849 Hand Over your Treasures
     "Sky Sword Mountain?" Xue Ying was struck with a thought. Even though Inquisitive Sky Hall Master sent him to a place that strayed from the target location, Xue Ying could still discern where he was approximately located since the region he was currently at contained a superpower called 'Sky Sword Mountain'. The leader of this superpower 'Sky Sword Mountain Sect Leader' was a Unity realm expert who cultivated for a very long time. In the intelligence collected by the Great Void Heaven Temple, it was recorded that the Sky Sword Mountain Sect Master was at the fourth level of Star Pagoda power. Usually, most who could get through the third level was at the peak of the Unity realm, and they could easily slaughter a large group of ordinary Unity realm expert. This person who could get to the fourth level¡­ if they were not facing unparalleled Unity existences like those of the Great Void Heaven Temple Inner Hall Elders, they would be an overlord of a region.

    That was the reason why the Sky Sword Mountain was recorded within the intelligence of Great Void Heaven Temple.

    Xue Ying stood in front of the big ship and asked, "May I inquire which direction is the Rosy Clouds Great Lake at?"

    Rosy Clouds Great Lake was also located in this region! Since the other party was from a superpower, the Sky Sword Mountain, it was not right for him to directly ask where the Sky Sword Mountain was.

    "You actually do not know where the Rosy Clouds Great Lake is at?" An old man howled out haughtily from the side of the red-robed girl, "You are also an expert at the Unity realm. Do you not have a map of the surrounding region? Or are you just playing with us?"

    Being a higher-up of the Sky Sword Mountain, he had the qualifications to shout back.

    The Sky Sword Mountain was after all an overlord of this region.

    "I've been in closed-door cultivation for a long time and have just broken through. Since I rarely traveled, I indeed do not know where it is." Xue Ying chuckled before asking again, "Is it possible for me to find out which direction is the Rosy Clouds Great Lake at?"

    "Hmph." The old man stared at Xue Ying with suspicion.

    "Uncle Chuan, he is only asking us for directions." The red-robed girl smiled before pointing to a direction southwest of her, "The Rosy Clouds Great Lake is in that direction. Most Unity realm experts will spend a month traveling through the void to reach there."

    Xue Ying nodded: "Many thanks."

    "Sou". He disappeared.

    The red-robed girl looked at the white-robed white-haired male with a silver mask disappearing just like that; she could not help but feel astonished.

    "He is really just asking for directions?" The old man felt skeptical. He was currently carefully inspecting his surroundings.

    "Maybe he is a newly emerged Unity realm expert who has genuinely left closed-door cultivation. He might be too weak previously, which explains why he rarely went out. That is something normal." The red-robed girl said, "Let us go. We are reaching the Sky Sword Mountain soon. It has been a long time since I last saw father."


    The big ship continued traveling. It rapidly tunneled through the void and was moving at high speed forward.

    Xue Ying appeared at his original position.

    'Mn? The direction they are heading should be the Sky Sword Mountain.' Xue Ying thought. Even though the big ship was traveling forward through the void, Xue Ying could clearly sense the traces left behind by the ship as it tore through the void, 'The Rosy Clouds Great Lake is indeed in that direction. That red-robed girl did not lie at all.'

    Taking the position of the sun in the sky as a reference in addition to the direction of where the Rosy Clouds Great Lake was, Xue Ying could determine his current location. Naturally, he could deduce where the Sky Sword Mountain was.

    Looking at the direction where the big ship was traveling in¡­ it was where the Sky Sword Mountain was at.

    'Let's pay the Sky Sword Mountain a visit.' Xue Ying thought.

    'The Sky Sword Mountain is practically the strongest sect in this region. The Sky Sword Mountain Sect Master is quite formidable. I have to think of ways to determine if he is a follower of the two great religions.' Xue Ying thought. If he determined that the other party was a follower of the two great religions¨Chis soul contained an imprint¨CXue Ying would naturally kill him without pardon! Nevertheless, it was a challenging task to identify it without alerting the other party because the soul imprint would usually be hidden.

    Even though the three great sacred worlds had researched and created a secret technique which allowed cultivators to inspect the soul of another cultivator, learning this technique was not easy. Xue Ying took more than 100 million years in the Palace Hall of Time with his comprehension ability to learn it!

    It was much easier to check the identity of the followers of the Ancestor Mother.

    And it was harder to inspect the identity of followers of the Sacred Master. The techniques of the Sacred Master were very profound, and the imprint on the souls of his followers was concealed really well. Most required their power to be completely sealed before their souls could be inspected thoroughly.


    As the big ship was traveling through the void.

    The red-robed girl stood on the deck of the big ship. She was looking at the warping void around her with a smile on her face: "We are reaching the Sky Sword Mountain soon."

