892 Great Improvement in Combat Strength
     Even though Black Emperor stayed close to the Green Peng Sect, and that Xue Ying had the treasure bestowed by Forefather Tian Yu, making it hard for Black Emperor to perceive him, because Black Emperor was able to ascertain the location of Xue Ying through the 'Vermillion Nightmare inheritance', he was able to deduce the attainments of Xue Ying on the 'Vermillion Nightmare inheritance'.

    'Those who cultivated the lineage of World Ancestor is usually weaker. But it triumphs in its ease of cultivation.' Black Emperor thought, 'And this lineage of mine is extremely powerful, but cultivating it is challenging.'

    He was a life and death brother of World Ancestor. They both grew up step by step since they were weak.

    Both of them were still fighting and competing as rivals at the Primal Chaos realm.

    But after thatˇ­

    Black Emperor remained stuck at the Primal Chaos realm for a long time, and World Ancestor eventually stepped into the final realm. He had even become one of the top three rankers amongst the final realm existences. The devour-class cultivation system was the most straightforward system to cultivate and was spread across a vast region. Many void creatures with a weaker comprehension ability would usually learn the devour-class cultivation system, devouring others recklessly and thus, enabling them to become stronger.

    But Black Emperor felt slightly disdainful from doing this!

    Because the devour-class cultivators were usually at the rock bottom amongst Origin Birth experts and even at the Unity realm! The devour-class cultivators at the Unity realm would often be at the first or second level Star Pagoda strength. Those of the laws and profound mysteries system or hex cultivation system would usually reach the third level Star Pagoda strength. Some of these elites could even reach the fourth or even fifth level!

    And Black Emperor had an ancient cultivation inheritance which made him more exaggeratedly powerful!

    Just a single inheritance enabled Unity experts to reach the fifth level Star Pagoda strength. With four inheritances fusing as oneˇ­ one could achieve seventh level Star Pagoda strength at the Unity realm.

    That is to sayˇ­

    Black Emperor and World Ancestor chose different Dao paths because of fate. And the outcome was entirely different.

    'This path of mine is challenging to cultivate. It is rare for someone to cultivate the Vermillion Nightmare inheritance to the limits of Unity realm.' Black Emperor thought, 'I should thoroughly observe this cultivator. If I find him not bad, I can impart another or two inheritances to him.'

    He would not impart all four inheritances at once.

    Even if he spread out the four great inheritances in the past, he kept the final absolute move a secret too. One could see the personality of Black Emperor from thus.

    'But it seems with how highly the Great Void Heaven Temple regards him, it will be quite difficult for me to take him as my disciple.' Black Emperor thought. Other than Xue Ying, only two other juniors were cultivating in this lineage of his. One had an incredibly unique status which he could not accept as a disciple, and the other was his disciple! That was also his only personal disciple.

    The remaining few were all honorary disciples.


    Black Emperor lived beside the Green Peng Sect in concealment for about one million years, when he suddenly exhibited an expression of shock. He looked towards the direction where the back mountain of Green Peng Sect was at.

    A resounding cry reverberated across the entire Green Peng Sect.

    Others did not know, but Black Emperor could sense via the inheritance that a 'Vermillion Nightmare' was undergoing metamorphosis in the direction where the back mountain of Green Peng Sect was. It became much stronger than before, and this rise in power was not just a single level.

    'He actually raised the Vermillion Nightmare inheritance to the sixth level Star Pagoda strength? And he has done it so quickly?' Black Emperor was truly astounded.

    The other two juniors in his lineage had only reached the fifth level Star Pagoda strength in this inheritance. After that, they stepped into the Primal Chaos realm and had directly trained the inheritance to a deeper level.

    Black Emperor was different.

    He had gotten all four inheritances a long time ago. He spent quite a lot of attention and energy on all four inheritances. When he was at the Unity realm, any single one of the inheritances was at the fifth level Star Pagoda strength. With the four supporting one anotherˇ­ his power had explosively increased, reaching the seventh level Star Pagoda strength. He did not think of altering the core of the Vermillion Nightmare before because the four inheritances supported each other, and by modifying one, he had to change the other three. He still had to ensure all four of them were able to perfectly fuse togetherˇ­ this was something Black Emperor did not dare think of doing!

    And Xue Ying had received just a single inheritance. That was why he had taken the initiative to modify it and raise it to the sixth level.

    'The other two youngsters have obtained a single inheritance in the past as well, yet they have never proceeded this far.' Black Emperor felt startled, 'And everything happened too quickly.'

    This innate talent and comprehension ability truly startled the Black Emperor.

    'The talent of this Dong Bo brat is absolutely beyond the other two! He isn't any weaker than me.' Black Emperor was still confident of himself. He felt that the reason why he did not alter the inheritances was that he had the four complete inheritances.


    In the back mountain of Green Peng Sect, within the cavern-dwelling cultivation room of the Daoist Elder.

