912 Visiting

    Xue Ying sat by himself within the courtyard. There was currently a projection of battles in midair ahead of him¨Cscenes of battles happening within the Star Pagoda by the talented cultivators. There was also a female attendant warming wine and pouring wine for Xue Ying by the side.

    As he held on to the wine glass, he lightly sipped.

    'His body is quite strong. He should be training in the strongest warrior cultivation system.' Xue Ying swiftly made his judgment after observing it, 'It isn't easy being a teacher of the convention.'

    Just solely analyzing the more than 10,000 talented cultivators through their battle scenes was not an easy task already, much less taking into account their background origins and age. Even though the majority had been eliminated, there were still more than a thousand cultivators he had to consider. They had their own cultivation experiences, and different strength and specializations.

    'This cultivator could only get through the first level of Star Pagoda? Too weak!' Xue Ying immediately eliminated him. Even if the cultivator had a poorer cultivating condition, or that they had no absolute art techniques, as long as they had a good comprehension ability, it was impossible for them to stop at the first level strength.

    This time, there was just one talented cultivator who got through the fourth level! He was called 'Cang Qiong Tian Yun' and had cultivated for just 1.2 trillion years. He was purely a loose cultivator and had never obtained the guidance of any experts before! He had long aroused the interest of all six great holy grounds. After all, if not for the books and resources provided by the Great Void Heaven Temple, it was not certain that Xue Ying could achieve what he had within a trillion years! Naturally, he might even produce better results than Cang Qiong Tian Yun!

    There were 392 who got through the third level of Star Pagoda!

    And 4,018 who actually got through the second level of Star Pagoda!

    The remaining few had all gotten through the first level of Star Pagoda. They were at the very least still Unity realm experts so they could get through the first level.

    "Elder." A protector walked in from outside the courtyard. He respectfully said, "Monarch Hidden Dragon is currently outside the courtyard requesting to meet you."

    "Quickly let him in." Xue Ying hurriedly said.

    Xue Ying stood up quickly before taking the initiative to walk out. In his heart, he was muttering: 'This is the biggest headache of selecting the talented cultivators.'

    The six great holy grounds were prudent in their selections of the disciples. It was a rare opportunity for those who could enter the six great holy grounds through the 'Star Convention'. The moment they succeeded, even if they did not obtain any resources, they would still be able to get unseen protection! After all, the moment the enemies hear that they were disciples from the six great holy grounds, they would feel wary in their hearts. Those with sufficient statuses were people even Cosmos Gods could not easily kill, much less the Primal Chaos realm experts.

    And the five teachers of the convention.

    What identity did General Hatchet Palace Master have? Even General Heaven Light, Five Luster Serpent Ancestor, and Violet Slaughter Island Master were eighth level Star Pagoda experts in the Primal Chaos realm. Seeking their help was difficult.

    There was only Xue Ying at the Unity realm who seemed the easiest to 'overcome' from the surface.

    'I have given the orders that I will not be meeting any Unity realm experts.' Xue Ying thought, 'But a Primal Chaos realm expert is someone I have to meet.'

    He was the strongest Unity realm expert in the six great holy grounds! Xue Ying would not see anybody at the Unity realm. He was not targeting someone, but instead, Xue Ying was not meeting all of them! Since that's the case, those Unity realm experts would not feel left out or indignant that Xue Ying did not want to meet them.

    But it was different for Primal Chaos giants! It was a great respect for them to come personally and visit Xue Ying. If Xue Ying declined to meet these giants, he would be going way overboard.

    'Fortunately! There are very few talented geniuses participating in the Star Convention with a Primal Chaos giant behind their backs. There are even fewer who would come seeking me, and could be counted with one's fingers.' Xue Ying thought. It was easier for him to deal with them since fewer giants were meeting him.

    Outside the courtyard, there was a male who seemed dimwitted. He looked like an ordinary person who had kept all his aura. If not for recognizing him, Xue Ying would not know that this person was the famous Monarch Hidden Dragon! Monarch Hidden Dragon had not relied on any other superpowers. Instead, he took the initiative to head towards the boundary of the void. He had killed many Destruction Devils and was extremely valiant. He had thus obtained the admiration of many other Primal Chaos giants.

    He was an outspoken and straightforward person who emphasized loyalty and self-sacrifice. He risked his life for the sake of others, and Xue Ying also admired him a lot.

    "Monarch Hidden Dragon." Xue Ying hurriedly greeted.

    "Pardon me for disturbing Elder. Who would have thought that Elder has even taken the initiative to welcome me in." Monarch Hidden Dragon chuckled.

    "It is my honor for Monarch to come and meet me. How can I take it slowly? Monarch, please." The other party was treating him politely, so Xue Ying naturally had to return the basic courtesy.

    He led Monarch Hidden Dragon into the cavern-dwelling.

    The two of them then sat down within the courtyard. The female attendant also prepared some wine glasses and poured wine for Monarch Hidden Dragon too.