    "The Sect Master will definitely be happy if he knows that you have succeeded in breaking through to the Void God realm." The old man chuckled from the side.

    "Mn." The red-robed girl nodded.

    Suddenly, the void warped in front of them. A huge hand grabbed hold of the big ship, causing it to jerk and stop.

    "What is happening?" The red-robed girl and old man were shocked. The surrounding protectors were all startled too.

    If one said that Xue Ying obstructing them through the void was considered quite gentle, then the current party was much more overbearing. He had pulled the big ship out from the void into the real world.

    The big ship stopped in midair.

    Three figures were standing in front of them. They were all at the Unity realm.

    "They are elders from the Blaze Valley." The old man was shocked as he saw the three elders ahead. He hurriedly transmitted to the red-robed girl beside him, "The elders of the Blaze Valley are actually guarding the entrance of our Sky Sword Mountain. Something must be wrong. In a while, you should hurry up and escape. I'll hold them back."

    The old man announced, "These three gentlemen, why are you blocking the warship of my Sky Sword Mountain?"

    "Haha, Sky Sword Mountain. Very soon, there will be no more Sky Sword Mountain."

    "I was wondering who is it that tripped our warning array. So it appears that the darling daughter of that old ghost Sky Sword has arrived."

    "Haha, capture her alive!"

    The three elders of Blaze Valley were delighted. Their words were still reverberating when a vast red web appeared in the surrounding. This web covered the entire big ship and had even sealed the void. Clearly, they were very cunning and had already started acting even as they were speaking.

    The old man roared out as he turned into a strand of thunder, striking against the incoming web. Nevertheless, the fiery-red web was robust, and this thunderclap could not break it at all.

    "None of you can escape from this." One of the three elders from the Blaze Valley opened his mouth, spitting out a rolling black fog. This black fog was not obstructed by the web and easily permeated through it. It directly headed towards that red-robed girl. Clearly, this black fog was unleashed to capture her. Even though it might seem slow when narrating, everything happened as fast as lightning.

    Only that old man had the capabilities to clash against the incoming black fog. He turned into thunder once again, but he could not move that fog at all.

    "How could this be?" The red-robed girl felt uneasy in her heart. She remembered the other party's words¨C'Very soon, there will be no more Sky Sword Mountain'. They were still at the outer perimeter of the Sky Sword Mountain, yet the other party had succeeded in constructing a warning array. Clearly, the situation within the Sky Sword Mountain was disastrous.

    The thunder tangled with the black fog. Nevertheless, the black fog seemed overpowering the thunder it continued drifting towards the red-robed girl.



    A dazzling sword light arced through the sky, breaking apart the fiery-red web and also broke through the black fog. The sword light contained a terrifying profound mystery that easily dissipated the black fog.

    The sky regained its usual brightness.

    A white-haired white-robed masked male walked out from the void. He was looking at the three elders from Blaze Valley.

    "It's him?" The formerly despondent red-robed girl, the old man and other protectors were looking with shock at this white-haired white-robed male. They recognized him as the one who asked them for directions previously.

    "We, we are the elders of the Blaze Valley." The three elders felt the surrounding void being restricted by an unseen suppression. Furthermore, the power of the previous sword light had made them feel a chill down their spines. They understood that this person should be at the very least, a peak Unity expert, and was someone they could not contend against.

    "I wish for you to kill them. They are the arch enemies of my Sky Sword Mountain!" The old man on the big ship said.

    The Sky Sword Mountain and the Blaze Valley were both arch enemies.

    "Please have mercy. We did not mean to offend this senior." The three elders hurriedly begged. Their postures had been placed very low because if that previous sword light came once again, they would die.

    "Hand over all your treasures, and I'll spare you." Xue Ying said.

    The three elders were stunned.

    Closely following that, they did not hesitate in bringing all their treasures out. They even passed their storage wristbands and weapons over. Even their robes had been condensed from their own Void God energy as they no longer had them.

    "We have given all our treasures." The three elders said. As long as they could survive, they did not care about what treasures they had. Without a life, they would lose everything regardless.

    "Go." Xue Ying felt the three elders were quite tactful. He flipped his hands before keeping all those treasures.

    The Sky Sword Mountain and the Blaze Valley were arch enemies?

    That was unrelated to him!

    Previously, he asked them for directions, and saving their lives was considered quite good already. As for the battle between the Sky Sword Mountain and the Blaze Valley, he could hardly care about it! It was only the followers of the two religions and several devilish cultivators whom he would directly kill. He would also kill anyone who was hostile to him. As for these matters of dispute¡­ unless it concerned himself, Xue Ying would not truly tangle himself on such issues.

    'As long as I can get some treasures, it'll be all good.' Xue Ying chuckled. Coming to Nine Cloud Great Land, his aim was to get rich.