1100 Reincarnating in Bright Star Plane

    The male also turned to the belly of his wife. He felt increasingly anxious and regretful inwardly: 'No matter what, I must protect my wife.'

    "This little fellow is growing bigger day by day." The white-robed girl caressed her belly and giggled, "Its a boy. In the future, he'll definitely become as amazing as Brother Yu."

    The male chuckled too.

    That's right.

    He could not forget the first time he peered through the stomach of his wife using his True God Energy. Just a simple scan made his heart tremble because this was his first child, and the only child his true love had.

    'One day, there is still one more day left.' The male looked ahead. The flying ship continued flying forward.


    Suddenly, a piece of black cloud flew over from a distance. A burst of loud resounding laughter was head, "Xie Yi Yu, Cui Qin, I had a tough time finding the two of you."

    The black-robed male and white-robed girl abruptly stood. Staring at the rolling black cloud moving over from afar, the two of them could not help but feel their hearts becoming heavy.

    "Old Devil Golden Horn is here." Both husband and wife turned extremely anxious.

    "Brother Yu, what should we do?" The white-robed girl Cui Qin impatiently mentioned, "At this time, for the sake of our children."

    "For the sake of our children, we could no longer care." The black-robed male gritted his teeth, "I hope this devil would pull back."

    "Senior Golden Horn." The black-robed male looked at the black cloud that rolled over from afar, shouting out, "We are willing to offer this Void God Weapon, but senior has to swear to us¡­"

    Given the temper of the husband and wife, they would rather sacrifice their lives than to let a devil get a Void God Weapon freely.

    But currently, for the sake of their children, they were willing to hand over the treasure.

    Feeling the heartbeat of their child, which had yet to be born, both husband and wife had sworn to ensure the safety and growth of their children.

    "If the two of you had obediently given it to me, I might still provide a route of survival for the two of you. But now? It's too late!" The rolling black cloud came in from a distance and folded, surrounding the entire place, "For the sake of chasing after the two of you, I, old ancestor, has used my treasure teleportation seal and even painstakingly searched for all traces where the two of you have been! And now, the two of you want me to let you live? Haha, just come into the stomach of I, old ancestor!"

    The black cloud scurried. It was moving at speed close to twice that of the flying ship, quickly engulfing the place.

    Both husband and wife felt their hearts turning cold.


    Xie Yi Yu looked at his wife by his side. He muttered, "I'll hold off that old devil. You should run."

    "Brother Yu¡­" The white-robed girl Cui Qin paled.

    "My teacher and I are related by blood. Even though I've committed a sin, I doubt Teacher will be that harsh towards you. You must remember to take good care of my child." Xie Yi Yu said.

    "Mn." Cui Qin had also cultivated for a relatively long period. Even though she was feeling agony, she knew they had no other ways.

    Xie Yi Yu extended his hand and gave the belly of his wife one last touch. He felt its warmth, mumbling: "I truly wish I could see and hold you one day. What a pity that we aren't fated."


    Following that, Xie Yi Yu turned into a dazzling ray of sword and tore into the sky. He directly charged towards the true body of that Old Devil Golden Horn amidst the rolling black cloud.

    A furious roar reverberated across the world.

    "Old Devil, die!"

    The white-robed girl was already filled with tears. She watched from the flying ship as her husband disregarded everything just to hold off the devil. She also tried her best to control the flying ship: "Hurry, hurry, move!"

    As long as she hurled across a certain distance, it would be hard for the other party to track existences of the flying ship. One day would be sufficient for her to return back to her sect. As long as her husband could delay that Old Devil Golden Horn for a day, she would have a high chance of returning into her haven.

    "Brother Yu." The white-robed girl felt her agonizing pain in her heart.


    In the stomach of the white-robed girl.

    A frighteningly strong life was being nurtured.


    Xue Ying's consciousness was awakening. His strand of true spirit was too grand. Even after reincarnating with his true spirit as the root into a soul, Xue Ying's consciousness only awakened after this embryo reached the late stages of the Transcendent level¨Cit was close to birth.

    'Fortunately.' The moment he awoke, Xue Ying had faintly perceived his other avatars located in the incomparably far Origin World, 'Realm Heart Great Land'.

    'This soul of mine is still too weak. I can't link my memories yet. But at least I can perceive the existences of my other avatars, so that is a good matter.' Xue Ying thought.

    How would things end up after reincarnating over?

    Xue Ying dared not confirm before doing it.

    He was most afraid of one possibility¨Cthat the reincarnated soul could not sense the soul of his avatars in the Realm Heart Great Land! That was possible. After all, the souls were located in two different Origin Worlds. If that truly happened, then Xue Ying only had one solution to it¨Cto increase the speed of cultivation of his avatars in the Realm Heart Great Land, cultivating the Dao of Void to the second level Cosmos God Realm so that it could use the 'Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique'.

    By then, he would send this avatar over using the Great Destruction Realm Teleportation Technique.

    Even though it might be suppressed, at least the avatar could be used as a 'bridge' for synchronizing and linking the memories between his body in the Primal Chaos Void and bodies on the Realm Heart Great Land.


    'The soul over at the Realm Heart Great Land seems to be produced by using my strand of true spirit as a base. Similarly, the reincarnated soul in the Primal Chaos Void uses my true spirit as a foundation too.' Xue Ying let out a breath of relief.

    When his strand of true spirit was sent into the Realm Heart Great Land, he could synchronize his memories with his avatars.

    After reincarnating, with the soul that was formed using his strand of true spirit, it was able to resonate with the soul over at the Origin World.

    'How is the situation outside?'

    Xue Ying's current soul was relatively weak.


    He was a horrifying existence who comprehended the Dao of Void and Dao of Mirage to the Cosmos God Realm. Naturally, the profound mysteries and laws he grasped had formed a cosmic system. No matter which Origin World he ended up in, Xue Ying would immediately reach the Cosmos God Realm.


    Relying on the void, his consciousness swept across the surrounding.


    This consciousness that existed in a higher dimension covered the entire 'Bright Star Planet' at this moment.

    Many experts were living on the Bright Star Planet, but none spotted the inspection sweep. After all, Cosmos Gods were practically standing at the apex across the whole Primal Chaos Void.

    'It seems the parents of this life have met some trouble?' Xue Ying immediately discovered that.