and mad for it."

    "Mn." Xue Ying currently felt his blood boiling.

    Many secret techniques in the Realm Heart Great Land were perfected. Even though experts numbered like cloud, it felt excessively outrageous for so many secret techniques to be improved to this extent! Like secret treasures, for instance¨Cmany secret treasures had been polished to an incredibly refined stage that enabled cultivators to fight against those of a higher realm! Even if they were guided by scriptures, secret treasures that could significantly boost the strength of final realm Cosmos Gods, causing them to reach a stage termed as the unparalleled realm were vital too.

    How could such secret treasures be refined by Cosmos Gods?

    That's right.

    Those secret treasures that made many level-three Cosmos Gods (final realm) desire for them had been termed as Supreme Secret Treasures. According to rumors, they were incorporated with several operating usages of the Supreme Law. Only the highest transcendental existence in the entire Realm Heart Great Land, 'Yuan', could refine them. Many other refining techniques and cultivation techniques that were perfected to this extent had been because they were left behind by 'Yuan'.


    Many secret treasures, cultivation scriptures, and unique items had been placed by Yuan within the 'Realm Heart God Palace'.

    "The Realm Heart God Palace is divided into inner and outer cities." Southern Cloud King sighed, "Usually when it opens, only the Outer City would be opened! Like this time, only the Outer City is opened. If the Inner City was opened¡­ haha, many unparalleled existences and level-three Cosmos Gods including those old fogeys who lived in seclusion and horrific experts reincarnated into this land would emerge. They would kill their way in. That would be terrifying."

    "When the Inner City opens, many huge treasures will appear. If some unique treasures were brought out of the city, it would incite a huge battle between unparalleled existences." Southern Cloud King explained, "The first and second War of the Ancient Nations happened precisely because the treasures that appeared from the Realm Heart God Palace had been too alluring."

    Xue Ying lightly nodded.

    "Previously, when you participated in the Competition between the Three Clans, that Origin Realm God Palace had been one of the treasures from the War of the Ancient Nations. During the second War of the Ancient Nations, it had been acquired after the three Old Ancestors from Summer Wind Ancient Nation worked together." Southern Cloud King mentioned, "Furthermore, during the period of the second War of the Ancient Nations, the Origin Realm God Palace wasn't ranked in the top five treasures contested over from the Realm Heart God Palace."

    Xue Ying also knew how several unparalleled existences had fallen in history.

    "Adding up the number of times the Inner City had opened in history, I reckoned it could be counted with less than ten fingers." Southern Cloud King said.

    "But regardless if it were the inner or Outer City that opened, there could only be 39 entrants in total who could enter." Southern Cloud King sighed, "If the Inner City were opened, everyone would contest and kill their way in! It would be total madness! Unparalleled existences would definitely succeed in getting in. As for the Great Paragons, they might not even have the chance to enter. Your teacher, I, had fortuitously entered the Inner City once by relying on many avatars! And sufficient speed."

    "What about the quota to enter the Outer City? Do you have any idea how I could enter?" Xue Ying asked.

    The Outer City was sufficient.

    The Inner City attracted more of the unparalleled existences.

    Even though many treasures from the Outer City could hardly be compared with those from the Inner City, most could be used all the way to the final realm! Like top-graded secret treasures and the occasional treasures that could cause unparalleled existences to feel greed for them.

    "Even though there are comparatively fewer treasures when the Outer City opens, some unparalleled existences might want to enter too." Southern Cloud King said, "And the six great ancient nations would usually team up together to monopolize the opportunity of entering. Because this is merely the Outer City, some of the horrifying existences from Realm Heart Great Land would not team up to fight for the chance to enter. Hence, it would be impossible for anyone to go against the collective effort by the six great ancient nations."

    "Do you plan on entering?"

    Southern Cloud King softly shook his head, "It is tough. The other four great ancient nations are weaker, but there is ultimately too few quotas to enter. It is impossible for the ancient nations to give them to experts outside their nations. The Myriad Realms Ancient Nation and Summer Wind Ancient Nation have slightly more quotas, but some unparalleled existences are planning to enter still! 'Emperor Summer' would practically send his avatars in almost all the time! Hence, the quota which they are willing to give out is few in number."

    "According to what I know, other than the three great clans from the Summer Wind Ancient Nation, there are still many other clans within the ancient nation. Hence, Emperor Summer would usually take out three to four quotas to let those cultivators contest for it within the nation. You are an Upper Honored Guest from the Fan Clan and is qualified to compete for it. But there are only three to four slots¡­ do you know those experts who would contest for the slots? They aren't Great Paragons from the three great clans! Also, the Great Paragons from the three great clans that had not acquired the slot could participate in the competition. Other than the Great Paragons, there is a whole bunch of other level-two Cosmos Gods."

    "Xue Ying, in my opinion, I think you should focus on cultivating still." Southern Cloud King chuckled, "Currently, your chance of winning the contest is minimal. Wait until you become a level-two Cosmos God and until you own a top-graded secret treasure before going. By then, it'll no longer be hard for you to vie for a place. You are still quite young in terms of your cultivation age, so there is no need to feel anxious over."

    No need to feel anxious over?

    He was truly anxious! If he missed this chance to enter, the next time when the Realm Heart God Palace opened, his hometown might no longer be there.

    "Can I exchange for entrance using contribution points?" Xue Ying asked.

    "Not possible. This isn't within the scope of exchange." Southern Cloud King shook his head.