882 Daoist Elder Dong Bo Xue Ying
     Xue Ying once again came to the Myriad Ancient Sacred World. To him, traveling anywhere was as easy as breathing.

    "Green Peng Sect."

    Standing on the desolate wilderness, he was looking at the undulating mountain chain. The undulating mountain chain in front was also the Green Peng Mountain Range, and where the 'Green Peng Sect' was at! The powerful disciples under the Green Peng Sect would usually have a slightly special body. They would progress towards the final evolution as a 'Green Peng'! Thus, it was normal for them to attract the desire of many devour-class cultivators. They would frequently be ambushed upon and devoured!

    For the sake of not being devoured, Green Peng Sect had to become stronger!

    Fortunately, the inheritance of Green Peng Sect was imprinted on the Green Peng Mountain Range. Even though this sect had been exterminated many times in history, there would be new cultivators arriving at this mountain, receiving the inheritance before restarting the Green Peng Sect!

    Xue Ying directly moved forward.


    Taking step by step, Xue Ying would traverse more than 5,000 kilometers every time. Furthermore, he would move higher and higher up the mountain, directly heading to this Green Peng Mountain Range ahead.


    "This is the Green Peng Sect. If you want to go on the mountain, you must start from the bottom."

    The disciples guarding the Green Peng Sect looked from afar as a figure teleported with each step. As Xue Ying came closer, even though he was releasing an unseen pressure, the guarding disciples still roared out.

    Because they understood this point over a long period¨C

    They had to use strength to conquer the enemies! This was the iron-clad law over this vast land.


    Xue Ying extended his right hand, causing a Black Gourd to appear. He unplugged the cork.


    A fireball flew out with a 'sou'. It rapidly turned big after coming out, transforming into an enormous fireball star of half a million kilometers in diameter! The flames on it were rolling, and its power was majestic. It caused all the experts cultivating within the Green Peng Sect to flinch. They rushed out rapidly.

    "What is happening?"

    "Why did such a big disturbance appear?"

    "This powerˇ­"

    All the experts of Green Peng Sect came out from where they stayed and cultivated. They looked up into the sky.

    The enormous fireball star was emitting a rolling wave of flame that caused the expression of everyone to change. It was even more dazzling than the sun in the sky. Its existence had even started influencing the surrounding laws. On the surface of the fireball star that contained the flame waves, there were even some faint ripples. Many Void God imprints were also fluctuating out as they headed towards the entire mountain range beneath.

    The fireball star started descending slowly, causing the sect protection law of the entire mountain range to start vibrating and distort. "Pu", "pa", the array of the Green Peng Sect was far weaker than that of the Golden Eclipse Nation. It should only be able to resist against a level four Star Pagoda expert. Under the power of this Black Gourd fireball, even if the fireball released some force, it was able to crumble these arrays.

    This made the experts of Green Peng Sect anxious.

    Suddenly, the Black Gourd fireball stopped abruptly. One could see a white-robed teenager walking over. With a wave of his hand, the huge fireball rapidly turned small; it turned into a fireball the size of an egg. At this moment, it was revolving above the palm of this white-robed young man.

    "Who is that?" The others felt terrified.

    Xue Ying looked below.

    His Plate Ripple Diagram enclosed the area beneath. Within moments, he had shackled all the experts from Green Peng Sect including the expert who seemed to low-profile and unremarkable, yet he was easily the strongest at the Star Pagoda fourth level strength. That yellow messy-haired old man was struggling as his expression changed, yet under the Plate Ripple Diagram, his struggles seemed taxing. He understood that even if he could barely move, he would only be able to display 20% of his strength. The other party could easily kill him.

    After he unleashed the Plate Ripple Diagram to suppress and shackle everyone for a while, Xue Ying let them off.

    When the experts of Green Peng Sect felt the disappearing of the terrifying shackles, they became shocked.

    "Everyone, listen well."

    Xue Ying looked across the entire Green Peng Mountain Range beneath him, "From today on, I'll be the Daoist Elder of Green Peng Sect. None of you should have any opposition to this right?"

    His voice was resounding. It reverberated across the world and across all the ears of the disciples from Green Peng Sect.

    All the disciples from Green Peng Sect were stunned.

    Following that, they revealed an expression of ecstasy!

    "Greetings, Daoist Elder." Some disciples directly knelt.

    Very soon.

    Many disciples across the entire Green Peng Mountain Range were kneeling on the ground: "Greetings Daoist Elder."

    All the experts from Green Peng Sect were excited.

