916 Great Talen
     Many cultivators in the Blade Emperor City were paying attention to the Star Convention. Xue Ying who was one of the teachers of convention was quite busy. Even though the number of Primal Chaos giants visiting him could be counted with one's fingers, there were nevertheless too many 'talented cultivators'.

    "I hope that Senior Dong Bo could guide me." A black-robed old man respectfully mentioned. There were some tyrannical ripples left in the surroundings.

    Xue Ying sat there. He placed down the wine cup in his hand, and the female attendant by his side quietly poured more wine for him, causing the fragrance from the wine to diffuse out.

    "Even though the determining factor of life and death during a battle is one's weaknesses." Xue Ying chuckled, "And it is fair that you wish to make up for your weaknesses, you are ultimately still at the second level Star Pagoda strength and is considered weak in the world of cultivators. I recommend for you to spend more time and effort focusing on what you are good at and improving your strengths to a whole new level."

    "Once you are incredibly strong in any aspect, you can similarly suppress the other party." Xue Ying said.

    "Yes, this junior understands." The black-robed old man said.

    The age of cultivators could not be discerned by one's appearances. Even though many cultivated slowly at the Transcendent realm, causing them to look older, great talents were not built overnight. They might rise up after becoming Deities or World Deities.

    This old man in front was one of the talented cultivators participating in the Star Convention. He had cultivated for about 200 billion years and was considered young.

    "Then is it possible for this junior to be selected by senior into the next round?" The black-robed old man could not help but ask.

    "You are one of those who cultivated for a shorter period as compared to the others and is a loose cultivator too. Thus, I am sure you haven't gotten a proper teacher before." Xue Ying chuckled, "The only thing you lack now is your slightly low rank¨Cat about 3,000th. If you could rank in the top 1,000, then your chances of getting chosen are much higher. Alright, go and properly cultivate. Take good use of these 1,000 years to break through. Even if I do not select you, I believe it is possible others might select you into the next round. Alright then, go back."

    "Yes, senior."

    The black-robed old man obediently bowed. He did not dare to disrespect the other party and retreated from the place.

    "Elder, these cultivators come seeking for elder frequently, but Elder doesn't have to meet them immediately when they come." The female attendant stated from the side of Xue Ying, "Allowing them to wait for half a day isn't considered a long time for them. I've heard that the other teachers of the convention will usually let the talented cultivators wait for a few days outside their residences before these cultivators are even allowed entrance."

    "These 1,000 years are relatively important to these cultivators. Most of them are quite talented, and they only lacked proper guidance. I believe that it is possible for them to transform qualitatively within 1,000 years if they were to get proper guidance, and If this increase in strength is remarkable, these cultivators might just be chosen on to the next stage." Xue Ying said, "So there is no need to waste their time."

    Without sufficient foresight, it would be hard to discern through if the other party was sincere in seeking the help of the teacher. As a result, it would be harder for them to guide the other party properly.

    Xue Ying's understanding of the Unity realm would never be as good as the other teachers like General Heaven Light, Five Luster Serpent Ancestor, Violet Slaughter Island Master.


    The years passed.

    Many talented cultivators were originally unconvinced with Xue Ying deep in their hearts: "We are also at the Unity realm. Even though he is stronger than us, how can he be a teacher of the convention?"

    But after the majority went to visit him and ask for guidance, they discovered that Xue Ying's attitude was clearly better, bringing about a change of heart towards Xue Ying. Nevertheless, there were still several cultivators participating in the convention who murmured inwardly: "Hmph, he is ultimately at the Unity realm. The other four teachers of the convention are Primal Chaos realm giants and have a completely different status. Naturally, it is right for them to have such an attitude."

    Different cultivators had different temperaments.

    Some were just ruthless, and had warped personalities and were incredibly selfish.


    In the blink of an eye, 300 years passed. Xue Ying's understanding for these talented cultivators and their potential became deeper. Regardless, he would only make his decision at the very last moment! That's because the teachers of the convention would eventually have to send in their selected name registers without having any clashes in their choices.

