1056 Flood of Attacks

    "General Chu Hu, in a while, we will be teaming up together." That short-haired male with black cape smiled.

    "Haha, I'll have to depend on Rain Dust Walker too. All I can do is exert my crude strength." Fan Chu Hu was polite.

    The three of them continued chatting.

    Nevertheless, they did not care too much about the other two great experts who were moving with them this time.

    Because there were differing levels between the tenth level experts. If one grasped a powerful secret cultivation technique or some terrifying secret treasure, one might even fight with three to four other tenth level experts. For instance, Xue Ying grasped both the extremely powerful  and . He even had a Scarlet Cloud God Spear. If Xue Ying were to fight with White Cloud Devil Master again, he would likely be able to suppress the other party. Even three to four of them would not be able to handle Xue Ying alone.

    'Fan Chu Hu' who was one of the Hundred-Battle Devil Gods.

    There was also the core disciple from the noble Blaze Clan, 'His Highness Blaze Wind'.

    And a walker underneath one of the five ancestors, 'Drifter' from the Myriad Realms Ancient Nation¨CRain Dust Walker.

    These three had massive origins.

    Comparatively speaking, the two experts sent by the Sky Sword Sect had a much smaller origin.


    "The Myriad Realms Ancient Nation and Summer Wind Ancient Nation are all too haughty. They are looking down on us brothers." The two experts seated there, one wearing a watery-blue robe and the other a fiery-red robe, were talking to each other through voice transmissions. They did not say anything.

    "Alright. Currently, Ying Shan Xue Ying is casually strolling on the street. Fellow cultivators can start the operation anytime." Thunder King Mo Chao chuckled. His eyes were filled with expectations, "I'll sit here waiting quietly for the good news from everyone."


    The red-haired teen stood up, "Let's not delay any further. We will move out at this very moment."

    "Alright." Rain Dust Walker and Fan Chu Hu both stood. Even the two experts from Sky Sword Sect stood up as well.



    They disappeared soundlessly from the place.


    On the street, Xue Ying was currently strolling leisurely. The surrounding air was fresh. As he walked, he would observe the bustling scenes of some shops to the distance, and the occasional luxurious carriages that flew past the sky. Xue Ying felt his mood becoming calmer, and the jarred bits of understanding he had regarding the 'Origin Phase' of the Five Phases Sealing Technique were now being aligned.


    There was no sound or signs.

    Xue Ying only felt the street becoming much quieter. The sound that was transmitted over from a distance became deeper and slower, and his own movement was clearly retarded.

    'Not good.' How could Xue Ying not know that he had been inflicted by some unknown move?

    And to the distance, that resplendent red-haired teen stood there pointing out in the direction of Xue Ying. The ripples of time had engulfed Xue Ying, and this 'Highness Blaze Wind' merely gave a cold chuckle: "Controlling the time is the innate talent which I awakened. I have even cultivated the  from the Third Realm Technique. You want to struggle out of my Time Domain? Hmph hmph, I am afraid you are still lacking."


    "Just die."

    At this moment, a watery-blue-robed expert and a fiery-red-robed expert acted at the same time. Everything was moving according to their plan¨Cit was extremely smooth.


    "Break, break, break!"

    Xue Ying understood that he had fallen into the Time Domain of the enemy. The current flow of time where he was at, is currently under the control of someone else.

    In reality, the stronger the cultivator, the harder it would be to control the flow of time around him! Like in the Great Void Heaven Temple, accelerating time for a Primal Chaos Expert would cost a hefty price. That was even a price incurred when using it in a powerful secret treasure meant for controlling time! Otherwise, the difficulty of controlling the flow of time in an external region, especially when Xue Ying was deliberately resisting against it, was even more difficult.

    "Hong long long~" Many circular void maelstroms were generated on the surface of Xue Ying's body. This maelstrom contained three rotating void stairways that revolved around Xue Ying. This was none other than the protective technique from one of the five great methods of the Scarlet Cloud Combat Technique.


    Holding on to the Scarlet Cloud God Spear, Xue Ying was stirring up the surrounding void, causing booming sounds to emit. He did not even have sufficient time to utilize the 'Arch Destruction' technique when the enemies arrived.

    Because the time where he was at was flowing too slow, causing his motion to become sluggish. Nevertheless, it was possible for him to release his protective technique and domain with a single thought, and these were barely released in time.


    A dark blue fog suddenly invaded his body. It came too fast and too cold¨CXue Ying felt his entire body freezing.

    At the same time, many surging fiery-red particles also permeated into his body. It was so hot that Xue Ying's body started melting.

    These two attacks came too quickly. Furthermore, after being engulfed entirely by the Time Domain, Xue Ying was forced to withstand these two moves.

    One extreme cold and the other extreme hot.

    These were both tenth level techniques.

    "Ge ge geˇ­" The left side of Xue Ying's body was incomparably cold. It seemed as if all particles were about to stop moving. Under this coldness, everything was slowing down to a stop.

    "Chi chi chiˇ­" To the right of his body, it was too hot, and Xue Ying felt his body about to melt. Following that, this horrifying blaze and the extreme cold on the other side of his body met.


    "What an amazing fellow. He still isn't dead after suffering from these two techniques?" It was not only His Highness Blaze Wind who controlled the Time Domain, or other experts. Even the black-robed expert who was walking the battle from a distance and Thunder King Mo Chao felt startled as they watched. Two tenth level techniques, one extreme cold and one extreme hot, would incur horrifying damage to the body when the other party could not retaliate. It was ten times more frightening than just withstanding a pure cold or pure hot technique. Even the Southern Cloud Sacred Body trained to grand perfection should have exploded from this.

    But Xue Ying withstood it!

    "Cold, hot."

    His body was suffering from the brunt of two opposing stimulation. Even though Xue Ying felt pain, his body still survived.


    He could still forcibly control his body and pierce out the spear onto the void.


    Arch Destruction!

    At that time, many tiny cracks appeared, causing the mysterious aura to form. The entire Time Domain trembled momentarily, though it remained stable.

    "General Chu Hu." That short-haired male with black cape smiled and said.

    "Rain Dust Walker." Fan Chu Hu was calm too. He experienced many assassinations ever since the first War of the Ancient Nation. This context was merely 'playing' for him.

    "Hong, hong."

    The two of them acted simultaneously.

    A dark green great hammer appeared in the hands of the short-haired male with a black cape. The hammer was flung downwards soundlessly. Wherever the hammer crossed did not produce any fluctuations or wind. Even the dust remained still. This great hammer smashed down towards Xue Ying just like this.

    And Fan Chu Hu merely extended his hand. His palm expanded. This large scarlet bronze hand of his went slapping down towards Xue Ying. "Hong long long", the void started cracking, and waves were set off from this. This power was much more violent and brutal than any of the previous techniques. Even ordinary Cosmos Gods could not unleash such a horrifying palm. The tyranny of the Hundred-Battle Devil God was earned through slaughters.

    These two famous existences had each unleashed a huge killing move at the same time.

    One was quiet, and the other a world-shaking move. Both came down at the same time.