828 Unplugging the Cork of the Black Gourd
     There was a huge palace within the underground sacred palace hall.

    A towering sculpture was located at the center of the hall. There were many other sculpture illusions around it and on the hall walls¨Ca total of eight sculpture illusions. As long as one entered the underground sacred palace hall, he would be surrounded by towering sculpture illusions. He would feel an unseen energy which pervaded the entire place too.

    At this moment, a total of ten sacred emissaries were gathered. They were currently dismantling the whole sacred palace hall with their fastest speed!

    For the sake of allowing the Sacred Master sculpture display sufficient power to control stronger cultivators, they had to construct the sacred palace hall together with the sculpture as one entity. As a result, they had to dismantle the whole thing now or they could not bring the Sacred Master sculpture away.

    "The Great City Master is dead?"

    These sacred emissaries were all slightly startled. It happened too fast. The death of the Great City Master happened too quickly.

    The black-robed male Sacred Emissary Chi Yun looked towards the six-armed girl by the side, coldly snorting, 'If you went to deal with that Dong Bo Xue Ying from the Great Void Heaven Temple, we would not have been defeated so quickly."

    The six-armed girl was genuinely furious now.

    She had always been tolerating how he behaved for a long time in the past. This time, it was because of Sacred Emissary Chi Yun that this base was revealed. Now, he was still blaming herself for not engaging with the enemy?

    "You fool, if I were to go battle as well, any idiot would be able to guess that this is an important location due to the appearance of two peak Unity realm experts." The six-armed girl angrily shouted out. If just a single expert went out, they could still explain the fact that he was just an expert living in seclusion here. But if there were two peak Unity realm experts¡­ when was it that Unity realm experts were so commonly seen?

    "You dare!" The black-robed male Sacred Emissary Chi Yun angrily shouted back.

    "Stop with your nonsense. Hurry up and bring this Sacred Master sculpture away!" The six-armed girl angrily shouted back. She no longer bothered to hide her emotions.

    Because the death of her comrade was too fast and he did not secure them much time. This made the six-armed girl vaguely understand¡­ that the possibility of moving the Sacred Master sculpture away was really low. Even if she could escape alive, the destruction of the base and the loss of the Sacred Master sculpture meant that the punishment from the Ancient Sacred Religion would be worse than death. She would have to live through even more tragic days.

    And her soul that pledged eternal loyalty, it was impossible for her to ever leave the Ancient Sacred Religion. Despite being in despair, she was willing to receive the punishment.

    Nevertheless, she only had anger towards 'Sacred Emissary Chi Yun'!

    "Quick quick quick!"

    The six-armed girl angrily shouted out. She had a fierce expression on her.

    All the sacred emissaries were trying their best to dismantle this place. They had even formed incarnations to carry out this. Nevertheless, the construct of the sacred palace hall was too complicated, and Unity realm experts could barely have the abilities to dismantle it. Furthermore, they required some time to do so.

    "Block him. We must delay for more time. I hope that he is greedy and had not reported to the Great Void Heaven Temple." The six-armed girl hoped for it.


    In the night sky.

    "Treasure spirit, are you able to discover what is happening now within the black city?" Xue Ying asked.

    "Impossible. There is an unseen ripple obstructing me from scouting." The Black Gourd treasure spirit's scouting methods were extremely formidable, but it was helpless when facing this important base of the Ancient Sacred Religion.

    Xue Ying kept the treasures left behind by the cold male. He did not hesitate to release his full force in attacking the place. "Hong hong hong~" One could see many dense violet fishes directly attacking the same point. Ripples immediately formed on the black city. Many hidden arrays were revealed as they withstood against the attack by the violet fishes.

    "Hong." Xue Ying also displayed his spear techniques. Under the attack from the violet spear, it could only make the ripples fluctuate on the array. He was unable to destroy it.

    'The defenses are quite formidable.' Xue Ying frowned.

    'I'll use my final killing technique. If everything fails, I can only report upwards.'

    He was not fully confident himself since he could not see what was happening inside. Thus, Xue Ying was not too willing to report upwards.

