965 Draw into Movemen
     The ordinary disciples within the Great Void Heaven Temple were unaware of what was happening, though all the inner hall elders and the 13 hall masters were able to feel that 'a storm was brewing'. They had asked Forefather Tian Yu regarding this, yet he did not explain to them in detail. He merely ordered: "From now on, all of you should either stay within the Void Castle or inside the Great Void Heaven Temple. Do not ever go out! Without my permission, you aren't allowed to travel outside these two places."

    Once the orders were given, Xue Ying and the other 12 hall masters began drinking and discussing this topic.

    "This is truly puzzling. Forefather has never ever given such an order before ever since the start of Great Void Heaven Temple."

    "The Void Castle is the most important location meant for resisting against the Destruction Devils and is absolutely a safe place. The Great Void Heaven Temple is extremely safe too, and Forefather has allowed us only to stay in these two locationsĦ­ What exactly is happening?"

    "I can't think of any huge matter as well."

    The hall masters were quite knowledgeable, yet none of them could explain this phenomenon, including Primal Chaos Hall Master.

    Xue Ying was frowning and thinking deeply about this too.


    Suddenly, all 13 hall masters looked up. Even the inner hall elders and the many disciples within the Great Void Heaven Temple turned towards the sky.

    "Hong long long~"

    The Great Void Heaven Temple had always been a sealed space. Nevertheless, a lump of heart-palpitating black light appeared from the center of the temple. One could vaguely sense strands of bloodiness coming from the black light. Even cultivators at the level of Xue Ying could feel their hearts trembling at seeing this light with their naked eyes, much less those who were weaker.

    "This is?" Xue Ying could faintly perceive that this enormous lump of black light was implicitly at the level of the primal chaos supreme law.


    Extremely terrifying.

    He was a ninth level expert. After grasping the nine-petaled flower, his combat power had barely reached the Cosmos God level. He had once fought with a 'king' from the Destruction Devil race that existed for destruction and had also gotten a glimpse of the battles at the level of Ancestor Sorcerer, Jade Light Master, and other Cosmos Gods. Nevertheless, none of those could surpass the suppressive feeling Xue Ying was currently getting from this enormous black light hanging in the sky.

    That was at the supreme law of the primal chaos void, and Cosmos Gods were akin to trapped ants in front of it.

    'What exactly is my Great Void Heaven Temple plotting?' Xue Ying felt shocked, 'For such a horrifying disturbance to descend?'


    "It has begun."

    Forefather Tian Yu and Blade Emperor looked upwards at that dense lump of black light. They revealed a smile.

    "Swordmaster is indeed 100% certain. He has just entered closed-door once to draw it into movement, and has succeeded after that." Blade Emperor was full of praise for Swordmaster in his heart.

    "From now on, everything will depend on Blade Emperor and the fellow Cosmos Gods." Forefather Tian Yu mentioned, "My strength is too weak, and I can only assist from the side."

    "HahaĦ­ be rest assured." Blade Emperor chuckled. At this moment, he was carefully controlling the entire Great Void Heaven Temple. The current Great Void Heaven Temple had been augmented with energy from some treasures, allowing it to reach a higher and more powerful stage. Anybody who had just formed an 'ultra-long distance teleportation passage' would find the passage destroyed immediately. The current Great Void Heaven Temple could be said to be 'as secure as a city protected by a wall of metal and a moat of boiling water'.


    Seven Star Oceanic Sacred World. Within the sky just outside the Great Void Heaven Temple space.

    Two figures were standing side by side.

    One was Ancestor Sorcerer who had many black shackles dancing around him. The other was the thin and small World Ancestor. The two of them were watching silently. As for 'Devil Mountain Primogenitor' and 'Jade Light Master' who were both from the Seven Star Oceanic Sacred World, they were hiding by the side and were prepared to move any moment from now.


    Ancestor Sorcerer and the thin and small World Ancestor turned over at the same time.

    Behind them, a lump of black light could be seen faintly forming. It emanated a horrifying power that came clearly from within the Great Void Heaven Temple. This bit of 'black light' brought smiles on both Ancestor Sorcerer and World Ancestor.

    "This Swordmaster is indeed talented. He has actually succeeded in activating it." The thin and small World Ancestor shook his head in praise, "Talking about this, that Swordmaster has not experienced any huge wars and has never been to the Void Castle. He has practically been in closed-door cultivation all the time! It hasn't been long since he became a Cosmos God too right? Yet he could reach this step. Who knows, he might just surpass us and compete with the Sacred Master."

    "The Destruction Devils are getting stronger day by day. The threat of Sacred Master is also increasing over time. If Swordmaster were to be able to fight against Sacred Master, it'd be a joyous matter to us too." Ancestor Sorcerer answered.

    "Let us see how far this outstanding talent could walk till." World Ancestor chuckled, "In a while, Sacred Master will be coming. He is definitely going to turn mad with fury."

    Ancestor Sorcerer chuckled too.

    That's right.

    The other party would definitely be turning mad with fury.

    "We do not have to fight to the death with him. What we need to do is just to obstruct him and restrict his movements, preventing him from disturbing Swordmaster." Ancestor Sorcerer said.


    In the distant Ancient Sacred World.

    Within a palace, on a crystalline black stone bed, Sacred Master was seated on it with a peaceful expression.

    The servants serving him below were all respectful. Even just catching a glimpse of the Sacred Master within their periphery vision would cause them to feel satisfaction deep from their hearts. This was the Sacred Master, and his appearances contained a vague sense of the supreme law from the primal chaos void. His expression, his aura, his every movement were akin to the display of the supreme law.

    His appearance gave off the feeling of someone pure and holy. His aura would cause others to feel intoxicated, and his voice was melodious.


    Sacred Master who had been seated cross-legged for an indeterminate time suddenly turned towards the distant void with that pair of eyes that seemed to see through everything.

    His expression slightly changed.

    With that change, the atmosphere in the entire palace hall became heavier. Those servants started hyperventilating and became anxious because it was rare for the Sacred Master to become infuriated. When he was truly furious, it would be heaven-shaking.

    "What gall! You dare come and take my things?!" The eyes of Sacred Master were filled with coldness and solemness. At this moment, he was not hiding his killing intent at all.

    Very soon, he relied on an ultra-long distance teleportation passage opened by his subordinates to arrive close to the Great Void Heaven Temple.



    In the midair just outside Great Void Heaven Temple, Sacred Master who was barefooted walked out from the distorted spatial passage. Just by taking a step from within it, he had arrived right outside the Great Void Heaven Temple. This distance would take ordinary Primal Chaos giants the time taken to brew a cup of tea if they tore through the spatial passage.

    Sacred Master might not know how to teleport through an ultra-long distance, but reaching his realm, he naturally possessed many techniques. This distance of void teleportation could only be surpassed by Void Primogenitor currently! Even Xue Ying was much weaker in his void teleportation despite cultivating in many aspects of the Dao of Void.

    "It has been a long time." Wearing a loose green robe, the thin and small World Ancestor was full of smiles. His huge mouth became more prominent as he beamed.

    The shackles surrounding the surface of Ancestor Sorcerer were flying more vigorously as his aura rose.

    "Those who obstruct me will return to primal chaos." Sacred Master extended his right hand, causing a multi-colored lance to appear.

    "We have fought each other for so many times, and you dare to spout such big words?" The laughter of World Ancestor became even more splendid.