    "Withdraw from here first." Xue Ying ordered.

    "Yes." The female attendant retreated.

    Monarch Hidden Dragon chuckled, "Knowing that elder is very busy today, I do not want to waste your time either. This time I came to seek elder for your help."

    'It is here.' Xue Ying grumbled inwardly.

    "Please tell me." Xue Ying said it outwardly. This time, there was indeed a disciple under Monarch Hidden Dragon who participated in the Star Convention. He was ranked at about over 600, though he cultivated for far too long¨Ca total of 1.8 trillion years. And he was just ranked beyond 600 after personally guided by Monarch Hidden Dragon. Those who were ranked in the front would naturally be more qualified for Xue Ying to select.

    "He is called 'Chen Qiong'." Monarch Hidden Dragon said.

    "Ah." Xue Ying was startled.

    Chen Qiong?

    This wasn't a disciple of Monarch Hidden Dragon. Instead, he was a loose cultivator without any background.

    "He is the personal disciple of an old friend of mine." Monarch Hidden Dragon sighed, "My old friend is only at the Unity realm. This time as I brought my disciples over, seeing that little brat Chen Qiong¡­ I could discern that he is related to my good friend. It's a pity that my good friend has already died. He is also the disciple that my good friend accepted before dying. When my good friend died, this brat has just become a True God and has always stayed independent until now. I've taught him before, and his comprehension ability and potential are beyond that of my disciples. Hence, I've come with a thick-skin, hoping for you to give this little brat a chance."

    "Chen Qiong?" Xue Ying naturally remembered this brat.

    He was ranked really low¨Cat 2,001th. But he cultivated for a really short period¨Conly 80 billion years! Being a loose cultivator, he was considered outstanding given that he had not even cultivated for 100 billion years.

    "He cultivated for a very short period. This time participating in the Star Convention, if mentioning the length of cultivation, he is the second youngest." Xue Ying said, "Even though he is ranked slightly worse, his potential is actually really high. Even if Monarch Hidden Dragon did not come and find me, he would likely be chosen by the five teachers of the convention."

    "I know. If his potential isn't sufficient, I wouldn't have come." Monarch Hidden Dragon said, "I am only afraid of accidents happening since there are many talents here."

    "I'll thoroughly look into it. If I can help, I'll naturally do my best." Xue Ying did not say 'die' in his words. After all, he had never seen through the combat battles of the majority of cultivators.


    Monarch Hidden Dragon stood up. He chuckled, "Then I shall not disturb you any longer."

    Xue Ying immediately sent Monarch Hidden Dragon off.

    'Whew, it is indeed nice to talk to this Monarch Hidden Dragon.' When the other party left, Xue Ying resumed watching the many combat scenes, 'I still thought he would come and persuade me to accept his own disciple. So it is a disciple of an old friend of his, and he has great potential too.'


    Because there was a total of 1,000 years, some who wanted to act as a go-between was not in a rush. Instead, Monarch Hidden Dragon had gone visiting the five teachers of convention and asking them to pay notice to 'Chen Qiong'. And the last teacher he went to, 'General Hatchet Palace Master' had even directly said: "Hahaha, Brother Hidden Dragon, be rest assured. I will definitely be choosing this brat Chen Qiong. This time, I took the initiative to become a teacher of the convention because I wanted to find a disciple or two for myself. I quite like Chen Qiong this brat. If we are fated, he might become my personal disciple."

    Monarch Hidden Dragon was in rapt ecstasy at that point: "Haha, if that's the case, there will be no need for me to seek the other four teachers of the convention already."

    But after thoroughly thinking about it, he discovered that the combat style of Chen Qiong was indeed quite similar to that of General Hatchet Palace Master.

    "You don't have to be worried about Chen Qiong. Instead, you should be worried about your own disciples since they are quite ordinary in potential." General Hatchet Palace Master shook his head.

    "How is it possible for everyone to be amazing." Monarch Hidden Dragon did not seem to mind his comment.


    And in the following days, two consecutive Primal Chaos giants visited Xue Ying. They wanted to seek his help, though those cultivators were far off from the potential 'Chen Qiong' had. Furthermore, in the judgment by Xue Ying, they could not even enter his top 300 selections! He might have eliminated them, but he did not say that he would be giving them out. Instead, he did not promise them.

    A month after the Star Convention started.

    "Elder, Monarch Xing Huo is here to visit you." The protector did not even dare to say that the other party was 'requesting a visit'.

    "Monarch Xing Huo?" Xue Ying was in great shock. This was an existence at the ninth level Star Pagoda strength, and even Cosmos Gods were respectful to them.

    'What bitterness! That son of his has cultivated for a slightly longer period, yet he is ranked too poorly.' Xue Ying was whining in his heart. He originally had a favorable impression of Xing Huo Xun Yi before the convention began, it was just that the other party performed too ordinary. Regarding potential, he was judged to be outside the top 1,000!