    Xue Ying sighed inwardly after seeing this. If this were in the Seven Star Oceanic Sacred World, there would likely be some disciples who would rather risk their lives and fight against this change. But in the region of governed by World Ancestor within Myriad Ancient Sacred World, the people here nakedly believed in strength! Furthermore, even though many cultivated in the Green Peng inheritance within the 'Green Peng Sect', more cultivated other ancient cultivation inheritances.

    After all, ancient cultivation depended on innate skills, and not everyone was appropriate to cultivate the Green Peng inheritance.

    Besides, this region was too chaotic, resulting in all the ancient cultivators to hug amongst themselves! In reality, the 'Green Peng Sect' was based on the green peng inheritors as the core group before a large number of other ancient cultivators were attracted over. The reason why they gathered was primarily because of survival!

    If an ultra-strong expert arrived who was willing to become their Daoist Elder, they would even smile in their dreams.

    Because this meant safety!

    Safetyˇ­ that was what countless cultivators desired in this region.

    And was Xue Ying someone with malice? They did not care! Because Xue Ying had just displayed his technique previously, proving a point that he could easily destroy the entire Green Peng Sect with a single move. He could treat the sect however he wanted, or tease it however he wanted.

    This was the reason why Xue Ying displayed his strength at the first moment when he arrived! Otherwise, why would the Green Peng Sect respect Xue Ying as their Daoist Elder so obediently?


    Within the main palace of Green Peng Sect.

    Xue Ying sat at the highest location of the hall. Even the sect master had to sit by his side. There were many other disciples located below.

    "The array of Green Peng Sect is too weak." Xue Ying coldly mentioned, "From today on, I'll reconstruct the array and operate it. Gu Shang, Bei Zhou, I'll impart the array to you so that both of you could control one part of the protection array."


    Gu Shang was the sect master of Green Peng Sect. He had a third level Star Pagoda strength and had immediately acknowledged the orders given.

    And the other was a yellow messy-haired old man who was called Bei Zhou. He was someone with a low-profile within the Green Peng Sect, and also the strongest expert within the sect. He had obediently acknowledged the orders at this moment too.

    "If there is anyone who can break apart the array, immediately inform me about this situation." Xue Ying ordered, "I will be in closed-door cultivation for most of the time, and will occasionally come out to have a walk. If nothing huge happens, don't come and disturb me."

    Finishing his words, Xue Ying stood up and left.

    The experts within the Green Peng Sect were slightly stunnedˇ­

    In the following daysˇ­

    Xue Ying was doing his best to construct the array. One array was something that ordinary disciple guards could sense¨Cthat was a monitoring array which was built using the profound mysteries from the Plate Ripple Diagram as the core. Another array was the Mirage array that would cause the enemies to fall into an illusory realm. The final arrayˇ­ was a slaughter array. It was created according to the Fifth Apocalyptic Sword.

    If that array could not hold on, Xue Ying would personally appear!

    "What is happening?"

    "This Daoist Elder has such a weird temper?"

    Gu Shang and Bei Zhou were standing outside a cavern-dwelling in befuddlement. Xue Ying would usually cultivate within this cavern-dwelling and forbade other disciples from disturbing him.

    "Who cares." Sect Master Gu Shang grinned, "This Daoist Elder seemed to have chosen our Green Peng Sect as his place of accommodation and did not care about the miscellaneous tasks. As long as nothing huge happens, we will not disturb him! With such an ultra-strong expert present, hahaha, the days in the future our Green Peng Sect will be much better. I am really looking forward to when those devils will come and offend our Green Peng Sect. I can even turn crazy by then using the slaughter array."

    He controlled the slaughter array out of the three great arrays. The moment it was activated, a sword light would descend. The power of this sword light was horrifying.

    The eyes of the yellow-haired old man contained many circular pupils. He nodded too: "There are truly many weird experts. Our Green Peng Sect has gone lucky this time. You must instruct the others properly, asking the surrounding disciples to not offend the Daoist Elder."

    "That is natural." Sect Master Gu Shang nodded. At the same time, he was thinking in his heart.

    This expert was willing to become the Daoist Elder of Green Peng Sect, was it because of the inheritance marked on the Green Peng Mountain Range?

    The Green Peng inheritance might be mysterious and was imprinted on the mountain range, and even if the mountain range were destroyed, it would appear once again from the ground. The inheritance would never be destroyed! In history, there had been several Primal Chaos realm giants who came over to observe and study this inheritance. But few became the Daoist Elder because of this reason. After all, with such horrifying power, none dared to obstruct Xue Ying if he wanted to look at the inheritance.