819 Celestial Water City
     Even though he would be protecting a primal chaos city, Xue Ying was not in a rush to leave. After all, he had just become an Inner Hall Elder, and there were many precious books in the 'fourth level of Myriad Elephant Palace Hall' which he had yet to read. The moment he was stationed in the primal chaos city, he would likely not be coming back for a long time.


    Xue Ying spent another 20 million years in the Great Void Heaven Temple. Other than reading in the Myriad Elephant Palace Hall, he spent the majority of his remaining time cultivating in the 'Palace Hall of Time'. The time spent in the Palace Hall of Time had reached close to two billion years, costing him 10,000 contribution points which were equivalent to a single Origin World Rock. This caused several other Inner Hall Elders comment: "Elder Dong Bo, you have a long life ahead. Why the need to cultivate in the Palace Hall of Time? The one million contribution points you get after becoming an Inner Hall Elder is a one-off thing. In the future, you will have to think of ways to get more. Resources are precious, and it isn't worth spending them carelessly."

    Xue Ying laughed and did not explain.


    He had spent most of his time in the Palace Hall of Time, and currently, he had reached bottleneck in both "13 Apocalyptic Swords" and "Plate Ripple Diagram". The reason why he spent close to two billion years in the Palace Hall of Time was primarily that he had just gotten the cosmos ranked absolute art "Plate Ripple Diagram". Fortunately, his realm was quite profound, allowing him to grasp a deep comprehension about it in a short time.


    Xue Ying turned into a stream of light as he flew towards the central floating island. Very soon, he entered an ancient and old palace which occupied a huge area, the 'Primal Chaos Palace Hall'.

    A female Void God was welcoming him by the entrance of the Primal Chaos Palace Hall.

    "Elder Dong Bo." This female Void God politely greeted.

    Xue Ying softly nodded.

    Void Gods who could spend long periods in the Great Void Heaven Temple, other than the Hall Masters and Inner Hall Elders, were the ones responsible for the miscellaneous tasks. After all, these tasks could not be handled personally by the Inner Hall Elders right? The Inner Hall Elders had high statuses and were strong. They disdained from doing these trifle tasks. Most who handled these tasks were the Outer Hall Elders heavily utilized by the Hall Masters, and they had another title¨C'Inner Hall Deacon'.

    Deacon meant they would be handling tasks.

    Inner Hallˇ­ represented that they could stay within the Great Void Heaven Temple.

    And the Outer Hall Elders, as long as they wanted to enter the 'Star Pagoda' or cultivate in the 'Palace Hall of Time' or to send the next batch of True God disciples, would be able to return. Most of the time, however, they were unable to stay within the Great Void Heaven Temple because there were no cavern-dwellings left for them.

    Within the Great Void Heaven Templeˇ­ there was only more than 100 Inner Hall Void Gods.

    "Mn, I want to go to the Celestial Water City." Xue Ying said.

    "Elder Dong Bo, please." The female Void God hurriedly guided him along. Flying along the distant bent corridor, they soon arrived at a vast and immense primal chaos vortex passage. This primal chaos vortex passage also had another Void God and two puppets guarding it.

    "This is the passage entrance leading to the Celestial Water City." The female Void God said.

    Xue Ying nodded before flying towards the passage.


    The female Void God and the other Void God were both looking at Xue Ying with envy as he entered. Being Inner Hall Deacons, they could head to other primal chaos cities only when they were performing specific tasks. Otherwise, they had to pay a high price if they were visiting for personal matters. It was different for Inner Hall Elders. They had much higher power and privileges.

    "Elder Dong Bo has only arrived recently at our Great Void Heaven Temple, yet he is an Inner Hall Elder already." The female Void God murmured.

    "How can we compare to him? He has become an Inner Hall Elder at the Origin Birth realm and is truly formidable. Furthermore, he has Ancestor Devil and Swordmaster behind his back." The Void God said from the side.

    Being strong, having great potential accompanied by the support of Ancestor Devil and Swordmaster, these Inner Hall Deacons could only look up to those in their dreams.


    "Hong long long~"

    Xue Ying was flying continuously within the primal chaos vortex. This primal chaos vortex passage seemed quite similar to the cosmos passage.

    'The 12 primal chaos cities constructed by the Great Void Heaven Temple are scattered across one-third of the region of the Seven Star Oceanic Sacred World. The distances apart are remarkably far. Even Primal Chaos realm giants have to spend about 100,000 years if they were to rush their way through tearing space from a primal chaos city to another.' Xue Ying sighed.

    The sacred world was too big.

    The law suppression was too strong too. That made traveling really tough. The Great Void Heaven Temple, for the sake of increasing its controlling and governing power, did not stint on constructing 12 stable primal chaos passages connecting the primal chaos cities to the Great Void Heaven Temple!