    Accompanying that cry let out by the metamorphosizing Vermillion Nightmare, Xue Ying opened his eyes. The Vermillion Nightmare totem behind him spread out its wings and fanned out slightly. It caused a fiery red aura to spread out in all directions.

    'The Dao of Mirage and Vermillion Nightmare inheritance is indeed absolutely compatible. I've spent just one million years before fusing both moves. It has also greatly improved my strength!' Xue Ying chuckled. These few years, he had altered the core illusory realm world structure of the Vermillion Nightmare many times. Previously, there was only a minor improvement, and the Vermillion Nightmare itself did not undergo a metamorphosis. But this timeˇ­

    The Vermillion Nightmare had utterly transformed.

    Even his soul got nourished from this transformation. The modification of the illusory world structure and the metamorphosis of the Vermillion Nightmare gave birth to an improvement of his soul. It became more than four times as strong as before.


    Xue Ying let out a thought. Many miniature illusory realm worlds appeared in the surrounding. A total of 15 miniature illusory worlds were currently fermenting a strand of sharp edge each, but everything looked illusory. Xue Ying forced them to dissipate with a thought.

    '15 Sky Punishment Edges.' Xue Ying revealed a grin, 'My current strength might allow me to reach the seventh level Star Pagoda strength.'

    Three Sky Punishment Edges were considered at the sixth level Star Pagoda strength.

    And now, he could unleash a total of 15 of themˇ­

    He might be qualified to try and charge through the seventh level, though he still had to attempt it himself within the Star Pagoda.

    There were only two experts in the entire history of the six great holy grounds that reached the seventh level of Star Pagoda. It was tough. Xue Ying felt himself becoming much stronger as compared to when he first entered the sixth level of Star Pagoda. Maybe he might be qualified to charge through the seventh level, though he was not sure.

    'My current strength reached this stage due to the support of ancient cultivation.' Xue Ying thought, 'Since I've cultivated the Vermillion Nightmare inheritance to this stage already, it'll be hard for me to improve it further unless I improve it to the Primal Chaos realm.'

    He was able to reach this step in the Vermillion Nightmare inheritance all because of his experiences in the Dao of Mirage.

    And his Dao of Mirage had currently touched the boundaries of the Primal Chaos realm. It would be difficult to break through from now on!

    Carefully thinking about itˇ­ it was hard even if he wanted to improve his strength just by a bit. He could no longer deepen his understanding of the 'Dao of Mirage', and he had cultivated the 'Voidwalker system' to the 40th level. Any discernible improvement would require him to step into the next realm. As for the 'Dao of Slaughter', so what if he improved in that? The apocalyptic sixth sword was merely at the sixth level Star Pagoda strength.

    The Sky Punishment Edge was originally an entirely offensive move. Thus, grasping the Apocalyptic Sixth Sword would not improve his strength further.

    Only the 'Dao of Ripple' which belonged to the domain aspect could make him stronger. It was clearly effective for him to use the 'Dao of Ripple' in suppressing the other party during battles while unleashing the Sky Punishment edges at the same time.

    'I require quite a lot of time to break through in the Dao of Ripple. But that should indeed be my next step currently. I should spare some time on the Dao of Ripple.' Xue Ying understood.

    He had touched the boundaries of Primal Chaos realm in a single Dao.

    And if he were to touch the boundaries of the Primal Chaos realm in two Daosˇ­

    Or even more Daos, then he would have a deeper understanding of the Primal Chaos realm. His certainty of breaking through would naturally be greater! This was also the reason why in history, many experts at the sixth level Star Pagoda strength did not step into the Primal Chaos realm. But those who reached the seventh level would certainly become a Primal Chaos expert. The reason wasˇ­ to reach the seventh level of Star Pagoda, one had to cultivate in many Dao paths.

    'I should also cultivate other Daos and attempt to improve them to the Primal Chaos realm. Fusing them together, I believe that this should greatly improve my chances of stepping into the Primal Chaos realm.' Xue Ying thought. Reaching his stage, the next target would naturally be the Primal Chaos realm.


    His wife had long transcended, and Xue Ying no longer had any troubling issues holding him back. Naturally, he was putting all his concentration on cultivation. Xue Ying would frequently ponder over the 'Walker's Hidden Secret' and 'Dao of Mirage' since these two paths had touched on the Primal Chaos realm. Once he felt himself becoming frustrated over those two paths, he would turn to the 'Dao of Ripple'.

    A period of time passed yet again.

    Suddenly, on a particular day.

    A violet-robed figure appeared in midair outside Green Peng Sect. He was looking at Green Peng Sect with cold intent.

    "Dong Bo Xue Ying. You are protecting the Green Peng Sect. If I were to attack it, you would likely rush over to protect it right?" Saint Wang Ming watched from afar. But he had merely sent an incarnation this time with its appearances and aura modified.