858 Undying Seven Law Plate
     On the void stairs, the 19 Undying City Masters were staring at the distant Xue Ying. Their eyes were flashing with ferocity. He was, after all, an overlord of a territory in the Nine Cloud Great Land. Even though he knew the white-robed white-haired male in front of him was not any weaker than he, why would he admit defeat so easily? He was controlling the dark array above him while forming three revolving arrays ahead at the same time.

    These three dark arrays were of different sizes. They were like gears fitting into one another, allowing them to stack their power and completely shelter himself from the other party.


    The 900 surging violet lights bombarded on these three dark arrays which fitted like gear together.

    At the same time, the dark array in the sky also blasted towards Xue Ying.

    "Go." Xue Ying was looking at the distant three dark arrays with slight startle. As for the dark array in the sky, he did not care about it at all. He merely controlled the other 300 flying daggers to fly into the sky. Many of the violet light bombarded against that dark array, causing the dark array to tremble before it eventually dissipated.

    And in the distant, it was different for the case of the three gear-like dark arrays in front of the Undying City Master. What the 900 flying daggers displayed was the "Fish Dragon Kill", and also a simplified move of the fifth apocalyptic sword. Even though its power had drastically reduced after being simplified, it was able to cover up this weakness with its number. This was also one of Xue Ying's killing moves!

    "Hong long long~"

    The three dark arrays were continuously revolving. The gears fitted with one another, allowing its power to stack. If one mentioned that the degree of defense of the dark array was one time when there was a single array, then with two dark arrays, the degree of defense was ten times stronger, and with three, the defense would rise up to a hundred times stronger! This was also another reason why Undying City Master dared to claim himself as 'undying'. Only when he maintained 19 bodies together could he display this move.

    If he merely had a single true body, the strength of his soul would be too weak for him to display such a frightening move.

    'I can't break it at all?' Xue Ying was stunned, 'And I am still quite a bit far off from breaking this dark arrays.'

    "Who would have thought that I will meet a match so casually during this trip in the Treasure Cove God Pagoda, and someone who is qualified to make me display the 'Undying Seven Law Plate." Undying City Master's voice regained its usual hoarseness. One could see that on the original three dark array foundation, 'weng, weng, weng',more dark arrays began condensing out.

    Every single dark array was akin to gears being added. It formed a new entity.

    If one mentioned that the previous three dark arrays had accumulated a terrifying might just like a wall which could not be moved, then the new dark arrays¡­ was one that had transformed this accumulated strength into an offense.




    Three consecutive dark arrays stacked on top and transformed, allowing Xue Ying to feel an intense feeling of threat. He even thought that the total of six dark arrays which were of different sizes yet extremely fitted with one another formed a whole entity. It was just like an operating law of a cosmos. Currently, the six dark arrays had turned into a frightening offense which was accumulating enough energy before being activated!

    The 19 Undying City Masters were coldly watching this scene from behind the dark array.

    His strongest move¨Cthe "Undying Seven Law Plates". Currently, he had only displayed six array plates, and it was still one step away from the ideal seven array plates! Once he succeeded in completing this move, he should be able to fight against Primal Chaos realm giants. But he had cultivated for many years without being able to perfect this technique, though he still called it the "Undying Seven Law Plates" to ensure he would pursue after this goal until he achieves it.

    'It seems that I can't belittle any expert with the fifth level Star Pagoda strength.' Xue Ying watched this scene. With a wave of his hand, a total of 1,200 flying daggers went forth with surging might once again.

    "Die!" The 19 Undying City Masters coldly said.

    The six array plates were revolving.

    Over at the outermost array plate, there was an array plate illusion which formed abruptly. This array plate illusion also engulfed all the incoming flying daggers steadily. 'Chi chi chi~' this array plate illusion was just like a grinder, easily diminishing the power of those flying daggers. But there were too many flying daggers which continued clashing against the array.


    In the distant, Sky Sword Sect Master and the girl in loose gray gown watched with trepidation.

    They did not find it weird for Undying City Master to have such a horrifying power since he was famous and had a higher status than them outside.

    But this mysterious white-haired male with a silver mask did not seem to be disadvantaged.

    'For an Undying City Master to appear, it is fine. But now, yet another one who is so powerful has appeared too? Is he a native expert of the Nine Cloud Great Land? If he is, he should be famous already right.' The muscular male wielding a black metallic great ax was hacking down on the stone door time after time, releasing sounds of booming. A deep gouge had already formed on the stone door, and that black metallic great ax was flickering in thunder.

    'This white-haired white-robed male should not be a native expert. Is he from the three great sacred worlds? Or from the Ancient Sacred Religion?' The muscular male thought, 'Interesting. Things are too interesting!'


    The array plate illusion was being crushed even though it was consuming away the energy of the incoming flying daggers. The six dark arrays then once again formed a new array plate illusion which continued grinding away the incoming flying daggers¡­ and this made Xue Ying fall gradually into the disadvantaged side.

    'It seems he is gradually becoming stronger?' Xue Ying was shocked.

    "The array plate revolution. All energy can be converged, allowing its power to increase over time." The 19 Undying City Masters were proud because he had this heaven-shaking talent. That was why he loved proceeding to risk his life in such dangerous grounds. The Nine Cloud Great Land was, after all, a remnant piece of the primitive Ancient Sacred World, and there were several unfathomable places left behind.

    That time, he had once ventured into a cavern-dwelling that was already abandoned. That cavern-dwelling did not contain many treasures, but the cultivation room held a frightening aura, and that was the aura of the seven array plates¡­

    Seven dark array plates had perfectly formed a single entity and were revolving about.

    It felt like the final destination of dark destruction, allowing Undying City Master to be startled. Ever since then, he had frequently gone over to comprehend it, eventually deducing the "Undying Seven Law Plates". But his deduction seemed to be much weaker than the original one. Undying City Master guessed that it could be left behind by a final realm existence.

    But even though he had deduced just a slight bit, it was able to allow his strength to increase rapidly, becoming one of the overlords of Nine Cloud Great Land! If Primal Chaos realm giants did not come out, he was an unparalleled existence.

    'He could suppress my Fish Dragon Kill?' Xue Ying did not guess that such a thing would happen. He could get through the fifth level Star Pagoda just by relying on this technique.

    'Interesting.' Xue Ying's eyes flashed with cold intent.


    An unseen ripple immediately permeated into the revolving six dark arrays as if it was a substance. This was the strongest domain absolute art of the Great Void Heaven Temple, the "Plate Ripple Diagram". With a powerful domain restricting those six dark arrays, it caused the offense of the array plate illusion to be affected. Even though it was able to maintain its attacking form, its power had clearly diminished¡­

    "Not good." This unseen ripple had also enveloped the other 19 Undying City Masters, causing his expression to change. Such a frightening restriction made it hard for him to escape.

    His 19 bodies began turning illusion just like black fog.

    Xue Ying who had released the full strength of the Plate Ripple Diagram was suppressing Undying City Master and the six great array plates. At the same time, he was maintaining his flying daggers at their strongest state and were bombarding down with countless violet streams of light. Thus, over time, the array plate illusion that was diminished in power could only withstand for a moment before it completely broke apart.

    "How could it be?" Even though Undying City Master did not want to believe it, he understood that he was not the opponent of this mysterious white-robed person. If he continued fighting, he would likely die in the end.