876 Sky Punishmen
     The illusory world contained a faint strand of light. It was purely formed and did not seem remarkable. Yet this light was the core of the entire illusory world. Within the blink of an eye, this light brightened up and turned into a dazzling blade edge! The entire illusory world dissipated, yet this blade edge descended from illusion into reality.

    'My Heart as the World. When the heart of the world is mad, it will form a sky punishment.' Xue Ying fully understood the meaning behind this move.

    Sky Punishment Edge!

    In the past, even though he had comprehended the profound mysteries behind this move, he lacked the core heart realm that accompanied with it! It was like drawing an artˇ­ even if he were familiar with the techniques, without the 'emotion' that came from his inner heart, it was hard for him to complete a magnificent piece of art!

    The second style of the Dark World, 'Sky Punishment Edge'. Other than it encompassing all profound mysteries, it required a strong heart realm to control everything. Only then could the 'Sky Punishment' be qualified to descend!


    This blade edge descended from illusion. After absorbing the surrounding energy, it was eventually condensed. The formerly surging primal chaos void had solidified entirely, and the vast primal chaos energy resumed its normalcy.

    The entire primal chaos void had seemingly stopped.

    The Sky Punishment Edge suppressed everything! It had contained the operating laws within a particular region. If one mentioned that the 600 layers of Dark World depended on stacking up to create a qualitative change in power, allowing it to wield strength comparable to Primal Chaos realm experts, then the 'Sky Punishment Edge' was a move that reached the standards of what some Primal Chaos realm giants could use in terms of its profoundness.

    Its emergence was solely for Sky Punishment.


    The blade light hacked outwards. It reached a far distance of billions and billions of kilometers. Even Xue Ying could hardly see the end of where the blade light reached. He could only sense the far distance via his perception towards the void.

    'This move is much stronger than the 600 layers of Dark World. It is even stronger than the fireball of the Black Gourd.' Xue Ying praised, 'This isn't just strong in terms of power. Even it has reached a high degree of profoundness. This is the true power of the sixth level of Star Pagoda.'

    He could not help but feel admiration for that Dark World Master who had fallen.

    For him to create such a move proved that he was someone impressive.

    Like the Black Gourd fireball, even though it was formidable, it was too crude. Even if Xue Ying utilized that move, he had to use it with the Plate Ripple Diagram. With the Plate Ripple Diagram suppressing the enemy, only then could the Black Gourd fireball kill the enemyˇ­ that was how he quickly killed 'Qi Wu Palace Master'.

    But it was different with the Sky Punishment Edge!

    It descended from nothingness. It could directly land by the side of the enemy, and the other party could not even defend himself from it.

    'The weakness of the Dark World Master is still because his self-protection means are too weak.' Xue Ying thought. The Sky Punishment Edge was a move used purely for offense. The Dark World Master had reached this level in terms of his offense, but his defenses could only be compared to those at the fifth level Star Pagoda.


    Xue Ying thought with his heart.

    Three huge illusory worlds appeared in the primal chaos void ahead once again. Every single world contained a Sky Punishment Edge within it.

    'Mn, I could unleash three Sky Punishment Edges at the same time. This is my limit already.' Xue Ying thought. He might still have some energy left, but it was insufficient to form a fourth Sky Punishment Edge. The power of the Sky Punishment Edge was great, and it consumed too much of his heart energy.

    'Primal Chaos realm.' Xue Ying thought.

    As he displayed the Sky Punishment Edge, Xue Ying finally had some understanding of the last major realm of Void Gods¨CPrimal Chaos realm.

    It was extremely arduous to step into the Primal Chaos realm from the Unity realm. It was even harder than stepping into the Void God realm as a True God!

    The biggest difficulty in the path of cultivation was stepping into the final realm from the Primal Chaos realm! Second to that was to reach the Primal Chaos realm from the Unity realm. Many had reached the fifth level Star Pagoda strength, yet they were still unsure of how to enter the Primal Chaos realm. But now that Xue Ying had gained some understanding of it, and this was amazing as it is.

    'Primal Chaos.'

    'It encomapsses endless possibilities.'

    'My illusory world could encompass and condense the Sky Punishment, and it could similarly encompass all other possibilitiesˇ­ once everything becomes muddled up, I would have reached the Primal Chaos realm.' Xue Ying thought.


    Starting from having nothing at all, one would slowly cultivate step by step and become stronger and stronger. One would also grasp more and more complex concepts. But this sort of complexity could possibly become an obstacle in cultivation. That was why these complexities would gradually consolidate into the complete law system as one reached 'Unity'. But even at the Unity realm, it was only reaching the limits of a particular Dao in the path of cultivation.

