1028 Body Technique

    The real motive of him joining this banquet this time was all because of earning a chance to view that spearhead!


    Xue Ying's figure suddenly rushed out, yet it strangely turned into nine figures. All these figures charged out in different directions at the teenaged protector.

    "What?" The teenaged protector was slightly panicking. In his perception, all nine figures were real.

    In reality.

    The nine figures were all real. Xue Ying's speed was so fast that his 'body' had simultaneously cut the void nine times, and thus forming nine bodies.

    Using his body to cut the void, that was using an offensive technique within the "Southern Cloud 12 Sacred Styles" as a body technique.


    Xue Ying flitted past the teenaged protector. With a wave of his hand, all nine figures swept past and caused the body of the protector to be cut nine times. But closely following that, his body completely recovered.


    Xue Ying had already returned back to his original position. He then looked back at that teenaged protector.

    That protector's expression was slightly pale and red. The Fan Clan was originally a tyrannical and ruthless clan. His teacher, 'Pang Bo' relied on the Fan Clan and had followed the principle of the strong feasting on the weak even when guiding his disciples. The weak died, and the strong survived. This selection went on continuously. It was rare for him to get the chance to fight for some respect for his teacher, yet he lost so bitterly.

    "Why aren't you withdrawing!" Pang Bo roared out from the side.

    "Yes." The teenaged protector immediately retreated.

    "This comprehension capability of yours is extraordinary, Prince Xue Ying." Pang Bo praised, "You have not only perfectly utilized the "Southern Cloud 12 Sacred Styles", but you have also even deduced a body technique from the offensive technique of the "Southern Cloud 12 Sacred Styles". This has transcended beyond the absolute art. Truly a genius."

    Pang Bo felt appreciative of Xue Ying.

    He had many disciples and had quite a few personal ones. But none of them had a comprehension ability comparable to this Prince Xue Ying.

    It's a pityˇ­

    That this Prince Xue Ying was too dazzling. He, Pang Bo, was just an honored guest and was not qualified to receive this genius as a disciple.

    "For you to turn an offensive technique into a body technique. That is amazing indeed." Fan Tian Chong praised him too.


    "Watching Prince Xue Ying reminds me of those days when I just cultivated for five million years. I still recalled that time, I was still an ordinary disciple in a little religion in Summer Wind Ancient Nation." Many guests gave their praises too.

    They understood.

    That for Xue Ying to reach this realm in just five million years without being restricted by the original technique, and to procure the essence of the method and transform into a new technique himself, meant that he had a fantastic talent that dumbstruck all of them! As long as he did not fall, it was certain for Xue Ying to reach the ninth level in the future.

    One had to know that the strongest amongst them¨Chonored guests and guests, was only at the ninth level.

    As for reaching the tenth level?

    Fan Tian Chong would not randomly invite them over. He was after all holding this banquet just to welcome Xue Ying.


    The banquet finally ended.

    The guests started leaving one by one. Fan Tian Chong and Fan Fei Qi personally went to send Xue Ying off.

    "Prince Xue Ying, if you have any matter in the future, you can come and find me. No matter if it is within the Southern Cloud Nation or other nations, there are few matters which my Fan Clan cannot resolve." Fan Tian Chong smiled.

    "Big Brother Tian Chong." Xue Ying immediately started, "Talking about that, I do have a matter which I would like to ask Big Brother Tian Chong for help."

    Fan Fei Qi was startled from the side.

    Fan Tian Chong was also slightly stunned.

    He had just finished telling the other party that 'he could come and find me in the future', yet this Prince Xue Ying immediately requested him the next moment. It was honestly 'thick-skinned'. One had to know that even when the Fan Clan went to conduct something, they had to fork out an equivalent price too.

    "You say." Fan Tian Chong continued maintaining his smile.

    Even though he felt displeased in his heart, it was because Prince Xue Ying was too young.

    "I feel kind of shameful to ask this." Xue Ying said, "That time, I actually saw a spearhead in one of the shops within Southern Cloud Capital that are owned by the Fan Clan. I heard that it was a spearhead left behind by Scarlet Cloud Paragon Master. That spear seems to be a void-related secret treasure, which garnered my interest. That time, I wanted to personally have a more thorough look, yet it was a pity that the manager did not allow me to have a look. That was why I had to shamelessly ask Big Brother Tian Chong for help. Is it possible for me to have a closer look at that spearhead?"

    "Just this matter?" Fan Tian Chong began laughing involuntarily.

    He thought the other party wanted to ask for something huge.

    But it was merely getting a closer look at a secret treasure that was sold in a shop owned by his clan? He knew of that spearhead too. Even though it was formidable, the spearhead was incomplete and could not be sold at a high price. The bottom limit of the clan was just 300 million cosmos crystals.

    "Haha, why the need to ask me about such a small matter." Fan Tian Chong felt that this Prince Xue Ying was slightly cute. He was 'shamelessly asking him' about such a small matter.

    "You are currently a good friend of I, Fan Tian Chong. From now on, you will be a VIP in all the shops owned by my Fan Clan. It is fine for you to have a look even at that Cloud Great Hammer which is ten times more expensive." Fan Tian Chong said, "Just go over and take a look. That manager will not dare to hinder you."

    Xue Ying felt his heart relaxing.

    He was not interested in the Shop Protection Treasure at all! He desired that spearhead the most. Even though he could not afford it, he would not be so foolish to beg the other party for it. Even though Fan Tian Chong paid importance to him, a treasure worth a few hundred million cosmos crystals would only be given to him if he sold himself to the Fan Clan.

    Even though he could not afford it now, it was okay to just comprehend the profound mysteries in the spearhead.

    "Many thanks, Big Brother Tian Chong. I'll go over at this moment." Xue Ying felt slightly impatient.

    "You ah, you ah, hahaha, just go." Fan Tian Chong laughed. This Prince Xue Ying was truly interesting.