1004 The Foundation of Realm Heart Great Land

    'Good fellow.'

    As he flipped through, Xue Ying took in a mouth of cold air.

    The cultivation aspect for the Realm Heart Great Land far outstripped that of the primal chaos void as a whole.

    The 'bloodline cultivation system' was the number one greatest system across the entire Realm Heart Great Land. There were many cultivators, and they were able to ensure their children became extremely strong the moment they were given birth. The most outstanding ones had reached Unity realm at birth. A Cosmos God could similarly give birth to several hundred to a thousand children¡­ during cultivation, these children were also given many absolute arts that would match their bloodline.

    As for the laws and profound mysteries system, the hex cultivation, the ancient cultivation, and other systems, they already existed here for a long time and were much more developed.

    There were even cultivation techniques similar to those that Myriad Realm Tavern Master and Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master had¨Cmethods that could cultivate avatars! But it seemed they were similarly spread secretly.

    'This, is too overpowered already right?' Xue Ying felt startled as he read through it.

    The Realm Heart Great Land existed for a period much longer than the primal chaos void did. It naturally had a deeper foundation. Furthermore, Xue Ying did not read about the 'great apocalypse' in this place. The period it had existed for could not be calculated too!

    Xue Ying could only confirm that there had only been two 'War of the Ancient Nations'. During the war, many nations were exterminated, and the world had become chaotic. Many experts fell, and even large batches of Cosmos Gods died¡­


    There were more than 150 nations in the Realm Heart Great Land. This book did not accurately specify the number of people it had because some of the tiny nations would occasionally emerge or be extinguished! Hence, the number of nations would rarely fluctuate.

    'Reasoning from this book, the number of Cosmos Gods which the Realm Heart Great Land have should be close to a thousand!' Xue Ying was astonished.

    The primal chaos void only had a total of slightly more than 30 Cosmos Gods including those that had fallen!

    The Realm Heart Great Land had an approximate 30 times more than that of the primal chaos void!

    It was normal too¡­

    'The strongest six nations have a long and rich history. There exist several tens of Cosmos Gods minimally, even reaching up to a hundred or so in a single nation.' Xue Ying sighed.

    The six great ancient nations should have more than 500 Cosmos Gods in total.

    The other hundred nations were comparatively weaker.

    For instance, the Southern Cloud Nation was a 'second tier nation', and it had four Cosmos Gods in total. The Southern Cloud King was also a famous person across the Realm Heart Great Land. Those genuinely weak nations would only have one or two weaker Cosmos Gods, and their nation might just crumble apart because of karma relating to a Cosmos God.


    Xue Ying also saw the book talking about 'Yuan'. Xue Ying could not help but be startled.


    He was publicly acknowledged as the number one expert across the entire Realm Heart Great Land.

    The first and second War of the Ancient Nations had been stopped only after the intervention by Yuan.

    Yuan constructed many 'God Yuan Palaces' that were scattered across the entire great land.

    The God Yuan Palace was divided into ten levels.

    'It seems the God Yuan Palace is similar to the Star Pagoda?' Xue Ying could vaguely deduce this from the explanation, 'The God Yuan Palace and Star Pagoda seem to categorize the strength of cultivators in the same manner? Though the Star Pagoda only has nine levels, and the God Yuan Palace has ten levels.'

    'And the research the Realm Heart Great Land has towards the cultivation techniques far surpassed that of the primal chaos void.' Xue Ying felt restraining fear.

    According to what was illustrated by the book, a Unity realm expert could reach the God Yuan Palace seventh level after researching the laws and profound mysteries system to its limit! But by relying on external strength and secret techniques, a Unity realm expert could unleash a power at the eighth level!

    As for Primal Chaos experts, under normal circumstances, they could reach the God Yuan Palace ninth level strength at most. By relying on external force and secret techniques, they could reach the tenth level in power, suppressing the new Cosmos Gods.

    'Someone at the Primal Chaos realm could directly suppress a new Cosmos God?' Xue Ying sighed in admiration.

    From where he came from, the limit of Primal Chaos experts was at the ninth level. It was amazing for them to survive when facing Cosmos Gods. Want to suppress the other party? Or heavily injure the other party? That was practically a dream. But it was achievable in the Realm Heart Great Land.


    This book might have introduced the various nations, but one-third of it was on praising the Southern Cloud Nation.

    The Southern Cloud Nation naturally had its own pride. Even though it was a second-tier nation, the religion started by the Southern Cloud King, the 'Southern Cloud Sacred Religion' was one of the ten great religions in the entire Realm Heart Great Land, and also most widely spread religion across the cultivators! This also made the reputation of Southern Cloud King famous. There were many cultivators from the six great ancient nations that rushed over and were willing to listen to the guidance by Southern Cloud King.

    'So strong.' Xue Ying felt his heart trembling as he read through the introductions of those absolute arts.

    These absolute arts had radically reduced the difficulty of cultivation.

    To spread his religion, the cultivator would have to ensure the difficulty of cultivation is reduced for others, ensuring that they would become stronger in the future! As the competition was intense, some of the more complex and challenging absolute arts created by Cosmos Gods could not be learned by everyone.

    As for the 'Southern Cloud Sacred Religion', it was famous for allowing one to cultivate and get stronger quickly. It had become one of the ten great religions in the Realm Heart Great Land.

    'This is mad. This is truly mad.' Only then did Xue Ying finally understand what it was meant by the supposed 'deeper foundation', and how deep it was.

    His hometown was cruder by much in this cultivation aspect.