859 The Truth is Revealed
     "Hong~" Of the six revolving array plates, the three array plates located at the surface which were used for offense had dissipated suddenly, leaving behind the three original dark arrays. These three dark arrays enveloped around the black-fogged bodies of Undying City Master as he swiftly charged down the void stairs. The flying daggers unleashed by Xue Ying continued launching assaults on the three remaining dark array plates, yet he could not break them at all.

    In the blink of an eye, Undying City Master had reached the bottom, and only then did his hoarse voice sounded: "Admirable, admirable, who would have thought that I would meet an expert in the treasure cove who can suppress me. Let us just forget about this matter alright?"

    Xue Ying looked down. He snorted before turning back to the stone door. At that moment, many violet flying daggers continued striking the stone door in front.

    "They stopped."

    "This white-haired white-robed male actually has the upper hand?" The gray-gowned girl, Sky Sword Sect Master and the muscular male flinched slightly. Even though Undying City Master had immediately retreated once he felt that things were awry, and they had yet to fight until the end, the outcome of the battle was clear¡­ Undying City Master unleashed the famous 'Undying Array Plates' which he was famous for, yet he was defeated. This raised their alert towards Xue Ying.

    Even Sky Sword Sect Master was thinking: 'Where exactly did Brother Flying Snow come from? He is absolutely not like what he mentioned earlier¨Cthat he just broke through the Unity realm recently. How can someone who just break through be so powerful? Judging by his strength and the fact that he isn't an overlord in our Nine Cloud Great Land, he should come from the outer world!'

    Outer world.

    That was where the three sacred worlds and the two great religions originated from. If that's the case, things would no longer be weird.

    The Nine Cloud Great Land was ultimately a tiny place. There were many cultivators across the three great sacred worlds and two great religions who reached the fifth level Star Pagoda level¡­ like Great Void Heaven Temple whose strategy was to focus on elites. They accepted very few disciples, yet they still have tens of Inner Hall Elders. And Great Void Heaven Temple was merely just one of the holy grounds within the 'Seven Star Oceanic Sacred World', one of the three great sacred worlds.

    'No matter what, he has protected my Sky Sword Mountain and saved my life.' Sky Sword Sect Master thought, 'But with his strength and background, I should maintain some distance from him in the future. If I were to be embroiled in the battle between the three great sacred worlds and two great religions, I might just die in an instant.'


    "Hong." The muscular male in the distant suddenly brought out an ax and finally broke the stone door.

    Once the stone door shattered, the spatial entrance was revealed.

    The muscular male laughed out loud: "These two gentlemen can continue fighting. I have taken some slight advantage of and will be going in first." Saying that, he kept the great ax and took a huge step into the entrance. He soon disappeared.

    'He entered the second floor?' Xue Ying became all the more anxious. He sent a large number of flying daggers imbued with Termination Energy and continued bombarding the stone door.

    And Undying City Master had returned to his own void stairs. He also began assaulting the stone door. As he struck, he maintained a strand of vigilance against Xue Ying since he would likely retreat the moment Xue Ying came.

    "Hmph hmph."

    Xue Ying glanced towards the distant Undying City Master. He did not care about him. Instead, Xue Ying continued striking the stone door.


    The stone door was finally penetrated by this bunch of flying daggers. It revealed the spatial entrance behind it.

    Xue Ying took a step and entered. He felt space changing, and the scene ahead was no longer the same.

    It was a desolate land.

    On the desolate land, there were many huge meteorites. Every meteorite was about 33 meters tall and was like small hills.

    "Hong, hong, hong." The distant muscular male held onto the black metallic great ax. His body began about 33 meters tall and was hacking down with his full strength on the meteorite ahead of him. "Hong hong hong", the ax continued striking, yet it only caused some slight chipping off of the meteorite.

    Xue Ying turned back.

    He could no longer find the spatial entrance which he entered from. This was normal. Every single stone door would form a spatial entry where only one person could enter from! After entering, the spatial entrance would disappear.


    One could escape from the first level of the treasure cove along the God Pagoda pagoda door.