    On this day as the sun set down the west.

    Xue Ying sat by himself in his cavern-dwelling beside the lake. He was cultivating silently. In his mind, Xue Ying was deducing the move that fused both Dao of Mirage and Dao of Slaughter together. With his pride, he definitely aimed to reach the seventh level Star Pagoda at the Unity realm. Xue Ying was challenging himself to achieve his utmost limits at every level, and it would be helpful for him in accumulating experiences and strengthening his foundation too. After all, one's comprehension ability would never be fixed innately when he was born. Instead, it would gradually change over time. If Xue Ying could charge through the seventh level at the Unity realm, it would be easy for him to step into the eighth level Star Pagoda after becoming a Primal Chaos expert. The ninth level would not be too far away for him as well.

    This was due to the improvement of his comprehension ability.

    Why was Swordmaster so heaven-defying? That's because he did not obtain proper guidance in his hometown cosmos, and had comprehended everything entirely by himself. This forced him to temper himself harshly, and after breaking through to the Primal Chaos realm, Swordmaster would have built a deep foundation. As he read through the huge collection of books in the Great Void Heaven Temple, after consolidating the wisdom from the seniors, Swordmaster was able to break through to the Cosmos God realm in one fell swoop.

    Xue Ying currently had obtained fantastic guidance from many good teachers, and he had many absolute arts, the stone mirror and other treasures for him to peruse. Naturally, his demands were higher!

    Being satisfied just to get through with life would only cause one to become ordinary.

    "Elder, Xing Huo Xun Yi requests to meet you." A protector walked in and respectfully announced.

    "Let him in." Xue Ying ordered.

    Very soon.

    A golden-robed young man entered. He was high-spirited and was distinctly different from the first time they met.

    "Greetings elder." Xing Huo Xun Yi gave a traditional bow. He was filled with admiration and gratitude from deep his heart.

    "I thought that you will return soon to ask for my help after leaving. Who would have thought that you came back only after 300 years." Xue Ying chuckled.

    "My father said before that if I were to ask my teacher for every matter, then when my teacher could no longer teach me anything and I have to depend on myself, it would unlikely for me to have huge breakthroughs. Thus, even though I am filled with certain difficulties, I still have to depend on myself first to solve them." Xing Huo Xun Yi said.

    Xue Ying revealed a grin.

    Just like the Great Void Heaven Temple, the disciples would have to depend on themselves to comprehend and write books which would otherwise be placed in the Myriad Elephant Palace Hall. Juniors would then be read these books and comprehend them without much help from others. Whatever Dao path they walked on would ultimately be dependent on themselves. If they were to ask their teachers after meeting a slight problem, it was impossible for them to have a great future.

    "This junior has some slight attainments in the cultivation of the Dao of Mirage, and is here to ask Elder for guidance." Xing Huo Xun Yi slightly pointed forward.

    A void world appeared in midair by the side. This world then descended from illusion and turned real. It absorbed the world energy around before turning small like a sphere after that.

    Xue Ying's eyes dilated. He could not help but blurt out: "World Prison?"

    "You actually succeeded in forming the World Prison? You have reached the Origin Birth realm in the Dao of Mirage?" Xue Ying was startled.

    How long had it been!

    It was only 300 years.

    Xing Huo Xun Yi revealed a grin and nodded: "This junior has started researching in the laws and profound mysteries 'Dao of Mirage' after returning. With the absolute art bestowed upon by senior, and in addition to my great foundation in the illusory realm accumulated in the past¨Cmy ancient cultivation had reached the Unity realm, and also some cultivation materials given by my father, I was able to cultivate to this stage."

    "But 300 years¡­" Xue Ying remained filled with disbelief.

    "Oh, I cultivated within the Time Pagoda in Blade Emperor City. In reality, I've cultivated for three million years already." Xing Huo Xun Yi said.

    Only then was Xue Ying enlightened.

    That should be right.

