857 Flying Dagger
     Since even Primal Chaos realm giants would thirst for such an item, Xue Ying being an Inner Hall Elder of Great Void Heaven Temple could feel his heart racing, much less the other four cultivators.

    'It is worth 3,000 Origin World Rocks! 3,000 Origin World Rocks!' Sky Sword Sect Master felt his eyes turning red. Even though he knew Xue Ying had saved him once before, he still felt an intense impulse to kill the other party and snatch the treasure since the value had turned him slightly mad. Nevertheless, firstly, he still has a bottom line that prevented him from acting against his savior; he could suppress the impulse. Secondly, even if he acted, he was not confident of succeeding¨Che understood his limits.

    A treasure worth 3,000 Origin World Rocks had caused the hearts of the other four cultivators to tremble.

    What did this mean?

    A protective treasure like the Black Gourd was worth 500 Origin World Rocks at most! A treasure worth 3,000 Origin World Rocks could be exchanged for even better protective treasures than the Black Gourd. No matter what, one could improve his power or survival capabilities significantly. To Sky Sword Sect Master and the others, if they could afford to buy a treasure stronger than the Black Gourd, they would be practically unparalleled underneath the Primal Chaos realm.

    Even if they were extravagant to purchase some puppet lifeform, 3,000 Origin World Rocks could allow them to buy a puppet lifeform which had the combat strength at the fifth level Star Pagoda. Furthermore, the puppet lifeform had an overwhelming advantage as compared to cultivators¨Cit had a practically undying body and would remain eternally loyal. It would not complain about working hard, and the cultivator could also select different kinds of puppet lifeforms. Some specialized in escaping, some were good at attacking¡­

    The muscular male, black-fogged figure and gray-gowned girl were all staring at Xue Ying as if he were prey.

    'Hmph hmph hmph¡­ he is fortunate to get such a marvelous treasure on the first level.' The eyes of the muscular male dilated. They were flashing with a faint cold light, 'I am instead at a fork road. I did not care about the first level since the more valuable treasures would only appear at the second level. Who would have thought that I would miss out on such a treasure? Now, I just have to snatch it from his hands.'

    The gray-gowned girl was not in a rush to act as she watched.

    Instead, that black-fogged figure had abruptly rushed down along the void stairs. Because he had broken through the void barriers, that black-fogged figure could reach the ground level and move up the void stairs where Xue Ying was in a few blinks of an eye.

    "He is about to act."

    The atmosphere across the entire first level of the treasure cove had become heavier. Sky Sword Sect Master, the muscular male and the gray-gowned girl were watching this scene silently. This had happened according to their expectations. The treasure within the Treasure Cove God Palace wasn't that easy for one to get his hands on. Under normal circumstances, most could not enter the third floor, and only Primal Chaos realm giants could enter.

    For one to acquire a treasure worth 3,000 Origin World Rocks just at the first two level of the treasure cove was something miraculous.

    Even if he took this Golden Whisker Sky Thunder Wood and leave, it was worth coming to the Monarch Nine CLoud treasure cove already.


    As Xue Ying kept the Golden Whisker Sky Thunder Wood, he felt the gazes coming from other cultivators. It was only the gaze coming from Sky Sword Sect Master that wasn't filled with great enmity, though the other party could hardly conceal the envy and jealousy in his eyes.

    'Hmph, this time coming to the Treasure Cove God Pagoda, I aim to acquire treasures worth more than 10,000 Origin World Rocks so that I can buy two sets of Scarlet Cloud Pomegranate Core.' Xue Ying thought, 'Previously, I might not be confident. But now that I have gotten such a precious 'Golden Whisker Sky Thunder Wood' just moments after entering, I might just be able to earn more than 10,000 Origin World Rocks with my strength and some good luck after reaching the second floor.'

    'Thinking of snatching my treasure away?'

    Xue Ying looked at the bottom part of the void stair he was on as a black-fogged figure came rushing up along it.

    "Hand over the Golden Whisker Sky Thunder Wood, and I might spare your life!" The black-fogged figure rushed over. His high pitch voice reverberated across the entire first level space. His voice was so ear-screeching that it caused space to fluctuate.

    "This is my void stairs. I think you have gone up the wrong one. "Xue Ying said, "You might survive if you retreat now. Otherwise, if you foolishly act against me, you will only die!"

    The black-fogged figure suddenly stopped.

    His body turned illusory as many other bodies began dividing out from his main one.

    Xue Ying could only see as 19 bodies were formed from the black-fogged figure within an instant. All their auras were the same as if they were the true body.

    "Undying City Master?" Sky Sword Sect Master, the muscular male and the gray-gowned girl were all shocked as they watched this.