    To break through again? That was breaking through the limits! It was allowing one to be filled with endless possibilities. That was reaching the Primal Chaos.

    Only at the Primal Chaosˇ­ could on eventually create a perfected cosmos! And that was the final realm of cultivation.

    'My Dao of Mirage is already condensed to its utmost limit, turning into a Mirage Origin.' Xue Ying thought, 'To break through the Mirage Origin and turn it into primal chaosˇ­'

    He grasped the illusory world which produced the Sky Punishment. Only then was he able to have some fuzzy understanding of the Primal Chaos realm.

    But to truly take that final stepˇ­ it was too difficult!

    'Maybe the Voidwalker lineage might be easier.' Xue Ying thought.

    To break through in the laws and profound mysteries system, one had to comprehend thoroughly. Currently, Xue Ying was unable to view the profoundness at the Primal Chaos realm in both the Ripple and Slaughter Daos. He was able to see it in the Dao of Mirage which he was most talented in. One had to knowˇ­ it was not something he could achieve in the shortest period of time.


    He had already reached the 40th level in the Voidwalker system! Taking one more step and he would have reached the 41st level. That was at the Primal Chaos level.

    The reason why he was able to reach the 40th level so quickly had been because of the set of four diagrams absolute art Monarch Nine Cloud left behind that had yet to be completed. Precisely during the process of pondering over the first diagram with the aid of Walker's Hidden Secret allowed him to break through in the Voidwalker system.

    'I am currently comprehending the second diagram, and who knows I might just step into the Primal Chaos realm with my Voidwalker system first.' Xue Ying thought.

    'Time to return.' Xue Ying took a step before stepping through the distant cosmos membrane. He had returned to his Black Fog Sea Monarch Residence.

    With his current strength, he was able to fight against some of the weaker Primal Chaos giants. There were those like Heaven Weeping Sect Master who was considered someone with greater experiences and could get through the seventh level Star Pagoda. There were also the weaker ones like the Primal Chaos giants who cultivated the devour-class system who were stuck at the sixth Star Pagoda level. Xue Ying currently stood on an equal level with these weaker ones.

    Even so, there were very few of such experts in the sacred worlds, and all of them was definitely a giant of a region.

    There were only so many Inner Hall Elders within Great Void Heaven Temple, yet none could get through the sixth level Star Pagoda! One could see how great Xue Ying's talent in the Dao of Mirage was. Naturally, it was all due to this absolute art which Dark World Master created.


    Time was merciless. In the blink of an eye, 80 million years had passed.

    Within Monarch Residence.

    A white-robed Xue Ying was seated there drinking wine. In the distant, Jing Qiu was currently training in her sword techniques. They were all techniques from the books which Xue Ying collected from the outer world all these years. Some even included information of guidance left behind by the seniors, and Jing Qiu naturally loved cultivating these formidable sword techniques.

    'It's a pity that she hasn't transcended yet.' Xue Ying was starting to feel the pressure.

    So what if he were strong?

    Even though he felt shocked at his ability of grasping an ultra long distance teleportation, and that he had seen the higher dimensional world, even as he comprehended the 'My Heart as the World', enabling him to unleash the Sky Punishment Edge which gave him the ability to stand on equal grounds with the giants amongst the five great sacred worlds, none could beat the desire to help his wife transcend!

    'Why can't I find the Scarlet Cloud Pomegranate Core?' Xue Ying started feeling anxious, 'Let me wait a while longer. If I still can't find it, I could only thicken my face and ask Forefather for help.'

    Forefather was after all a Cosmos God.

    Unless the situation called for it, Xue Ying was not willing to ask a Cosmos God for help.

    "Elder Dong Bo, the Eastern Unicorn Hall located in 'Qu Mu City' at Eastern Unicorn Sacred World has sent a message regarding someone willing to trade a set of Scarlet Cloud Pomegranate Core." A piece of information came into his communication talisman.

    Xue Ying could not help but reveal delight. Under such excitement, he could not help but smash the wine glass in his heart with a 'pa'.

    This made Jing Qiu who was training in her sword far away stop. She looked toward her husband in puzzlement. With how powerful her husband was, how could he not control his strength which resulted in the breaking of the wine glass?

    "Xue Ying, what happened?" Jing Qiu hurriedly asked, "Is there something big which had happened?"

    "Haha, right, a great joyous matter has just happened. A really happy occasion." Xue Ying laughed ecstatically, "I'll go out right at this moment. Wait for me. When I return, you will know."