    But for the second and third floor, one had to remain for the three full days before being teleported out.

    "This small meteorite hill is really tough." The muscular male announced.


    Xue Ying had casually chosen the closest small meteorite hill nearest to him. At that moment, a large number of flying daggers appeared. Every single flying dagger contained the Termination Energy, and it formed into many violet lights that bombarded a single point. Along with sounds of booming, it also chipped off certain parts of the meteorite, barely creating a hole in it. This made Xue Ying's expression change slightly.

    According to the intelligence report, he had to completely disintegrate a small meteorite hill into powder! If he had merely struck it into a few smaller pieces, it would not pass. Once the small meteorite hill had completely turned into powder, it would reveal a spatial entrance where the cultivator could use to enter the highest 'third level' of the treasure cove. The treasures there were much more precious.

    They were the most important ones to Monarch nine Cloud. He would usually only place two to three pieces of treasures on the third level in a single Treasure Cove god Pagoda.

    But it was too difficult to enter.

    If one had to just break the small meteorite hill into small pieces, it was still relatively easier. But to turn it entirely into powder¡­ that was too difficult! Most Primal Chaos realm giants could do it, but if one were at the Unity realm, he would have to reach the sixth level Star Pagoda strength before he could achieve this.


    Even if one did not complete it, the cultivator would still have some harvest since there were many treasures hidden within a small meteorite hill! During the process of turning pieces of the small hill into powder, new treasures would gradually be discovered.


    As Xue Ying was investigating this small meteorite hill, another figure appeared within the second level space, and he was none other than Undying City Master.


    "The three of them have entered the second level. Are you planning to enter as well?" Sky Sword Sect Master stood on his void stairs asking.

    "I will have to remain on the second floor after entering for three days before I could even be teleported out. Even if I wanted to escape, there's no place for me to escape. Undying City Master and the others might be confident of surviving, but if we were to enter? Are we sending ourselves to death?" The gray-gowned girl shook her head. She was also a proud daughter of the generation but seeing the battle between Xue Ying and Undying City Master, she was rational to choose not to enter the second level.

    Sky Sword Sect Master chuckled, though he became alert too.

    Because even if he did not plan on entering the second level! He would still have to remain vigilant of this gray-gowned girl.


    Within the second level space of the Treasure Cove God Pagoda.

    After Undying City Master entered.

    "Hong." The muscular male who was originally waving with that black metallic great ax of his kept it suddenly. He stamped on the ground, causing the surface to vibrate. This power changed the expression of Xue Ying who was long on alert. Such a horrifying strength! This was a space within the Treasure Cove God Pagoda, yet the other party could cause the earth to shake with a single stomp? This strength was utterly beyond his! It should be more than ten times his!

    The muscular male was too fast. His speed was swift too. Xue Ying could determine that the other party was faster than he by 50%!

    'Where did this expert appear from?' Xue Ying was startled. He had long guessed that the muscular male was not typical, but it seemed that Xue Ying still underestimated him.


    The muscular male's two extremely thick arms abruptly emanated a dazzling gold light. Each arm of his contained many ugly organism carvings. Xue Ying's eyes dilated. He could recognize these ugly organism carvings which were similar to the appearances of the Destruction Devils located at the boundary of the void. Each arm of the muscular male contained eight Destruction Devil carvings, providing his arms with intense power that felt threatening. He had a knuckle weapon on each hand and were hurling his fists over at Xue Ying as if they were sky pillars.

    "Hahaha, die! You don't think that I'll recognize defeat that easily right?" 19 Undying City Masters appeared once again. The six dark array plates appeared as well. Even though Xue Ying had the upper hand previously, Undying City Master had decided to give up so quickly because of the muscular male's transmission.

    "If you don't die, the two of us will never remain at peace." The eyes of the muscular male were filled with frenzy, "Once you are dead, the Golden Whisker Sky Thunder Wood will be split by the two of us."

    One had to remain for three days at the second level of Treasure Cove God Pagoda continually striking the small meteorite hill. Even if they gathered all the treasures, they would not be worth more than a single Golden Whisker Sky Thunder Wood!