1008 8,000 Years

    The relationship between Rong Xing Lan and Ying Shan Lie Hu became well after that. Xue Ying could only try his best to avoid the other party: "Whatever, as long as Mother is happy, and for him not to make disasters, I'll just treat him as an amusing person."

    "Since I've entered closed-door cultivation, I should properly cultivate."

    Xue Ying looked at the book in his hand. He then kept it. This book introduced the Southern Cloud King.

    These few yearsˇ­

    Xue Ying collected quite a few books describing the Southern Cloud King. He also collected some intelligence, and from hence he discovered that the Southern Cloud King had long reached the 'pinnacle of void-ification', and even had avatars! This gave Xue Ying the feeling that he had a bright future within the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion, and it was worth him spending the effort to cultivate this.


    After keeping the book, Xue Ying began his cultivation on the floating rock.

    Xue Ying was different from others. He did not have any bottlenecks when he cultivated the "Southern Cloud 12 Sacred Styles". After all, the highest level of this simplified version would only enable the cultivator to reach the God Yuan Palace ninth level strength. In addition to how strong the Southern Cloud King was, the art he created was even easier to learn, and its difficulty was equivalent to reaching the Star Pagoda eighth level in his previous life.

    Adding up to how similar the void between both origin worlds was, it was natural for Xue Ying not to have any bottlenecks in cultivating.

    As for the other main cultivation path he planned on taking, the 'Dao of Mirage', due to the drastic differences between the laws and profound mysteries here, cultivating it was much slower. This was also the reason why Xue Ying decided to first reach the Primal Chaos realm using the Dao of Void. With a stronger soul, his cultivation of the Dao of Mirage would become much faster.

    "Hong long long~" His body rumbled.

    A total of eight crystal pillars were embedded within the Void God Pagoda. The distorted spatial streams that were generated were permeating into the body of Xue Ying continuously. This caused the precious medicines that were applied on the body of Xue Ying to seep into his muscles, bones and blood vessels, making the bloodline in it more concentrated. Actually, this Void God Pagoda was meant primarily for refining the Southern Cloud Sacred Body.

    "Southern Cloud 12 Sacred Styles" contained an important refining cultivation technique, the 'Southern Cloud Sacred Body'.

    Cultivating the Southern Cloud Sacred Body required even more precious and expensive treasures the further one progressed in it, absorbing all sorts of essence into the body to refine it. In reality, this was akin to transforming the body into a 'secret treasure weapon', cultivating it to a limit. By then, any part of the body could be used as a weapon to battle.

    An indestructible body coupled with the effect of 'void-ification'. Cultivators who cultivated in the void were exceptionally good at using the void to escape too.

    Hence, this 'Southern Cloud Sacred Body' was practically the most perfect survival technique. This was one of the reasons why the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion, a religion that came from a tier two nation could become one of the top ten greatest religions across the entire Realm Heart Great Land.


    Time passed.

    "Mn?" Xue Ying suddenly gained some feeling in his heart. He abruptly stopped cultivating.

    'It has been 8,000 years?' Xue Ying softly nodded. He planned to break through to the Unity realm in 8,000 years after being birthed. Even though time passed relatively quickly and soundlessly during cultivation, Xue Ying knew deep in his heart that it was time.

    'I've cultivated the fourth and fifth style of the "Southern Cloud 12 Sacred Styles".'

    Xue Ying sat cross-legged there.


    Many unseen void spatial edges appeared from his body suddenly, flying out in all directions. Everywhere it passed, the void was cut, causing ripples to appear. Their power was strong and had given off the manner which Chun Yu Wei Yi had.

    "Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!"

    Suddenly, Xue Ying's body began flashing rapidly. He teleported multiple times within this Void God Pagoda. Closely following that, he went back to his original position above the rock.

    'I can also teleport now.' Xue Ying nodded slightly.

    The fourth and fifth styles of the "Southern Cloud 12 Sacred Styles" were moves at the God Yuan Palace sixth level.

    The sixth and seventh styles were at the seventh level.

    And the eighth style was at the Primal Chaos realm seventh level. Some Primal Chaos giants might not be able to reach the seventh level strength just by using the profound mysteries at the Unity realm. Hence, the eighth style utilized profound mysteries at the Primal Chaos realm, allowing Primal Chaos giants to reach seventh level strength. A cultivator at the seventh level could be qualified to become a conferred marquis!

    The ninth and tenth style were at the eighth level strength.

    And the final 11th and 12th styles pertained to the ninth level strength.

    'Time to go out and have a walk. I'll return to break through to the Unity realm after that.' Xue Ying stood up. He was nonchalant despite reaching this strength.

    God Yuan Palace sixth levelˇ­

    One had to know that disciples at the God Yuan Palace fifth level within the Marquisdom could become elders. Any outsiders who had reached the sixth level, as long as they were loyal to the Marquisdom, they could become elders too. Such great experts would have special rights when they joined any random Southern Cloud Sacred Palace. In the primal chaos void of the other origin world, new Primal Chaos giants were merely at the sixth level strength.

    Xue Ying left the Void God Pagoda.

    "Sou, sou."

    The two Black Stream Cloud Wolves that were outside guarding the pagoda rushed over. In reality, this pagoda had protectors guarding it. When Xue Ying was in closed-door cultivation, other than Grandpa Marquis, none dared to barge in.

    "Let's go out and have a walk." Xue Ying had grown taller. He gave off the feeling of a handsome young man.


    Very soon, a carriage that was pulled by two dragon beasts were pulled. A handsome young man sat on the carriage with two Black Stream Cloud Wolves in front of him. And beside him stood Elder Tian. The nine personal guards all stood behind the carriage.


    The carriage was being pulled across the sky. It headed in the direction outside the Marquisdom.

    "Prince, where should we go first?" Elder Tian asked.

    "Let's pay the Liu Zhen restaurant first. It has been a long time since I last ate. My stomach is already rumbling." Xue Ying said. The two Black Stream Cloud Wolves beneath his legs howled with joy. Clearly, the two of them liked the food served from that Liu Zhen restaurant too.