1097 Two Great Secret Impartation Techniques

    Southern Cloud King turned to Xue Ying: "Xue Ying, you make the decision."

    He was still quite satisfied.

    If he did not impart it to other superpowers, the Summer Wind Ancient Nation would be purchasing it for 300,000 contribution points! That was sufficient for him to exchange for a top-graded secret treasure! It is too arduous to obtain a top-graded secret treasure in the Realm Heart Great Land. The six great ancient nations had their old ancestors helping them, but experts living outside those nations had to risk their lives and be fortunate just to get one.

    Currently, this secret impartation technique could be sold for such a price? That was a huge earn!

    But firstly, the secret impartation technique had to be valuable and secondly, it must be unique for it to be sold at this price! Like the  which Southern Cloud King got in the past, he wasn't the only person that obtained the . Hence, he wasn't qualified to sell it at a high price. Furthermore, he only had one copy of the original  scripture, unlike Xue Ying who could impart it to others, and could casually make several original copies!

    "Your Majesty Emperor Summer, I wish to see what secret impartation techniques and treasures I can exchange for before making my decision." Xue Ying said.

    "Alright." Emperor Summer nodded. He waved his hand.


    Many dense golden characters appeared in midair. The three female attendants by the side did not look up at all. This was the benefit of having Magic Servants as they were absolutely loyal.

    Xue Ying looked upwards.

    Speaking from his inner heart, he wished to sell the technique to other ancient nations so that he could acquire more benefits!

    Because Xue Ying was clear that there were too few techniques which unparalleled existences would find valuable and that he could still impart it to others! For instance, the cultivation techniques back at his hometown Primal Chaos Void were much cruder¡ªSacred Master was the only one who reached grand perfection (Xue Ying had not known Old Monster's real strength)! But would Sacred Master pass down the absolute art he created? Even if Sacred Master was willing to impart it to Xue Ying, and he was willing to let Xue Ying give it to others, Xue Ying could still not teach it to others!

    Because the Primal Chaos Void was too far away from the Realm Heart Great Land. He could only link the memories of both avatars together. Xue Ying had to genuinely learn the secret impartation technique before he could even impart it to others. Secret impartation techniques that led directly to the peak was something he had to reach the peak himself before it was counted as learning it thoroughly. By then, Xue Ying was a third level Cosmos God! And he had to cultivate in the same direction as Sacred Master before he could even achieve it,

    Hence, this was a hopeless path!

    As for others, their absolute arts led to a lower endpoint¡ªthe second level Cosmos God Realm. Unless it was a scripture on the Dao of Soul, otherwise, it was impossible for the absolute art to be sold at a high price!

    It had to be outstanding enough!

    It had to be hard to get!

    His self-created  was very hard to get. Furthermore, it had the benefit of being 'concise and ingenious'. If the technique were similar to what Emperor Summer and Drifter created, then its value would be much lower. It would likely be 20-30% of the current reported price. Xue Ying did not know when he could create another absolute art of equivalent value.

    "Mn?" Xue Ying and Southern Cloud King looked upwards at the densely populated golden characters.

    "Xue Ying, you currently have 40,000 contribution points! Even if you impart your technique to other ancient nation, the Summer Wind Ancient Nation is still willing to give you 150,000 contribution points. This 150,000 contribution points could be used to exchange for anything from the three great clans. If all of them are added together, you would have 190,000 contribution points. Even if the Fan Clan is stingy, it shouldn't be a hard task for you to earn another 10,000 contribution points, adding up to 200,000 contribution points which you could exchange for a top-graded secret treasure." Southern Cloud King transmitted over, "We can still sell it the technique to other ancient nations and exchange for something you wish."

    "I am not in a rush to acquire the top-graded secret treasure." Xue Ying responded.

    What he valued now was still his hometown.

    Paying a huge price just for a single top-graded secret treasure? The experts in the Realm Heart Great Land were willing to do so, yet Xue Ying wasn't. Because he could not bring that secret treasure back home!