    But the base of Ancient Sacred Religion was quite important. The Great Void Heaven Temple would reward him with a million contribution points just by destroying it! It was equivalent to 100 pieces of Origin World Rocks. It was said that the Ancient Sacred Religion had to pay a price ten times that of '100 Origin World Rocks' for the sake of constructing a base. It was said that the most precious object was that Sacred Master sculpture.

    Xue Ying flipped his hand, causing a Black Gourd to appear.


    Within the underground sacred palace hall.

    The six-armed girl might be swiftly dismantling the sacred palace hall, but she was also multi-tasking by relying on the monitoring array to check what was happening in the outer world. That Origin Birth realm Inner Hall Elder 'Xue Ying' from the Great Void Heaven Temple had attacked the array twice before deciding to give up and take out a Black Gourd.

    'Black Gourd?' The six-armed girl was slightly suspicious, 'What kind of treasure is it?'

    'Fortunately, he hasn't reported upwards. This gives us hope.' The six-armed girl was looking forward to bring the sculpture away.

    Following that, she discovered that Xue Ying pulling open the cork of the Black Gourd.



    The cork was pulled open.

    Xue Ying revealed an expectant look. "Hong~" A finger-sized fiery red crystal ball flew out from the mouth of the Black Gourd. At that moment when it flew out, it rapidly surged and became bigger. Almost instantaneously, it had turned into a huge fireball with a diameter of 5,000 kilometers! And Xue Ying had already entered the inner core of that big fireball.

    The huge fireball illuminated the world, causing the black sky to turn resplendent. Countless dim ripples were moving about. There were even liquefied flames rolling about.

    On its surface, countless void god runes were moving.

    The void god runes were densely located and had covered the entire fireball! It caused the actual power of this brutal fireball to be suppressed and controlled. The degree of the profoundness of the void god imprints was beyond that of the fireball.


    At this moment, the void god runes were fluctuating. Closely following that, they permeated the array beneath and spread into the underground sacred palace hall.

    Furthermore, its area of influence was huge; it was constantly expanding, and the entire region of five million kilometers was under its control.

    'Void array.' Xue Ying was located within the inside of that fireball. Feeling this immensely huge void array, he could not help but sigh in admiration.

    It was precisely this void array that controlled this fireball entity that was on the same level as the Sun Star in his hometown!

    Being a Voidwalker who had reached the final realm, 'Gu Qi's had reached an unfathomable stage in the void. Relying on the 'void array', Xue Ying was able to control everything within the distance of five million kilometers. Furthermore, he could also proceed with an ultra long distance 'void great teleportation'. That was a solid move which he could use to escape.

    Relying on this fireball, he could even control the void array to escape!

    The fireball could protect him. The array could also allow him to escape. Unless the true body of a Primal Chaos realm giant appears, otherwise, it was almost impossible to deal against him.



    Within the underground sacred palace hall.

    The six-armed girl and black-robed male both revealed looks of terror and despair. They felt the complete solidification of the surrounding space¨Cthe void was suppressed.

    "Teleport. Hurry and teleport away!" The black-robed male immediately utilized the teleportation treasure which his elder brother game him, but he discovered he could not teleport after attempting to activate it!

    The Black Gourd was a protective treasure. When Xue Ying became a Void God, he could display its third level power, and also the limit of what the gourd could unleash! He could now command the full power of the fireball, and also activate the complete void array. The void array which Gu Qi personally constructed was something that even Primal Chaos realm giants had to depend on their strength to tear the void and escape. It was impossible for them to compete in their control of the void with this array!

    "We can't escape." The six-armed girl was filled with despair.

    This void suppression was too strong.


    The white-robed Xue Ying was still within the immensely huge fireball of 5,000 kilometers in diameter. He was controlling this horrifying fireball that came so suddenly! This was practically a hard blow from the entire Sun Star. Furthermore, the power of the Sun Star was too dispersed, but not for this fireball. Its power was completely compressed as one entity under the control of the void array; it had even reached the power at the Primal Chaos realm.

    However, it was too lacking in terms of its profound usage. The fireball was only being controlled most crudely. Hence, there was no chance for the fireball to overwhelm the true body of a Primal Chaos realm giant.

    Regardless, it could easily sweep across all existences at the Unity realm!

    "Pu~" The array of the black city might be firm, but under the overwhelming strength of the fireball, it shattered directly. The entire black city trembled under this power.