860 Multi-Layered Dark Worlds
     Those fists of the muscular male had shaken the entire second level. When this pair of fist smashed over, Xue Ying even had the notion of avoiding close combat with the other party: 'Those fists are too powerful.' He did not hesitate to turn his body into an illusion and hide in the Mirage. Furthermore, he also unleashed the domain-related absolute art¨Cthe Plate Ripple Diagram as well asˇ­ his flying daggers!

    "Such a formidable domain." The muscular male was confident of his fleshy body. But he still felt the pressure coming from this domain which diminished his strength and speed.

    Closely following that, a dense number of violet flying daggers shot over.


    He did not care about those flying daggers at all. He continued pummeling down with his fists. Part of the flying daggers clashed against his fists, and in the next moment, those fists which were equipped with knuckle weapons emitted sparks. Even more of the violet flying daggers bombarded against the body of the muscular male. That thick and muscular body of his similarly resisted against all the incoming flying daggers with only slight black light appearing on the surface of his skin.

    "Hong¨C" Because Xue Ying had the help of his domain absolute art, he was able to evade the incoming fists quickly. Nevertheless, those fists were cunning; they struck against the small meteorite hill by the side.

    The small meteorite hill vibrated momentarily, and two fist-sized gouges were formed after that.

    'Such formidable fists. They are much stronger than when he exhibited his ax previously.' Xue Ying's eyes brightened as he saw this, 'He must be deliberately hiding his strength previously on the first floor. Nevertheless, his body feels so exaggeratedly strong that he actually dared to resist against my flying daggers directly?'

    It was okay if the other party was just strong and fast.

    But his body was as sturdy as a Void God weapon, easily resisting against the incoming attack by Xue Ying. That made Xue Ying speechless! Xue Ying had relied on turning himself illusory, and hiding in the Mirage Worldˇ­ yet his defenses could not compare with the male in front of him.

    'His combat techniques are ordinary. But that body of his is a terrifying weapon in itself.' Xue Ying deduced inwardly, 'It is hard for others to kill him. But when he strikes his enemy, most who are slow could hardly evade from it. They would likely die or get injured heavily once this fist hit on their body.'


    The translucent law plate illusion also came over.

    The 19 Undying City Masters had a sneer on the edge of their mouths. With how strong his comrade was, he became more confident in being able to kill this mysterious expert by teaming up together: 'This comrade of mine has such a formidable body and such a fast speed. But his combat style is very simple. It is too directˇ­ and it has no threat to me at all.'

    He had a total of 19 bodies, and could easily escape by separating his bodies.

    Those who had such simple combat style like the muscular male would only threaten experts with just a single body, but not to Undying City Master.

    But it was different with Xue Ying.

    Xue Ying specialized in group attack and domains. He could threaten the life of Undying City Master! If Xue Ying was alive, Undying City Master would feel an intense threat from him. For the sake of the Golden Whisker Sky Thunder Wood and also for the sake of treasures acquired in the three days later, it was better to eliminate Xue Ying.

    "You help me hinder him." The muscular male roared.

    "Leave it to me. He can't escape." Undying City Master was very confident of himself. Even if Xue Ying was able to escape quickly, how could he ever compete with the speed of the array plate illusion?

    Facing the translucent array plate illusion which easily permeated into the Mirage World, as it reached Xue Ying, Xue Ying only sighed inwardly. It was indeed different when two experts worked together! The Plate Ripple Diagram might be his strongest domain absolute art, but what it specialized was in all-round suppression and restriction. Even still, the other party could maintain 60-70% of his strength.


    One could see a large uniform group of violet light flying daggers appearing. They bombarded at the array plate illusion. The illusion naturally could not be maintained and had dissipated after suffering from the permeation of the Plate Ripple Diagram ripples as well.

    At this moment, the fist of the muscular male had already arrived. He had a wicked grin, and his eyes were filled with killing intent.

    "Hahaˇ­" Undying City Master laughed when he saw this.

    The other party could block one but not the second attack!

    Xue Ying looked towards the incoming muscular male, and instead softly said: "Descend."

    One could see many layers of illusory world descending and enveloping the body of the muscular male. Every single layer of the world did not cover a huge region¨Cjust 0.25 kilometers long. At first glance, it seemed to be a world. But if one looked closely at the boundary of this world, one would discover that there were a total of 112 layers stacked together by the membrane of this world.

    It was the descent of 112 layers of Dark World at the same time! Turning from illusion to reality, the worlds absorbed the world energy before rapidly shrinking down.

    Looking at the fist which was just a few meters away from him, this muscular male could no longer proceed forward after being restricted by many layers of the world. Xue Ying chuckled. The muscular male looked towards Xue Ying with great shock. Why would it be like this? That world was too tough, and he could not charge out from it?

    Xue Ying softly muttered on his mouth: "Peng!"

    It was a soft mumble.

    And all 112 layers of Dark World exploded at the same time. The force erupted entirely on the body of that muscular male.

    This was the strongest killing move which Xue Ying had created. His talent in the 'Dao of Mirage' was extremely high, and even though he had long comprehended the second style of the "Dark World", the Sky Punishment Edge, he still could not unleash it. Thus, Xue Ying instead went on to simplify the first style 'Dark Bubble'. Even though it was simplified, Xue Ying would try to maintain a certain level of strength while allowing himself to unleash a greater quantity at the same time. He had even put in some techniques which he got from the second style during the construction of this.

    With relation to the original 'Dark Bubble', Xue Ying could at most display six at one time.

    And the now simplified "Multi-Layered Dark World" might be smaller in terms of range and power on each layer, but Xue Ying could unleash 112 layers at the same time! Even though it was simplified, comparing the simplified version of the apocalyptic fifth sword, "Fish Dragon Kill", and the "Multi-Layered Dark World", the "Multi-Layered Dark World" was much stronger.

    It was primarily because Xue Ying had walked further down the path on the Dark World! He already completely comprehended the second style.

    "Hong~" The muscular male felt a horrifying impact striking his body. It transmitted deep into his body and had jolted his soul.

    "Pu, puˇ­" The muscular male could not help but spurt out fresh blood. It was mixed together with splinters from his inner organs. His ear and nose were even bleeding as well. His robe became ragged, yet the revealed skin of his seemed to revolve with black light without having any signs of injury.

    'His skin did not break?' Xue Ying was stunned.

    Even though he was surprised, the muscular male was injured regardless, albeit his body was too tough. Comparatively speaking, his inner organs were much weaker.

    "This, what move is this?" Undying City Master who was originally excited watching the battle, fell into a daze the next moment. How strong was the body of the muscular male? He could discern it a long time ago since the muscular male did not pay heed to the incoming flying daggers that bombarded on his body!

    But now, he was actually forced to this extent?

    "He is still concealing his strength previously." The muscular male growled, "But it is impossible for him to kill me. Continue attacking him together."

    "Mn." Undying City Master gritted his teeth too. They could not retreat at this moment because they had nowhere to escape from in the second level of the treasure cove! They could only continue fighting.

    But a strand of reverence started forming in the heart of Undying City Master began for this white-haired white-robed man for the other party was still hiding his strength at the first level! Just by revealing part of his strength, the other party was able to suppress Undying City Master. If the other party completely exploded with his true strengthˇ­ Undying City Master might possibly lose his life. It was fortunate that he had a comrade of similar strength at this moment.