    " isn't a secret impartation technique that directly leads to the peak? Yet it requires 100,000 contribution points?" Xue Ying asked with a slight startle. Usually, what 100,000 contribution points could exchange were secret impartation techniques that led to the peak. Even though 'Dao could not be easily imparted', in reality, the price of purchasing and selling peak secret impartation techniques was lower than that of a top-graded secret treasure.

    Because second level Cosmos Gods could absolutely fight against those one level higher once they get an appropriate top-graded secret treasure.

    But if they only got a peak secret impartation technique, it would be helpless towards improving their strength.

    Of course, there were differences between peak secret impartation techniques, like  which was created by Ancestor Fan, this technique cost 300,000 contribution points. If the  were disassembled into another powerful peak cultivation techniques, 100,000 contribution points would suffice.

    "This scroll states that there are only two levels in the , one being small success and one large success. Second level Cosmos Gods could cultivate it to large success." Xue Ying said, "But it requires 100,000 contribution points?"

    "Yes." Emperor Summer nodded, "The Chaotic Origin Dao Scroll is created by me. The basic combat technique and body cultivation technique are void techniques applying the 'Chaotic Origin Energy' from the outside world after I broke apart the cage of the Origin World. It can be termed as the most apex cultivation technique. At the same level, it is stronger than even the . It is the most perfect cultivation technique I created in the Dao of Void. It's a pity that I could not complete the final level. That's why it cost 100,000 contribution points only despite having the first two levels."

    Xue Ying muttered to himself, though he felt pleased in his heart!

    What he wanted was a cultivation technique that is powerful and heaven-defying!

    And this was a Dao of Void cultivation technique applying the mysterious aura after breaking apart the cage of Origin World, the 'Chaotic Origin Energy'. Emperor Summer even mentioned it as the most perfect cultivation technique at the Dao of Void, and he could not create the third level extension to this technique! It was absolutely the most appropriate technique which he could use to improve his strength.

    Even though it was difficult to cultivate it, his foundation in the Dao of Void was sufficiently deep enough. He cultivated all nine branches and was naturally confident of completing it.

    "Alright. I'll choose the  and  then." Xue Ying stated.

    The  was the most powerful scripture created by Ancestor Fan for Mirage. It was also a scripture that led to the second level Cosmos God Realm, yet it required 80,000 contribution points.

    "A total of 180,000 contribution points." Emperor Summer nodded, "You plan on imparting it to other ancient nations?"

    "I have this plan." Xue Ying nodded, "I already have 40,000 contribution points with the Fan Clan. In addition to this 150,000 contribution points¡­ I can exchange for two great secret impartation techniques, leaving just 10,000 contribution points unused."

    Southern Cloud King could not help but transmit a message after seeing this: "Xue Ying, you are planning on exchanging secret impartation techniques alone? And not for treasures?"

    Treasures were the fastest way of increasing his strength!

    They were top-graded secret treasures!

    "No rush." Xue Ying transmitted back.

    After returning to his hometown, what he needed most was the strongest secret impartation techniques in the Dao of Void and Dao of Mirage. Clearly, he had chosen these two that were known as absolutely strongest at the same level¡ªbeyond even the level of Five Phases Sealing Technique! Naturally, their prices were higher! One had to know that 180,000 contribution points could be exchanged for a full 180 trillion cosmos crystals. But nobody would trade for it since contribution points could be exchanged for cosmos crystals but not the other way around!

    He would most likely only have this single opportunity to exchange the scriptures so extravagantly of what Summer Wind Ancient Nation had!

    These two secret impartation techniques¡­

    They would be his reliance on what he used to fight against Sacred Master back at his hometown!

    "You have to go to the Summer Wind Ancient Nation to learn these two secret impartation techniques." Emperor Summer said, "And learning the  is slightly complicated too."