    "It's him? Undying City Master?" Xue Ying was able to guess the origin of the other party too.

    In the entire Nine Cloud Great Land, few Unity realm experts had attained the fifth level Star Pagoda combat strength. And 'Undying City Master' was one of them. He was an ancient cultivator, and his talent was called 'Crowd Lives', which gave him the ability to replicate his true body! This Undying City Master could actually replicate 18 other true bodies of his, and adding up his original one, there were 19 bodies in total.

    19 bodies that were all exactly the same as his true body. Even the soul was duplicated.

    One had to know that after becoming a Void God, most were unable to form avatars. Even the final realm existences who had such high statuses like Sacred Master and Ancestor Mother did not have any avatars. Only 'Myriad World Tavern Master' had many avatars, but he was different as compared to this Unity realm 'Undying City Master'.

    Myriad World Tavern Master had many more avatars, and each avatar was slightly weaker.

    Instead, 'Undying City Master' depended solely on the ancient cultivation talent to replicate his true body. In the future, if he became a Cosmos God, replicating his true body would be a terrifying thing.

    Just a single body of his¡­

    Was at the fourth level Star Pagoda strength. But with 19 working together, with a single mind controlling them, he was able to reach the fifth level Star Pagoda level.

    "He actually came." The muscular male frowned, "Things are getting troublesome."

    "It is actually Undying City Master. From how I see, it is better to give up the treasure." Sky Sword Sect Master said with a loud voice. He was relatively concerned about Xue Ying.

    "With Undying City Master around, there is no hope of getting that Golden Whisker Sky Thunder Wood." The gray-gowned girl silently shook her head. Undying City Master was an expert famous on the Nine Cloud Great Land. This threat coming from him was strong. Even though he could only maintain 19 bodies for a short period, it was still for a total of one or two days, and that was enough for this battle.

    Furthermore, with 19 bodies, as long as one survived, he could form a new one anytime.

    Thus, he called himself 'undying'!

    "I originally wasn't in a rush to reveal my identity. But who would have thought that such a treasure would appear on the first level? Hmph hmph, I've given you a chance just now, but you don't want to treasure it. Now¡­ even if you kowtow and beg mercy, it'll be useless. Go die." The 19 Undying City Masters stood in a row on the void stairs. A huge octagonal black array began floating above them. This was a terrifying array which could only be controlled by the 19 bodies at the same time. The first time it appeared, it emitted a power that caused the expressions of others to change.

    "Who would have thought that Undying City Master has come. That white-haired chap using a sword will likely die." The muscular male shook his head. A huge black great ax appeared in his hand. He hacked down on the stone door in front of him,

    "Hong, hong, hong¡­"

    He was fiercely hacking on the stone door, causing a large number of stone pieces to fly.

    "Brother Flying Snow, hurry up and admit defeat. You might be able to survive then." Sky Sword Sect Master was anxious transmitting, "He is too strong. Furthermore, as long as one of his bodies survive, he can rapidly form a new body. You can't kill him, but he can kill you."

    "Can't kill him?"

    Xue Ying looked at the 19 black-fogged figure in front, "19 bodies, isn't it fine if I just exterminate all of them at once?"

    A large number of flying daggers appeared from his own storage treasure. This was the set of flying dagger which he bought from the Great Void Heaven Temple¨CFrost Shadow! There was a total of 3,600 of them. But with his attainments in the "Fish Dragon Kill", he could only maintain 1,200 flying daggers with the technique.

    But it was enough!

    In the eyes of Undying City Master and those watching distantly like Sky Sword Sect Master and the gray-gowned girl, they saw many revolving violet-lit weapons appearing above the void stairs. Those violet light represented the Termination Energy, of which 300 flying daggers were revolving around Xue Ying to protect himself. Xue Ying stood at the highest spot on the stairs overlooking the 19 bodies of Undying City Master: "Go."

    At that moment, 900 flying daggers whizzed by the wind like a gale. Every single flying dagger left behind a violet scar in space. Those violet scars appearing in the void felt just like art¨Cit was stunning and magnificent.

    Xue Ying did not care about the black array which descended above the other party. He was merely attacking!

    "Attacking? He is that confident of himself?" Sky Sword Sect Master and the others were feeling perplexed and suspicious. Even though Xue Ying's techniques were very cool, this did not represent he would be strong. This white-robed white-haired male was clearly at the Unity realm. Someone at the Unity realm wished to fight against the Undying City Master in a frontal battle?


    Only Undying City Master who was facing the threat directly from the flying daggers feel a chill in his heart.

    "Not good, I've met my match!" Undying City Master immediately understood there and then.