    After flying for the time taken to brew a cup of tea, Xue Ying finally saw the exit to the passage.


    Flying out of the primal chaos vortex, Xue Ying could see an enormous palace hall with a large number of Void Gods gathered there. Looking over, there were more than a thousand of them, and some had exceptionally strong aura too.

    "Greetings, Elder Dong Bo." The leading two with extraordinary aura bowed politely. Those behind followed their actions orderly.

    "Is this Elder Chun Wu and Elder Qian Yu?" Xue Ying chuckled.

    Elder Chun Wu was a male who had a tall hat and was dressed in a loose green gown.

    Elder Qian Yu was a white-haired old man wearing casually.

    Xue Ying being an Inner Hall Elder had gathered a large amount of information via his communication talisman before coming here. Naturally, he had obtained news on the Celestial Water City.

    The Celestial Water City was one of the twelve primal chaos cities.

    The person with the highest status was the one responsible for guarding the place, the incarnation of 'Celestial Water Hall Master'. But with the identity of Celestial Water Hall Master, he would only be conducting the more important matters, and his incarnation would usually be sleeping! Only during crucial moments would the willpower of Celestial Water Hall Master descend, and his incarnation awake. Thus, even though on the surface, the incarnation of Celestial Water Hall Master was the highest, he would not appear for most of the time.

    The subsequent one was the Society of Elders!

    The Society of Elders was the one handling all sorts of tasks in the Celestial Water City.

    The Society of Elders included all Outer Hall Elders! Those who could become Outer Hall Elders, even though they were not the core group of elites in the Great Void Heaven Temple, they were still people the Great Void Heaven Temple trusted. Furthermore, they were strong enough to the outer world.

    And beneath the Society of Eldersˇ­ they were the Society of Deacons and included the Outer Hall Deacons. In other words, they were the 'hired thugs'! Many Void Gods who wanted to grab on the huge thigh of 'Great Void Heaven Temple' were willing to become deacons because deacons would earn 'contribution points' too. In the future, they had the chance of flipping through many precious books and exchange for treasures. But the contribution points earned by deacons were very little because in most of the situations, the 'Outer Hall Elders' would be the one taking charge of handling matters. All the missions would first be taken by the Outer Hall Elders, leaving behind several trifle tasks for the others to do.

    But even still, there was a large group of Outer Hall Deacons.

    There were a total of 61 Outer Hall Elders in the Celestial Water City, and two at the Unity realm! In other words, there were 59 Origin Birth realm elders.

    The Origin Birth realm Outer Hall Elders usually only had ordinary Unity realm combative strength.

    As for the two Outer Hall Elders at the Unity realm, Elder Chun Wu was someone who got through the fourth level of Star Pagoda and was practically unparalleled across all Unity realm experts! After all, those who could get through the Star Pagoda fifth level were heaven-shattering existences that had reached the boundary of Primal Chaos realm, and most could not reach that. As for 'Elder Qian Yu', he had reached the third level of Star Pagoda and was also at the peak of Unity realm. He could easily kill a large group of Unity realm experts.

    In the Great Void Heaven Templeˇ­ Void Gods at the Unity realm would usually be at the third or fourth level in combat strength. It was too difficult for them to get through the fifth level. The moment they got through, they would soar into the sky with a single step and become Inner Hall Elders!

    "Elder Dong Bo actually knows our name. This is truly our honor." The white-haired old man 'Elder Qian Yu' immediately laughed.

    "Knowing that Elder Dong Bo is stationed at our Celestial Water City, Brother Qian Yu and I are very delighted and have already prepared a feast. We hope for Elder Dong Bo to show up during the feast." Elder Chun Wu also said.

    Even though Xue Ying's arrival brought an additional person above the two people with the 'highest statuses' in the Celestial Water City, they were not angry at all! Instead, both Elder Chun Wu and Elder Qian Yu were both happy since they were clear that someone who could get through the third level Star Pagoda would easily get through the fifth level once they became Unity realm expert. Furthermore, Xue Ying cultivated for a short periodˇ­ and he had hopes of becoming a Hall Master in the future!

    Such an existence was actually willing to protect the Celestial Water City for a period. As a result, it would be the best chance for the two of them to befriend Xue Ying during this period!

    The two of them had reached an awkward stage regarding cultivation.

    They had cultivated for a few trillion years, and it was tough for them to improve even further. They could not even find an opportunity to hug on to a huge thigh! But Xue Ying's arrival meant a chance for them. These old people who had lived for god know how long would never let this opportunity go!

    "Alright, then I'll have to trouble Elder Chun Wu and Elder Qian Yu." Xue Ying said. He felt satisfied with how polite these two elders were. Even if Xue Ying treated them coldly, both elders could only tolerate. As for the other Outer Hall Elders and Deacons, he did not care that much about them.