    Someone who had not cultivated in the Dao of Mirage, even if he had a strong foundation built using the ancient cultivation illusory realm, this was still the laws and profound mysteries system and required complete control of the Mirage. To reach the 'Void God Origin Birth realm' in a short 300 years was an unfathomable matter.

    If it were three million years, it was more acceptable.


    Something that Xue Ying felt that was acceptable would startle many cultivators should it be spread out to the world. Because using the Dao of Mirage to cultivate the 'ancient cultivation illusory realm' was very easy since the ancient cultivator would not need to have a deep understanding of the illusory realm. On the contrary, to cultivate the ancient cultivation illusory realm before cultivating the Dao of Mirage would be very difficult.

    A period of three million years was considered ordinary in Xue Ying's opinion. It was because his own cultivation speed was ultra fast. Compared to Xue Ying, Xing Huo Xun Yi had gotten cultivation materials and a strong foundation in ancient cultivation. Thus, to reach this stage in three million years was acceptable.

    But it was frightening as compared to other cultivators in the outer world.

    After all, they had spent millions of years¡­

    To improve from the second level to third level Star Pagoda strength!

    "It is extremely difficult to grasp the 'World Prison' using the Void God Origin Birth realm." Xing Huo Xun Yi said, "I could barely achieve it because I had experience in comprehending the structure of the illusory worlds formed within the Boundary Stone. But the second style 'Mirage Annihilation' requires me to reach the Unity realm in Dao of Mirage. I feel that it is much more difficult. Currently, I am facing many difficulties. No matter what, I just can't comprehend it."

    Xue Ying chuckled.

    He still thought that this brat could reach the Unity realm in the Dao of Mirage just by relying on his experiences of the ancient cultivation!

    "You tell me." Xue Ying said.

    Xing Huo Xun Yi nodded. He then started displaying his understanding while clearing his doubt with Xue Ying.

    Xue Ying was smoothly guiding the other party as he listened. He would directly target the core nature of the problem everything. If he were teaching things he did not specialize in, Xue Ying could only depend on his own experiences and the books he read in the Myriad Elephant Palace Hall without giving much in-depth guidance. But for matters regarding the Dao of Mirage, Dao of Slaughter and Dao of Ripple as well as on the void aspect, Xue Ying would have an easy time teaching them.

    Xing Huo Xun Yi brightened as he listened. He was filled with radiant delight as he became excited since several matters had troubled him for a very long time, yet they were explained easily by some mystical method Xue Ying used. And it seemed that many new ideas were forming in his mind.

    This guidance continued for a full ten days.

    Xue Ying sat cross-legged by the lake, yet the night sky had passed, and the sun rose.

    "Many thanks, Elder, for your guidance these few days." Xing Huo Xun Yi was filled with gratitude.

    "Your comprehension skills are not bad." Xue Ying smiled. No wonder Xing Huo Xun Yi was able to improve so quickly in the ancient cultivation illusory realm. He was indeed someone with a great comprehension ability. He was absolutely the best amongst all the talented cultivated he had ever taught.

    "Then is it time for junior to pay respect to Elder as my teacher?" Xing Huo Xun Yi could not help but ask.

    "It is still early. Let us talk about this matter after the Star Convention ends." Xue Ying said.

    Xing Huo Xun Yi was slightly disappointed.

    But he still respectfully said: "Then junior will go back and continue cultivating. Elder, these ten days of guidance would require junior to spend many days of cultivation trying to comprehend them."

    "Go then." Xue Ying said.

    Xing Huo Xun Yi immediately left after giving an obedient bow.

    Xue Ying watched the figure of Xing Huo Xun Yi left while thinking to himself: 'Currently, he has the third level Star Pagoda strength. It should be possible for him to have further improvements in the future. Amongst the cultivators of Star Convention this time, his comprehension ability is absolutely top-rated. I can indeed leave a spot for him in my register.'

    He quite liked Xing Huo Xun Yi because the other party specialized precisely in what Xue Ying was the most capable of¨Cthe Dao of Mirage.

    Meeting a great talent who was suited to inherit his arts was truly rare.