864 Hall Doors Open
     Xue Ying felt emotionally moved initially since this was a large treasure cove. But over time, he regained his usual calmness because the outcome was as he expected. Being a Unity realm expert who could only get through the fifth level Star Pagoda, even if he entered the third level of Monarch Nine Cloud's treasure cove, it would be hard for him to take away any treasure.

    And the reason he went on to the third level was that firstly, even he remained on the second level, he had to destroy the small meteorite hills to get more treasures. Secondly, he still harbored hopes of lucking out.

    If he didn't get it, it would feel as if it cost him his life! But if he got it, he would be exuberant! Nevertheless, it was a wild hope for him at his current Unity realm to ever dream of obtaining the treasures.

    'There might be other treasures.'

    Xue Ying paced within the palace hall. He was carefully looking around at every single ornament. He had even spread himself on the ground to look at the stone floor carefully. In the end, he discovered several ornaments worth several hundred Origin World Rocks but its a pity he could not bring any away.

    "Hong~" Xue Ying walked to the hall door and tried opening it.

    The dark gray hall door remained shut. Xue Ying could not open it at all.

    After attempting one round of checks, he went back to the Ghost Diagram Sacred Wood throne again. He then carefully inspected the throne and the sealed array before looking up at the dark cloud sculpture which formed an array on the wall. Xue Ying tried to see if he could break the arrays in the hope of getting the treasures.

    Time passed.

    Two hours¡­

    Four hours¡­

    'I can't inspect the Ghost Diagram Sacred Wood throne array. Only experts who are strong enough can break apart the seal.' Xue Ying thought. He looked at the dark cloud sculpture, 'And this dark cloud sculpture has the array patterns carved clearly in front, but it is too profound¡­ it is almost hopeless for me to comprehend it within six short hours.'


    Within the first level of the Treasure Cove Star Pagoda.

    Both the Sky Sword Sect Master and the gray-gowned girl looked at each other from afar. They had grins on their face. The two of them had great chemistry in the sense that they did not fight each other because they were not confident of it! Sky Sword Sect Master was clear of his own strength, and the gray-gowned girl recognized¡­ that given the first three experts who came were heaven-defying, who knew if the other party who stayed at the same level as she would have some absolute moves too. It was better for her to remain careful.

    Nothing actually happened to the two of them until now.

    'I wonder how is the situation with Brother Flying Snow.' Sky Sword Sect Master thought, 'The three of them went to the second level. If they were to fight, the outcome is hard to predict.'


    A spatial ripple descended. It enveloped both Sky Sword Sect Master and the gray-gowned girl. The two of them disappeared.

    It had been three days, and the two were teleported out.


    On the second level of the Treasure Cove God Pagoda.

    Undying City Master and the muscular male were both putting all their efforts towards destroying the small meteorite hill in front of them.

    "Hahaha, time is almost up. Undying City Master, your luck is really ordinary." The muscular male laughed out loud, "At least I have earned back my losses. It seems you have only gotten just a single treasure."

    Undying City Master's expression was icy-cold.

    His luck this time was abysmal. The moment he attacked Xue Ying, he was immediately suppressed by the other party. That was even when Xue Ying was deliberately hiding his strength. Later after that, Undying City Master was forced into hard labor for two long days before having all his treasures taken away. It was fortunate that Xue Ying did not kill him. When there were six hours left¡­ he and the muscular male were both striking the small meteorite hill.

    The muscular male earned three treasures valued over 1,000 Origin World Rocks.

    And Undying City Master had gotten just a single treasure which was worth about 200 Origin World Rocks! That was only about 20-30% of what he previously had.

    'That white-robed man is fortunate to enter the third level. Who knows if he might earn something.' Undying City Master compared himself with others, and felt that this time, it was better for him not to come to participate in the treasure hunt of Monarch Nine Cloud's treasure cove!


    A spatial ripple descended.

    Both the muscular male and Undying City Master were teleported out.


    Within the darkness.

    There was a figure seated cross-legged. His body was slightly crooked. He was looking forward with a daze. There was a scene which appeared ahead showing the scene an ancient palace hall, with the white-robed Xue Ying currently looking at the dark cloud sculpture.

    "This brat¡­"

    "Is truly young! Judging by the aura of his soul, he has cultivated for a very short period before attaining such formidable combat power. Across many batches of cultivators who had entered the treasure cove, his potential and comprehension abilities are considered top-rated." The eyes of the figure seated cross-legged lit up vaguely.


    When comparing about potential and comprehension ability, Xue Ying was the fastest in the Great Void Heaven temple to reach the fifth level Star Pagoda strength!

    Naturally, like 'Swordmaster' whose comprehension ability wasn't any weaker than Xue Ying, when Swordmaster had arrived at the Great Void Heaven Temple, he had already cultivated for the majority of a cosmos epoch. But¡­ that was cultivating within his hometown cosmos without obtaining good resources and without reading many books. It was purely cultivating by oneself before reaching the Primal Chaos realm.

    When he arrived at the Great Void Heaven Temple, Swordmaster was able to break through to the final realm immediately after entering closed-door cultivation to consolidate what he had read!

    Such a comprehension ability, if he could enter the Great Void Heaven Temple earlier, he would likely be able to reach the fifth level Star Pagoda and even step into the Primal Chaos realm in a very short time!


    Both Swordmaster or Xue Ying had great innate talent and comprehension ability. Nevertheless, there were not many who had entered the treasure cove of Monarch Nine Cloud, much less those who could match the talent of Xue Ying! Even though there were Primal Chaos realm giants who entered before, they were all old men who had cultivated for a very long period. It was hard for them to even improve further.

    "Both his potential and his comprehension ability are high." The figure seated cross-legged muttered, "More importantly, he isn't a subordinate of the Sacred Master! And he isn't controlled by Ancestor Mother."

    "Very good."


    Xue Ying looked at the dark cloud sculpture hanging in the hall wall in front. He had some vague feeling that three days were up.

    'What a pity that I can't take any treasures away despite arriving at the third level.' Xue Ying thought, 'But thinking carefully, I've already earned a great deal this time coming to the Treasure Cove God Pagoda.'


    Xue Ying felt a thought flashing in his mind. Suddenly, he frowned with suspicion. He looked around: 'Why are there no fluctuations?'

    According to the intelligence, once three days were up, he would be teleported out.

    With his current realm, his perception of time was extremely accurate. It had been three days! But why did the spatial ripple not descend?

    "Hong long long~" In the distant, the hall doors which Xue Ying tried opening before had been pushed open.

    Xue Ying was stunned: 'The doors are opened?'

    He did not hesitate to walk towards it. He did not have to be worried of danger since why would Monarch Nine Cloud leave behind something just to kill him? Xue Ying would easily die even if the other party did not scheme against him!

    Three days were up, and Xue Ying was not teleported away. Instead, the hall doors were opened instead?

    Outside the hall doors, there was a broad corridor.

    Xue Ying looked to the two sides. The two sides of the passage were dark. This was clearly a huge palace, and the hall he was previously at had merely been a small part of this palace.

    'Where is this? Did they not say that the third level of the treasure cove is a palace hall? Now that I am outside the palace hall, it seems that this entire place is still huge?' Xue Ying felt puzzled. He casually chose a direction to walk towards. He had also bypassed many other sealed palace halls. There was even a vast empty courtyard ahead with a fiery-red cauldron placed at the center. The fiery-red cauldron contained a surging aura which rose up into the sky just like a bird. The pressure from this aura was vast and mighty, and it was comparable to the level of Forefather Tian Yu and Swordmaster.